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Oakwood's Class of 1948 - Local members of the Class of 1948 celebrated a landmark 90th birthdays by having lunch at NCR Country on Friday August 21. Joey Thiele made Irv Harlamert a celebratory poster, and the group exchanged surprise gifts including a talking Minion that Irv pledged to re-gift to his great grandson.  This amazing group is a testament to the life-long friendships created in the halls of OHS!  Standing, L to R: Moira Janney (wife of Harold Janney), Marilyn Huber Holland, Chrisoula Davis Vradelis, and Joey Smith Thiele  Seated, L to R: Ruth Hoecker, Irv Harlamert, and Dottie May Duff


1953 - Class of '53 -  If you're interested in a reunion, please contact Joan T. Franks, Polly H. Chic, Rosie T. Allen or Carolyn T. Winger.

Bud Fasig - Still living in Wilmington, Delaware and have now been retired 22 years from DuPont where I spent just weeks shy of 35 years.  Before that, I was on active duty as a USN officer in the Navy's Civil Engineer Corps for three years after graduating from the Ohio State University in 1960.  Sadly, my lovely wife of 51 years, Peggy, died in November 2017 of pneumonia.  She was a Cincinnati native whose dad was the bassist in the WLW studio band on the Ruth Lyons show for many years.  My only daughter, Kristy, married a 6' 5" gentle giant on October 12 in Manhattan where both have lived many years.  While at DuPont, I (and Peg and Kris during some years) lived in Wilmington 3 times plus Parkersburg WV, Los Angeles CA and Houston TX.  I would love to hear from any and all of my Oakwood buddies and classmates (several have already contacted me, a great joy): 2215 Shipley Road, Wilmington DE 19803, 302-999-0611 and  Go 'Jacks!  Bud    P.S.: I live 550 miles due East of Oakwood, halfway between NYC and DC...and 40 miles from Philadelphia.  Lots of good places to visit so we could get together in person!  Do come see me. 

Fred Kocher - 
At 80, I’m broadcasting special business/economic reports weekly - on the COVID-19 pandemic at the moment -  on the ABC-TV affiliate in NH, WMUR.  It’s good exercise for the mind!  The 5-minute segments are posted on on the Local News page.  

Randy Thrasher -
The following closest friends I ran around with in High School, Class of 59, have all been married to the same woman for over 50 years. There were a total of about 9 or 10 who I played sports with, double dated with, were in the same HI-Y group, bowled with on Sat. Mornings in the YMCA league, watched football on TV. Ate pizza with and in general did everything with. The names of those 59’ers are: Jay Back, Skip Kunst, John Gardner, Jerry Wenzke, me - Randy Thrasher AND our pal Bob Brownell who finished his high school career at Howe Military, but who we consider an OHS grad since he attended Harman and OHS junior High and a couple years at OHS. I am sure other classes have several 50 year marriages, but I would doubt if any have as many within such a small group of guys who ran around together and were so close AND still are. GO Lumberjacks! Warm Regards, Randy Thrasher



Recently members of the 60th Reunion Committee met via Zoom to discuss the reality of holding our reunion this fall. It was the consensus from of those in the meeting along with those unable to attend that we should definitely postpone our reunion until 2021.
The 60th Reunion Committee will remain intact and we hope to reschedule the plans we had created for the reunion to 2021.  We will share that date with you when it has been decided.  Per the Oakwood Alumni, it is typically decided the year before around the time of Homecoming.
In the meantime, please continue to stop by our Class Website -, and we will keep trying to find those classmates who are missing, and staying in touch with each other.   

Bill MacKinnon - Lettered four years while on the Oakwood Golf Team. Also lettered while in College at Colorado Mines. Won numerous local small events. However, due to  back issues resulting from the turning of one’s trunk in the golf swing, I had to give it up and did so in 1978. I do still actively follow both men’s and women’s golf.

I have been happily single since 1979…close call in 1995 though… ; )

Professionally, I am and have been self-employed for a long, long time. Currently, I am primarily maintaining my existing clients. I am like most seniors dealing with aging and the related health challenges that that brings.

My contact information is: 
William (Bill) MacKinnon, 
Golden Years Financial & Estate Solutions (originated in 1986) - Preserving Assets and Estate Values
7014 E. Golf Links Rd., PMB #105
Tucson, Arizona 85730
(520) 790-9391, or

This next  aspect of my life will probably come as a surprise to most everyone. I became a pretty accomplished pool player and became an instructor. The same contact information as above applies to my Billiard Instruction business, William (Bill) MacKinnon, Certified PBIA Pocket Billiard Instructor (since 2004)

While some people might remember that I liked to dance, they might be surprised to learn that  I became a very accomplished club dancer (club as in disco). In 1980, Susan Baker and I won the Southeastern Regional Disco Championship in Atlanta. Susan had approached me at a club called Adam’s when I lived in Montgomery, AL and we won several area dance contests.

In 1984, I was recognized as the “Best Club Dancer in the US”. This came as a surprise to me because dancing was always just an avocation I loved but never did professionally. The award came from a professional dancer’s association that use to come to and bring their students with them just to see me dance or dance with me at various clubs that I danced at. Long story, but I was known for my rhythm and my smooth style. Those professionals actually called me “Silk.” The black dancers used to say “an actual white boy with rhythm.” That kind of cracked me up.

I danced to lots of 1980’s, R & B, Soul and Disco music. This was a great time in my life’s adventures. I still play the music but my health challenges preclude me from actually doing any real  dancing. I am not happy about that.

I was in the past very active in community service. My service includes:
 - Member of the Budget Advisory Committee for the City of Tucson – rewarding and challenging
 - Co-chair of the first Spiritual Life Task Force in the US (part of the Community Profile project) – very rewarding
 - Member of the Behavioral Health Task Force here in Tucson (also part of the Community Profile project) – interesting
 - Served on Editorial Board of Tucson Citizen (the evening newspaper – last published 20090 – most fenjoyable
 - Board Member,  Greater Tucson Leadership – rewarding but a bit too political
 - Chair of the Citizen’s Commission on Public Service and Compensation for the City of Tucson
 - Served many years as President of my HOA – yikes (!) not very rewarding nor recommended to others -  LOL

Kristin Kuhns Alexandre - Dear Alumni Group, I graduated in 1964 and have been working ever since in PR, television (as a Newscaster with Channel 5 News, NYC and then with Channel 13, NYC and finally as a novelist and author and filmmaker.

My novel, “ Gem City Gypsy” (for sale on Amazon) is about a Dayton girl of Gypsy descent named Neci Stans whose family trained horses at the time World War One was launched. There was a very large group of Gypsies living in Dayton at that time. I’ve also adapted the book to the screen. 

Ten years ago I started as a producer and writer of films and joined the Writers Guild. 

Altar Rock

My current film- a romantic thriller called "ALTAR ROCK" (about a girl in Nantucket who falls in love with a terrorist) was sold to a distributor and will be available on Netflix and other outlets soon. Currently, I'm "pitching-selling" a Television series about a couple who travel undercover stopping animal abuse throughout the country. The series is called "Dark Safari" and is my attempt to alert the world to the dangers of disrupting wild animals across the globe. (Kristin Kuhns Alexandre, 908.295.8092)










OHS Class of 1970 website header

The Class of 1970 - Due to COVID-19, we have decided to postpone our reunion until 2021, when we will celebrate our 50th+1.  Please stay tuned to this page for further developments.  We will send an update via email when the date has been set.  Thank you - we can't wait to get together again!
Reunion Committee Members: Mark Risley, Dave Finley, Louis Bacas, Suzan Penny, Wendy Higgins, Judy Tye, Joan Messenger, Nancy Davis, Jeri Jervis and Mary Maher

50th Reunion Plans: Be sure and UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION on our Contact Page!  We will soon be planning our 50th class reunion, and want to make sure classmate information is correct. Thanks!  -- Rene' Arnold Anderson (

Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy passed away Friday, January 31, 2020.  Preceded in death by his parents, Richard & Jane Murphy, survived by three older brothers Dennis, Terence & Kevin (Lynn) w/9 nieces & nephews.  Pat was born June 14, 1954 in Dayton, Ohio & attended Holy Angels for grade school & graduated from Oakwood High School, where he was a star pitcher for their baseball team.  He went on to Ohio State University & graduated in 1979.

At that time he entered the restaurant business with Victoria Station & worked his way up to management winding up in the 1980’s as a General Manager for their Fort Lauderdale & North Miami locations.  Relocating to Cincinnati he became the General Manager of the Pavilion in Mount Adams.
In the 1990’s he went to Pittsburgh & became one of the senior managers of the Grand Concourse, a premier seafood restaurant on their waterfront.

Perhaps his 1st love was bartending & around 2002 he started bartending at Head First Sports Pub in Cincinnati.  For the next 17 years Pat developed an enormous following working many of the Bengal games (even though he was a die-hard Browns fan). The mayor of Cincinnati has declared Feb. 9th to be “Pat Murphy Day”. 


Belinda Kenley  -  I was recently appointed to the Convention Center Facilities Authority (CFA) for Dayton and Montgomery County. I continue to serve as an elected member of Centerville City Council and work at Energy Optimizers, USA in Dayton, Ohio.






Jill Garnette -Fellow classmates, Minda, Pam and Jill came to my home in NY last Fall for a long weekend of laughs, adventures into NYC and some shopping in my village of Nyack, NY. Also I was able to attend Rebecca Folkerth's Big Birthday in 2018 and her wedding last Fall. I was delighted to get reacquainted with Allison Lady and members of Rebecca's family.  I'm staying in touch with Cass as I order Peg's Salt from her and have enjoyed using it on my fresh grown tomatoes this summer.  Absolutely delicious!  

I must say that Facebook has been a friend of sorts this Spring, as it has allowed me to  be "socially distant" from my Oakwood friends. Just staying in touch has been a blessing.  Mary Ann Legler Weiler and I connected through Facebook and are planning a lunch in the near future, for example, and Beth Peterson Shedd has posted beautiful photos of her Wellesley Home Days daily; she's quite the accomplished photographer!  



Gregg Rapp - Gregg Rapp has made a career out of menu design, specializing in menu psychology.  He has appeared on tv numerous times, and most recently appeared on ABC’s “To Tell The Truth” on July 16th.  You can watch the episode on Hulu. 


1981 and 1983
Tim Tomlinson  (81)- 
Retired/Disabled US Army Cav Scout,, 239.565.2123

Ann (Tinley) Tomlinson - Small business owner at "On-The-Go Flamingo, LLC", 239.565.2130
We live in Fort Myers, FL near Sanibel & Captiva Islands (2011-present).
15841-103 Portofino Springs Blvd
Fort Myers, FL 33908-8542 
Tory Tomlinson,  Oakwood HS '10 grad - (US Army Nat Guard, married to Kristen, 2 kids Arya & Leland)
Grant Syllaba, Cypress Lake HS '13 grad - (Living in Colorado)
Tristin Tomlinson '16 grad - (Living in Hawaii)
Holly Syllaba Cypress Lake HS '20 grad - (Florida Gulf Coast University '20-'24)
Tod Tomlinson Cypress Lake HS '22  - (JROTC, active duty ranger hopeful)
We look forward to traveling after our youngest graduates high school. Currently redecorating our home. Life is good!



Andrew Pester - Andrew Pester (OHS, '01) is happy to announce the publication of his two most recent anthems for choir and organ. It is a dream come true to see his name in print from a highly respected publisher in his field. A professional recording of The Lamb can be heard at the link below.


Joy Robinson - Congratulations to Joy on launching her business, Happy Seeds - scratch-kitchen, seed to plate catering services.  "I am the very proud owner of Happy Seeds LLC. Our mission is to provide fresh and balanced meals to school age students while providing information about where our food comes from and how food can fuel our bodies." Robinson will be catering to the students of Mercy Montessori in Cincinnati, OH.


Beth Stelling - Congrats to Beth Stelling on her new hour stand-up special!  Girl Daddy  premiered on HBO Max Aug. 20th, was produced by Conan O'Brien, and has been getting great reviews! 

Jeffrey Richards
-I went to San Diego State University for my undergrad (and then a few other schools for various other degrees). I currently work in the Interventional Cardiology department at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston MA. I was recently interviewed by UpWorthy and was asked to represent frontline workers in a spotlight with Tide and Procter & Gamble. The article and video are included in the link!


Mary Hindbaugh -
I recently got a promotion to Nursing Supervisor at Kettering Behavioral Medicine Center in Dayton, OH where I have been working as a staff RN for the past 5 years. I am working on getting my Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Certification from the ANCC. I was also recently nominated for the Cameo of Caring Award by Kettering Health Network, which has been humbling, to say the least! I should find out about that sometime this fall! 


 Hadley Rodebeck - I got my BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Dayton, I spent my senior year as the lead designer/editor of the student bi-annual art & literary magazine Orpheus Magazine, winning awards on my publications:Hermes Dayton AAF Gold, and Print RDA Magazine
I am currently working at Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County as a Public Information Specialist (fancy title for graphic designer) doing print design and advertising for several public health initiatives. I now have a studio at Front Street where I do my fine art - I am improving my practice in oil painting! Hoping to have a show in the near future.




Michael Hoecht - Was drafted by the LA Rams, and is now at the Rams' training camp, which is being featured in HBO's series Hard Knocks.  Hoecht played college football at Brown University, and is a defensive lineman.  Good luck, Michael! 


Shane Pritchard - Congratulations to Shane on making TBDBITL!  Shane is attending Columbus State University and is excited to be a trumpet player in The Ohio State University Marching Band.  He joins (and is pictured here with) 2018 graduate Joey Caley - what an accomplishment!