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Our PTO's mission is to bring student, parents and teachers together. We receive almost all of our funding through our membership campaign at the beginning of the school year. This funding supports many of our activities such as the PTO Open House, bi-monthly teacher appreciation events, Junior High Success Breakfasts, and hosting speakers through our PTO grants, to name but a few.


Our meetings are open to all and are held bi-monthly on a Thursday at 11:43 a.m. in Room 305 in the high school. The PTO will meet on the following dates during the 2018 - 2019 school year: Sept. 6, Nov. 8, Jan. 10, March 7 and May 9


The PTO is supported almost entirely by membership contributions. Our membership campaign is held at the beginning of the school year. Information is sent out via email in late July/early August. If you have any questions, please email Membership Chair Tracy Pohl.


Our directories are a fantastic resource for family and staff contact information, but it also contains the school calendar, bell schedules, exam schedules, information about support organizations like PTO and Oakwood Arts Bridge and more.

PTO Directories are available in two versions: online and printed. Directories can be pre-ordered during our membership campaign. Any additional purchases can be made starting toward the end of September.

Please email for questions or for any contact information changes.

Support the PTO through Store rewards

Support the OJH/OHS PTO with DLM and Kroger Rewards! The DLM Good Neighbor Program and Kroger Community Rewards are two simple ways to support your PTO. Please take a moment to enroll for both. DLM enrollment needs to be updated each calendar year, so please make sure you are enrolled each year.

To enroll/re-enroll for DLM: Visit the Dorothy Lane Market Good Neighbor Program website. Enter first name, last name, DLM club number and Charity ID 274. Click Submit.

To enroll for Kroger Community Rewards, go to the website. click on Sign In/Register, enter account information. Under Community Rewards, click Enroll. Under Find Your Organization, select PO number 45494 for Oakwood Jr/Sr High PTO.

PTO Events

New Family Breakfast at Dorothy Lane Market

PTO New Family Breakfast

New Family Breakfast

OJH Success Breakfast

Debbie Madison introduces two students at success breakfast

Family and friends attend the bi-annual success breakfast with students

Food Truck Rally

Kids line up for Kona Ice

Executive Board


Sharon Kelly


Maura Schmitt

Recording Secretary
Anne Jones

Treasurer/Store Rewards
Pam Clark

Corresponding Secretary
Emma Butler

Past President
Jennifer Almoney

Committee Chairmen

Meeting Minutes