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It's never too early to start making plans for next year! Classes of '49, '54, '59, '64, '69, '74, '79, '84, '89, '94, '99, '04, '09 and '14! Contact to get your reunion planning started!

You can sign up for this great event NOW by going to the Come Back Lumberjacks Pre-Registration Form.

2019 Pre-Registration Form

Homecoming will be Oct. 4, 2019


Photo of Amy Martin

Amy Borgert Martin (OHS '98)
Alumni Assoc. Director
Oakwood Alumni Association
20 Rubicon Road
Oakwood, OH 45409

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Fight Song

Stand up and cheer, 
Stand up and cheer 
For dear old Oakwood, 
Praises sing
For blue and gold this happy day.
Our study boys now are fighting,
and we are sure to win the fray.
We've got the vim,
We're sure to win!
For this is dear old Oakwood's Day!


Rene' Arnold Anderson, '71
Cate DaPrato Berger, '00
Jane Brennan, '57
Ruth Carey Deddens,'64
Mike Ditmer, '71
Pattie Bieser Edmonson, '58
Stephan Harman,'04
Rachel Villarreal Keyes, '95
David Williams, '80
Michael Whalen, '04


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Alma Mater

O, Oakwood High, we give you
All our faith and honor too.
We'll be worthy, true, and steadfast, 
Light our futures by your past, 
We'll learn from you to play the game;
We're pledged to bring you fame.
We will save the day,
If you'll show the way, 
O, Oakwood, lead us on!