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Class of 1958 Website header with senior composite pictures

Welcome Class of 1958!

The Class of 1958 website has migrated from the My Event website previously maintained by Pete Smith.  Please enjoy the same content as was found on the previous site, and to make any additions, please contact! 

Questions? Contact Pete Smith at

1958 Gives Back

Our class has given back to our alma mater by contributing to the Oakwood Schools Foundation.  At our reunion in 2008, over $8,000 was given to the Foundation by our classmates. We can be very proud of that.

We can also be proud of our classmate, Pattie Bieser Edmonson who was Chairman of the Foundation. She advises that our gifts are very gratefully received. She confirms that the Foundation uses a tremendous amount of diligence in spending these funds. They make a big difference in the educational opportunities provided by the Oakwood Schools.

Our classmates continue to support the Foundation. We can be extra proud of the Worth and Parker families who have contributed $100,000 and $30,000 respectively to the Foundation.  The Parkers established the Parker Love of Teaching and Lifelong Learning Award Fund which awards an annual prize to a selected Oakwood teacher. Teachers are nominated by students or parents.

As part of our 60th reunion our class donated over $5,000 to the Oakwood Schools Foundation for Alumni Plaza Project.

1958 Distinguished Alumnus, Floyd Lanier Graham

Article from Oakwood Register, 2013 Distinguished Alumni recipients named.

Our class can be proud of the recognition of our classmate Floyd Lanier Graham. Lanier has be named  a recipient of the Distinguished Alumni award. Way to go Lanier!

In Memory of...

It is with deep regret that we list the following classmates who have passed away since our graduation:

Sharon Bahl Gillmore
Robin Beck
Susie Boian Melville
Doris Blood Buckner
Tody Brumbaugh
Judy Camp Manning​
Scott Cappel
Betsey Chamberlin MacCallum
Terry Coan
Denny Daily
Philip Ebeling
Haley Fiske
Winifred Fleischauer
Barbara Grandin Kreiner
Suzanne Gaugler
Richard Haacke
Anne Hassink Embry
Jay Haverstick
Priscilla Hobbs
Rich Houser
Norman Merle Skip Kemp
Anne Koppe Perkins
Peyton Krug Ballard
Alfred McCray
Judy Johnson McGehee
​Dan Morris
Karen Johnson
Judy Mathews
Julie McFetridge Sansone
Mary Jane McIntire
Beverly Millat Johnson
Suzanne Moore
Richard Oxley
Bob Parker
David Price
Diane Riesing Kolodziejski
Dan Shellabarger
Bill Shelton
Karlene Kampe Sowder
Louise Sprigg
Karl Stein
David Young

Update Your Contact Information

Click here to update your contact information, ensuring we can stay in touch!  Add your activities as well to be included in any special Oakwood Alumni events or communications.


We are missing contact info for the following classmates.  If you have info to share, please email 

Thomas Alexander
David Anderson
Sonja Bailey
Bill Barber
Sandra Frost
James Yonts

Senior Pictures

Friends of 58

There are a number of classmates and friends who did not graduate with our class but who are part of our reunion. This includes people who were classmates in earlier years or are close friends of our class. Their names and contact information are included on the roster page. 

Please look over this list and let us know of anyone who should be added along with contact information if available.  Let the reunion committee know of any suggested additions to this list:

Alex Champion
Scott Cappel 
Page Dahl Crosland
Dorothy DeVoe Healy
Janet Gardner
Alexandria Grinnell Pozzo
Tom Hoerner
Patsy Horton
Judy Maharg
Peter King
Bill Pavitt
Anne Sellery