#OneOakwood by Dr. Kyle Ramey

Thank you for clicking on our Oakwood City Schools Blog! In order to kick off our blog, I agreed to take a shot at framing the concept and sharing what you might expect to read in the future.

We intend to post every couple of weeks on a wide range of topics of interest from various members of our district leadership team including principals, central office personnel and our board of education. Each topic will be selected and written by the author - feels like I should put a disclaimer about the opinions and thoughts of the author do not necessarily reflect those of the district and they have to answer for them…

You may have seen the hashtag #OneOakwood on our new website or on our rebranded materials throughout the district. I wanted to share the background behind this concept.

As part of our ongoing professional development and focus on continuous improvement, this summer our leadership team spent time wrestling with some very difficult strategic questions.

One that was especially interesting was “What makes Oakwood special?”

Now, I have been asked that before by potential residents who are school shopping or by my colleagues when they see examples of our success in the paper. I always respond it is a matter of having great kids, wonderful families, supportive community and a highly trained staff who work their tails off.

But from a strategic visioning mindset there is one distinct component that is at the heart of it all. We hear this from alumni, and graduating seniors and folks who used to live here and have moved back to raise their family where they grew up. They all say the same thing, it is the sense of community that makes this place so great.

Once we were able to articulate this concept we then went on to explain it further. It is a sense of being one team with a common goal. It is about being #1, not necessarily in the rankings but in our hearts. It is about being one family where we may not be perfect so we can pick on our brothers/sisters but no one else better pick on them. It is about being the dome as a positive, secure, safe place where everyone belongs and is accepted for who they are.

You will see the hashtag #OneOakwood in several spots around the district, and now you know the rest of story.