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Athletic Hall of Fame

2023 Inductees

1974-1975 field hockey team at HOF dinner

From left to right:  Maggie Crogan Carper, Cinda Slager (in honor of her sister Celia Slager), Chris Smith Ely, Sherri Lawson Besselman, Amy Johnston, Tami Smith Whalen 

Stephanie Storms (daughter of Jack Storms), Denise Hix (mother of Peter Hix), Charlie Roberts, Janie Gregory Sammons, Laura G

From left to right:  Stephanie Storms (daughter of Jack Storms), Denise Hix (mother of Peter Hix), Charlie Roberts, Janie Gregory Sammons, Laura Gregory Leland.  

Oakwood High School Athletic Hall of Fame recognized its next class of honorees at a special banquet Thursday, Aug. 24 at the Dayton Country Club.  Inducted into the Oakwood Athletic Hall of Fame were John "Jack" Storms, Class of 1936, Charlie Roberts, Class of 1984, Laura Gregory Leland, Class of 1998, Janie Gregory Sammons, Class of 1998, and Peter Hix, Class of 2010.  The 1974 - 1975 field hockey team was also recognized.

A special halftime program honoring these outstanding athletes was also conducted at the OHS varsity football game Aug. 25.

2022 Honorees

2022 Athletic Hall of Fame individual honorees
2022 Athletic Hall of Fame team honorees

The 2022 Class includes:  Robert "Wid" Worthington, Barbara Nichols O'Hara, Mary Hochwalt Buershen, Ken May, Jr., Kelsey Thornton Caferella and the 2009 State Champion Boys' Golf Team.

2021 Honorees

individuals inducted 2022
Team induction 2022

The 2021 Class includes:  Jim Reston, Tom “Blitz” Creager, Bob Brundige, Wendy MacIlwaine Bendersky, Jen Lohmeyer and the 1972 wrestling team.


2020 Honorees

Rob Corrado, Chris Hardy, Jerry Wenzke, Kelsey Haviland, Mark Stiver

Rob Corrado, Chris Hardy, Jerry Wenzke, Kelsey Haviland, Mark Stiver

1979 Football Team

1979 Football Team

Nominating Process

Oakwood High Schools has a long tradition of excellence in athletics and there are many worthy individuals who deserve consideration for induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame.

Eligibility requirements for the Hall of Fame for an athlete include:

  • Being a graduate of Oakwood High School
  • Having lettered in at least one sport for two years or two or more sports for one year, or the Girls Athletic Association equivalent.
  • Having graduated at least 10 years prior to consideration for induction

The Committee will also consider coaches and administrators who served OHS.

You may nominate an individual by submitting a Nomination Form.

For more information, contact the Athletic Office at (937) 297-5342.

The Athletic Hall of Fame is displayed on the southeast wall of the portico facing Schantz Avenue.

Hall of Fame Committee

Christy Whalen Heppner, Class of 2001, Co-Chair
Rob Stephens, Class of 1986, Co-Chair
Ted Coyle, Class of 1979
John Jervis, Class of 1982
Anne Jones, Class of 1989, Booster Rep.
Jeff Kunst, Class of 1962
Nicole Motto, Class of 2000
Tyler Rhodus, OHS Athletic Director
Jim Whalen, Class of 1975
Adam Woessner, Class of 1997

Nomination Form

Past Inductees

2023 Inductees
John "Jack" Storms* - Class of 1936
Charlie Roberts - Class of 1984,
Laura Gregory Leland - Class of 1998
Janie Gregory Sammons - Class of 1998
Peter Hix - Class of 2010
1974 - 1975 Field Hockey Team

2022 Inductees
Robert "Wid" Worthington - Class of 1938*
Barbara Nichols O'Hara - Class of 1959
Mary Hochwalt Buershen - Class of 1977
Ken May, Jr. - Class of 1993
Kelsey Thornton Caferella - Class of 2002
2009 Boys' Golf Team

2021 Inductees
Jim Reston - Class of 1927
Tom "Blitz" Creager -   Class of 1949
Bob Brundige - Class of 1962
Wendy MacIlwaine Bendersky - Class of 1985
Jen Lohmeyer - Coach
1972 Wrestling Team

2020 Inductees
Jerry Wenzke - Class of 1959
Mark Stiver - Track and Field Coach - 1995 - Present
Rob Corrado - Class of 1999
Chris Hardy - Class of 2008
Kelsey Haviland - Class of 2008
1979 Football Team

2019 Inductees
Ed Wysocki – Football Coach, 1950 – 1964
Ann Wilson Turner – Class of 1973
John Hochwalt – Class of 1999
Geri Woessner – Class of 2000
Mark Hughes – Director of Athletics, 1995 -2013
2005 Girls' Tennis Team

2018 Inductees
Marianna “Kim” Kimmel Oliver
Craig “Skip” Loucks
Tom Jervis
Rob Pine
Leah Henninger Graves
1998 Softball Team

2017 Inductees
D.R. “Turk” Hughes, Jr, Class of 1944
Gene Folkerth, Class of 1950
Steve Chappell, Class of 1962
Tom Walters, Class of 1979
Lisa Parrish, Class of 1990
1978 Baseball Team

2016 Inductees
Betty Lee Boren Wood*, Class of 1941
Mary Maher Lawson, Class of 1970
Joey Magill, Class of 1978
Nick Lewis, Class of 2005
Emma Jandel, Class of 2006
1953 Football Team

2015 Inductees
Dick Johnson, Class of 1949 Football/Basketball/Baseball
Howard Carr*, Coach/Teacher 1956-1979
Jamie Wise, Class of 1972 Golf/Basketball/Field Hockey/Volleyball/Softball
Betsy Schauer, Class of 1994 Cross Country/Basketball /Track
Rich Bair, Class of 1980 Football/Baseball
1985 Football Team

2014 Inductees
Jane Shaffer, Class of 1969 Basketball/Tennis/Volleyball/Softball
Leo Flotron, Class of 1979 Basketball
Jon Easton, Class of 1986 Track/Soccer
Lesley Whalen, Class of 1999 Tennis/Track
Christy Whalen, Class of 2001 Tennis/Track
1935 Football Team

2013 Inductees
Chris Stefan*, Class of 1941 Basketball/Baseball/Track
Betty Epstein, Class of 1953 Basketball/Tennis/Field Hockey
Mark Wells, Class of 1972 Football/Baseball
Mark Nagel, Class of 1980 Football/Baseball
Charlie McElligott, Class of 1996 Football/Track
1971 Boys' Basketball Team

2012 Inductees
Virginia Hollinger McCloud*, Class of 1936 Tennis
Nick Warring, Class of 1957 Tennis/Football/Track/Basketball
Lissa Priest Fickert, Class of 1971 Coach/Field Hockey/Basketball/Volleyball/Softball/Track
Dan Hines, Class of 1986 Football/Basketball/Baseball
Paul Seim, Class of 1992 Football/Track/Wrestling
1997 Baseball Team - Division III State Champs

2011 Inductees
*Dwight “Dusty” Mills, Class of 1935 Football/Basketball/Track/Baseball/Golf
Bonnie MacKay Barnes, Class of 1951 Tennis/Field Hockey/Basketball
Chip Seidl, Coach Football/Wrestling/Softball
Russell Boose, Class of 1989 Soccer
Steve Lohmeyer, Class of 2001 Golf
1940-46 Field Hockey Teams

2010 Inductees
*Bob Servis, Class of 1933 Golf/Basketball/Baseball
Dan Rasor, Athletic Trainer Coach/Athletic Trainer
*Mike Creager, Class of 1961 Football/Track
Carrie Roedersheimer Doerr, Class of 1987 Cross Country/Track
Nicole Motto, Class of 2000 Basketball/Tennis
1985 Golf Team

2009 Inductees
*George Neal, Class of 1931 Football/Basketball/Track
*Howard Blose, Class of 1940 Football/Basketball/Track
Howard Sales, Coach Football/Athletic Director
Tim Coughlin, Class of 1964 Football/Basketball/Track
Katy Deddens Dalrymple, Class of 1993 Field Hockey/Swimming/Track
1942 Football Team

2008 Inductees
Dr. Roger Beardmore, Class of 1969 Football/Track
Kate Burton Nessinger, Class of 1981 Track/Field Hockey/Basketball
*Edward Cook, Coach, 1926-1943 Football/Track/Athletic Director
*Bess Hayner, Coach, 1934-1956 Field Hockey/Basketball/Field Hockey
*Dan Howell, Class of 1973 Wrestling
*J. Mack Hummon, Coach, 1925-1965 Football/Basketball/Baseball/Tennis
Barry MacKay, Class of 1953 Tennis/Basketball
*Joe (Buzzy) Pierce, Class of 1964 Tennis/Basketball
*John Sauer, Class of 1943 Football/ Basketball/Track.
Marisa Tuzzi Maher, Class of 1995Track/Swimming
1929, 1930 & 1931 State Champion Track Teams

*deceased at time of induction