Sept. 7, 2017 Meeting Minutes

PTO Meeting – September 7, 2017

In attendance: Jennifer Almoney, Kelly Hick, Sharon Kelly, Megan Trost, Anne Jones, Paul Waller, Tim Badenhop, Tracy Pohl, Michelle Tucker, Kelly Owens, Lisa Sanford, Krista Caley, Kelly Owens, Sharon Kelly, Meredith Quigley, Jen Fester, Emma Butler, Traci Hale, Debbie Gorman, Stephanie Geehan

PTO President Jennifer Almoney called the meeting to order at 11:50 am and welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the 2017-2018 year.

Jr. High Report by Tim Badenhop: National Honor Society induction for 8th graders is September 25. Artillery fundraiser is October 2 during the lunch hour. Student Council dance is October 27. Smooth start of the year for new students. Jr. High students are allowed to carry backpacks this year.

Senior High Report by Paul Waller: Opening day lunch was much appreciated. Early dismissal day is Friday, September 22. Pep rally for Homecoming will be that day. We will also have a king this year, which is new. On Saturday, September 23, Alumni tours will take place at 10 am. BOLD campaign is being led by counselor Joan Bline. It’s mission is to reduce drug abuse. It is a student led initiative, a part of the South Suburban Coalition.

Board of Education Report – None given

Superintendent Report by Kyle Ramey – K9 drug dogs are scheduled for the near future. The search is seen as an extension of the school’s safety plan, to be proactive and show an awareness of issues that may involve some of our students. Staff will be working with safety department for any follow up. Parents will be notified when the search is going on. Traci Hale was recognized for stream lining our communication through twitter, Facebook and Mailchimp. Our website was updated as well.

A Master Facilities Plan is under works. The last major update was 20 years ago. The assessment process has started with looking at infrastructure and needs, to evaluate space for now and the future. The Master Facilities Plan will be shared sometime this fall. Winter/spring will be the design phase. Next summer/fall will be the decision making phase.

Staff Liaison Report by Kelly Owen– There needs to be the addition of “Sophomores” to the important dates for PSAT on Wednesday, October 11. Counselors are meeting with seniors now, making sure all things are together to apply for college. Small group meetings with 9th and 10th graders will take place in the next couple of months. Mr. Waller had class meetings with each grade on the second day of school.

Treasurer’s Report by Kelly Hick– Membership up is up $300 this year.

Staff Extra Mile Minute – Stephanie Geehan wanted to acknowledge Intervention Specialist and Jr. High Volleyball Coach, Cara Leedy. Her daughter Annie has been manager for the team and Cara has made her feel very welcomed. Anne Jones thanked Traci Hale for her assistance in getting updates regarding the volleyball team on social media.

Area of Focus this year by Jennifer Almoney- The PTO had build up of additional funds that have accumulated over the past few years. There is $15,000 in which the PTO would like use to improve something at the High School. A potential idea is to really look at the outdoor spaces for the kids to go during lunch. A possible area is revamping the courtyard between the workroom and library. Paving the area, permanent picnic tables and landscaping would add an additional space for them to eat. We are waiting on the Master Facilities Plan, to make sure this space isn’t used for something else, but hope that possible renovations can begin this spring.

Committee Reports –

Staff Luncheon- Kiersten Cahill said that the event was well attended by over 100 staff members, lots of parent volunteers

Jr. High & Sr. High Open House – Jennifer reported that all went well at both Open Houses.

Membership- Tracy Pohl said that we are at 400 memberships, which is similar to last year. This year there was an online only option of which 37% of families opted to use. A goal for next year is to try to increase gold and silver membership. Big rise in online payments ~ more than 100 families used the online payment rather than checks.

New Families Welcome- Jennifer reported that this event will take place on Thursday, September 14 from 8:30-10:30 at DLM. Evites will be sent out to new families.

Directories- Krista Caley said that all directories should be sent to all the homerooms for those that were not picked up at the SR. High Open House. Due to time, they were not ready for the Jr. High Open House. Krista thanked those who helped her secure accurate student information prior to printing. Grants - Sheila Eifert stated the deadline for grants is this coming Monday, the 11th. 6 grants were funded last year with $1259 not spent, which we will get that money back from Joni S. at the grant foundation.

In the Know:

Question 1 – In sports, what is the schools policy on how team fundraiser money can be spent?

There is some confusion among parents. There seems to have been a change of policy by the Athletic Department as to what these funds can be used for. Further investigation and discussion is needed to be able to answer this question appropriately.

Question 2- Are there plans for online forms for medical, emergency and handbook forms?

Dr. Ramey explained that the Student Information System software program that Oakwood schools uses has limitations. It is an older system but doesn’t have the ability to do all of the forms. The district recognizes the request and is presently trying to figure out what can be done to possibly change systems.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:05 pm.

Respectably submitted: Anne Jones