Our Mission is to provide services necessary for gifted students to realize their potential.


Almost half of Oakwood students are identified as gifted, according to the State of Ohio’s definition, in at least one of the domains of giftedness: Superior Cognitive, Specific Academic (math, science, language arts, social studies), Creative Thinking and Visual & Performing Arts.

Most gifted students in Oakwood are served through differentiation provided within the general education program. The Oakwood Gifted Program assesses students for giftedness, provides professional development for educators and resources for parents, and provides additional services for those gifted students who require more extensive enrichment/extension.

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Department Staff

Sarah Schleehauf
OJH / OHS Gifted Intervention Specialist

Monica Brouwer
Gifted Coordinator
Smith School Gifted Intervention Specialist

Elizabeth Uptegrove
Harman School Gifted Intervention Specialist