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Award Criteria


The Oakwood High School Distinguished Alumni Award is designed to recognize and honor an alumni who has distinguished himself/herself by significant accomplishments since attending Oakwood High School.


Recognition as a distinguished alumni shall be limited to individuals, living or deceased, who have attended or graduated from Oakwood High School no fewer than 15 years previous to the nomination and have made significant accomplishments in the following areas, while maintaining high standards in personal integrity and character:

  • Outstanding leadership in his/her field
  • Service to his/her community through local, state, national or international organizations

Nominating Committee

The Distinguished Alumni nominating committee consists of former alumni, the Oakwood Schools Superintendent and the Oakwood Alumni Director.


  1. Nominations can be made by anyone and will be solicited through school, alumni association publications, as well as local media.
  2. Nominees will be automatically considered by the nominating committee for three DAA nomination years as well as current nominations.
  3. In order to be considered by the nominating committee, a nomination form must be completed and include the following:
  • Description of education, career and professional achievements
  • If applicable, list of volunteer and philanthropic activities
  • If applicable, recognition and awards received from local, state, national and international organizations since graduating from Oakwood High School
  • At least one additional letter from an individual other than the nominator supporting the nominee is required

Voting Process

  • Distinguished Alumni Award recipients shall be selected by a vote of the Oakwood Selection Committee and the current Oakwood Schools Superintendent.
  • Nominee packets will be distributed prior to the scheduled Alumni Board meeting.
  • To be eligible to vote, an Alumni Board member must be present at the election meeting. No proxy ballot shall be accepted.
  • Prior to any voting, at maximum five minutes per nominee shall be allowed for discussion of the nominee.
  • The Alumni Director will call a vote.
  • Each Alumni Board member shall vote yes or no by secret ballot.
  • The Director of the Alumni Association and the current Oakwood Schools Superintendent will count the tally of the voting results with all members present.
  • During review of the voting results, the Alumni Board will determine the number of recipients for that current year.
  • In the event of any tie, the Director of the Alumni Association shall call for a re-vote by secret ballot of the names in question. If unable to break this tie, the Director of the Alumni Association will make the final determination.
  • A quorum shall be considered as those members present and voting. No elections shall take place absent a quorum of 5 with less than 12 nominees or 7 if greater than 12 nominees.

Induction Ceremony

  • The recipient/recipients will be honored every other year at a time and place to be determined.
  • The recipient/recipients and their immediate family/families will be the guest/guests of Oakwood Alumni Association at the induction ceremony.
  • A photograph, senior year and current, of the recipient/recipients will be placed in a designated book within the school to commemorate the honor.  The recipient/recipients name will be added to the Distinguished Alumni plaque.
  • The design of the Distinguished Alumni plaque and its location will be determined by the Alumni Director and the Oakwood Board of Education.


The Oakwood High School Distinguished Alumni Award plaque(s) will be financially underwritten by the Oakwood Alumni Association.

Modification Process

Any modifications, additions or deletions to the rules, regulations and procedures of this award must be approved by the Alumni Director and the Oakwood Schools Superintendent.