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Homecoming and Reunion Information

Homecoming 2023 September 29 and 30

Come Back lumberjacks & BUILDING TOURS 2022

Come Back Lumberjacks
Thank you alumni and community members for joining us Friday, Sept. 23, for The Oakwood Schools Foundation’s annual Come Back Lumberjacks event! This year’s event was held at a new location, the Moraine Country Club, and was full of the same lively spirit and celebration of Oakwood alumni, Oakwood Schools, and the Oakwood spirit of past events.

It was a great success and we could not have done it without YOU. See highlights from CBL 2022 including a complete list of sponsors at

Building Tours
The Oakwood Schools Foundation and Oakwood Alumni Association would like to thank everyone who came to the annual building tours Saturday, Sept. 24. Residents, friends and Oakwood alumni had the chance to tour the junior high, high school and elementary schools.

Class years ending in 2 and 7 celebrated reunions this year, with alumni returning to Oakwood to gather and celebrate with classmates.
Building tours represent the strong bond between the past and present of Oakwood Schools. Current Oakwood High Schools sophomores, juniors and seniors guided guests on the Homecoming Weekend tours. Participants had the opportunity to visit some of the exciting new additions in Oakwood Schools, including the Anatomage Table in the science department, and learn about the new enhancements coming to the arts programs as part of the FLOURISH campaign.
Thank you to Tastefully Roasted and to Ashley’s Pastries for providing coffee and treats for the groups. We look forward to next year’s events!

Come Back Lumberjacks 2022 Photos

Members of the class of 1950 and 1961
Judy M
Class of 71
Class of 75
Jenny poses outside
Members of 80 and 85
Brother and sister alumni enjoy CBL
2017 alumni
76 grads gather
class of 76 outside
4 friends on Moraine's patio
02 grads
members from 68 and 70
5 friends from the class of 76
Class of 82 members
95 and 99 alum

Homecoming Building Tours 2022 Photos

student tour guide in library
Dr. Waller talks to guests in the pit
Dr. Waller welcomes guests outside
alumni gather in Alumni Plaza
Classmates pose in the hallway
Alumni gather in the broadcast studio
the band plays the fight song
class of 82 on the bleachers
alumni looking at the anatomy table
tour guides gathering their groups in the pit
alumni hear about engineering
alumni plaza