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Meeting Minutes

PTO Minutes, April 27, 2020

In Attendance: Traci Hale, Maura Schmitt, Pam Clark, Emma Butler, Sharon Kelly, Kyle Ramey, Paul Waller, Tim Badenhop, Lori Flannery, Kelly Kiernan, Jennifer Almoney, Kelly Owens, Stephanie Gehan, Tricia Bauer, Jigna Takore, Alison Silvain, Dante Connel, Michelle Tucker, Jan Swedlund, Missy Wolcott, Jennifer Makkas, Michelle Hoffman, Michelle Schoen, Jigna Haack, Annette Munro, Alicia Dunlap, Krista Caley, Hilary Waugh, Tracy Pohl, Joyce Rohan and Meredith Quigley.

Maura called meeting to order and recognized the month has not been ordinary. Thanked Traci Hale for being instrumental in organizing the Zoom meeting today. Eligible PTO members were given the opportunity to vote on the 2020/21 budget and a senior recognition initiative.

Treasurer – Pam Clark stated at the March meeting the budget was presented for 2021 and asked if there were questions. There were no questions. Pam moved to approve new budget and it was approved with 27 attendees voting yes, and zero against.

President - Maura Schmitt said PTO was asked by Paul Waller last week for help with a project to recognize the senior class. The PTO is working with the city of Oakwood to have signs made using senior composites taken by Easterling Studios. Easterling donated photos to be used on 25 X 18 signs that will be displayed up and down Shafor Blvd. Maura thanked Traci for her help with facilitating the printing of the signs with a local company. The PTO formed a committee composed of Jennifer Almoney, Ellen Vaughn and Sheila Eifert who will place signs on Shafor Blvd where they will remain until May 20. Students will be encouraged to pick up signs on May 20 and display on their lawns. Traci Hale has created a permission slip to be signed by senior parents granting permission for signs to be posted. Eligible PTO members were asked “All in favor of the PTO granting up to $2,000 in funds for the Senior Class Signs & decor, to recognize the OHS class of 2020.” The initiative was approved with 28 yes votes and zero against.

Superintendent - Kyle Ramey thanked families for everything they are doing to manage the new situation. The district is learning alongside families and appreciates their patience and understanding. Phase one of the Master Facilities Plan is off the ground and demolition will start this week. The current restrictions on students entering the building have allowed construction to begin early and will hopefully allow it to go further than planned. Everybody is anticipating that Ohio’s governor will give more direction today about what will happen on May 1st, providing more information about how the district will reopen and make connections about how things will proceed in the fall.

Kelly Kiernan – Suggested that a group of parents and students be assembled to brainstorm options for how to proceed in the fall. She also proposed the idea of rallying parents via social media to set up for positive messages for all kids. Traci Hale responded there were various options for recognizing students in this manner. Stephanie Geehan suggested using Youtube for video recognition of students. Further discussion in planned.

Junior High Principal - Tim Badenhop thanked families for their efforts. Students, teachers and parents have done awesome job of keeping learning going for students. Tim acknowledged Hilary Waugh for working to engage with students who require academic and social-emotional support. Tim stated that some benefit has come from the situation in terms of learning from the various adaptations that have been necessary under new guidelines. When asked about Success Breakfast and Junior High awards Tim indicated various ideas being discussed such as video messages from staff members being made for the students they nominate. He said the goal is to recognize students in a way that is meaningful for them. When a parent asked about summer gym. Tim responded that summer PE is not cancelled but “working on exactly what it will look like” while awaiting more guidance to be provided by the state. It is not expected to be completely in person but possibly a combination of online and in person.

High School Principal - Paul Waller thanked Maura and team for working on senior signs. The tentative date for signs to be placed on Shafor Blvd is May 5. Drive through pick up for cap and gowns is also planned to take place on Schantz that will include music and an upbeat atmosphere. In an effort to adapt to the current situation the high school has made modifications to instruction such as not giving new assignments after May 15. OHS staff have made good progress with students who have been identified as requiring additional support, using Wednesdays off to connect with these students. The staff is working to ensure that all seniors are in a position to graduate and all other students transition smoothly to the next grade level. Paul referenced his announcement in Friday’s OHS messenger that he met with senior class officers after receiving instruction from the Ohio Department of Education that all schools hold virtual graduations. A virtual graduation is planned for May 26. The OHS staff is working to put a plan together while hoping to have celebration in the future. The district still has July 14 backup date booked at the Dayton Convention Center as a possible date for a celebration depending on restrictions and convention center employees returning from furlough. The backup date for Prom is currently June 26 at DAI. Other possibilities are being explored in the event restrictions are still in place at that time. Paul stated that counselors are available to students needing social emotional support as it may be heightened during this time.  The first phases of construction will include the sophomore hall, senior hall and junior hall. Both principal and counselor’s offices will be relocated to the library where students can find them in the event that they are allowed back into the building. When asked if a group photo of students in their college spirit wear will be taken Paul said that they are looking into possibilities.

Guidance Department - Kelly Owens said counselors are doing their best to provide services for students identified as needing additional support. The RTI (Response to Intervention) team has done excellent job identifying and providing support to these students including setting up a virtual study hall. The counseling department has also received support from Melissa Tinker from South Community Counseling. The counselors are always open to answering questions from students and parents. Kelly recognized teachers for doing a phenomenal job communicating with students and parents. Some counselors are remotely conducting junior meetings and the department is working to keep up with the changing landscape of higher education. Juniors have resources on their Naviance and College Board accounts to research colleges. Much of summer will be spent navigating how to assist students with the college search process in this new environment.

Junior High Counselor - Hillary Waugh echoed what Kelly said. The biggest concern is ensuring students wellness in the grand scheme of things and that their mental and physical health is being prioritized. Students and teachers have been receptive to her support.

Maura – Asked committees with outstanding receipts to submit to Pam Clark by the May 29 deadline. All parents should expect an email from directory committee with a request to confirm contact information. Maura will soon turn reigns over to Lori Flannery who will be PTO president for the 2020/21 school year. Maura thanked everyone for their support and kindness during her tenor as president

Lori Flannery - Looks forward to acting as president next year. Said many positive results have come from the uniqueness of situation and is optimistic that all will be well.

Paul Waller – Thanked Maura for her leadership and said she did a great job and was much appreciated and is looking forward to working with Lori next year.

Maura thanked Pam Clark who is stepping down from treasurer position as well as other executive board members and Emma Butler, Lori Flannery, Sharon Kelly and Sonja Smallwood.

PTO minutes, March 5, 2020

In attendance:  Maura Schmitt, Theo Rich, Tracy Williams, Traci Hale, Sharon Kelly, Pam Clark, Christine Hoffman, Meredith Quigley, Erin Tomazic, Jennifer Almoney, Libby Steeves, Tracy Cunningham, Kelly Owens, Kyle Ramey, Paul Waller, Tim Badenhop

Maura Schmitt called the meeting to order at 11:54 am.

Superintendent Report, Dr. Kyle Ramey

-Master facilities work going on as planned.  Subcontractors have been hired through Danis Construction.  Steel reinforcement work for the A/C units on the roof will be done over Spring Break.  Major work to start this Summer, with a focus on the high school.

-Starting next year, all school forms will be electronic.  School will be utilizing Final Forms.  New Kindergarten families are currently filling out all forms, school will gradually expand with the plan of having all current students access their forms online in early May.  Parents will be able to make changes electronically (change of address, email, etc.) throughout the school year.

OJH Principal Report, Mr. Tim Badenhop

-Recent activity with all junior high students focusing on social and mental health.  Statistically, these issues getting worse.  As a school, there is no ceiling for what you can do to help students.

-Wellness Space—will start at the beginning of 4th quarter and is available to anyone and at anytime.  Thanked the PTO for their monetary support in this project.

OHS Principal Report, Dr. Paul Waller

-Academic Profile Advisory Committee (APAC) update.  Current timeline: need Board approval for any changes.  Currently looking at making some of the proposed changes now.  The process will be re-evaluated in a couple of years. Implementation will be thoughtful and aim for a positive impact for students.

-Thanked PTO for successful Curriculum Night

-Junior Experience, March 18.  Alumni Association (Amy Martin) as well as OHS student ambassadors are helping to plan.  Alumni as well as community members are participating.  Team building for students as well has focus on what’s ahead for college as well as other topics including legal implications, personal finance, student loans, credit cards, social and emotional wellness.

-Turnabout Dance, March 14

-Spring Musical, March 19-21, Cinderella

-ACT, March 10.  Pre-ACT for Sophomores and ACT for Juniors

-Career Fair, April 6.  Focus this year will be on trades. 

Staff Liaison Report, Mrs. Kelly Owens

-Scheduling for 2020-21 school year is underway.  All course requests are in.  Goal is to distribute next year’s schedule to students by May 14

-April 28, College Admission Panel—Ohio State University, University of Dayton, Case Western University, University of South Carolina, and University of Alabama will be in attendance.  Washington University of St. Louis will contribute, but will be unable to attend.

Curriculum Night Recap, Libby Steeves

-A very positive event.  PTO provided soups and sandwiches for the staff from Big Sky. Parents provided cookies and water.  Jr High teachers present for Spring Jr High conferences.  High School teachers present for curriculum night.

Career Fair Update, Tracy Cunningham

-Career Fair on April 6.  PTO will be asking for parent volunteers to help provide breakfast for participants.

Treasurer’s Report, Pam Clark

-Budget for 2020-21 school year was presented.  Budget is balanced, with adjustments being made for the Holiday Lunch and Directory costs.

-Recent issue is huge decrease in funds (income) from Dorothy Lane Market.  Expecting $4500, but check received was for $2651.  Possible explanation for loss is that less people signed up for DLM due to an increase in the online memberships.  Usually paper membership and DLM sign up on same form.  Will explore for next year a link to sign up for DLM with the online membership.  Also links in school newsletter as well as PTO newsletter.  Families must sign up for DLM every year (unlike Kroger which is one time).  Even with loss of income from DLM, budget is still on tract for this year as Membership income was exceeded.

In the Know

- Concern for student safety outside of schools/walking.  Concern stems from several recent incidents with students (high school and elementary) being hit by cars. What steps are being taken to address these issues?

· Per Dr. Ramey.  School encourages parent conversations with students on awareness.  Do not assume that cars will stop at cross walks.  Drivers need to be aware of students crossing. Oakwood Public Safety department has increased their presence as well as enforcement of parking (those cars parked too close to corners decreasing visibility of drivers around corners).  Parents are encouraged to drop their students off on side streets, not on Schantz.  Always ongoing conversations with city regarding Schantz (can there be reconfiguration to decrease incidents?). There are many different parties involved in ensuring the traffic safety of our students: the City of Oakwood, Oakwood Safety, the Schools, drivers, parents, community members, and obviously students. It takes the collective efforts of all of these parties to keep people safe, but we try to work alongside as many of these as possible to keep our students safe.


Next Meeting:  Monday, April 27.
Meeting adjourned at 12:40 pm.

PTO minutes Jan. 16, 2020

In attendance: Sharon Kelly, Maura Schmitt, Emma Butler, Sonja Smallwood, Paul Waller, Tim Badenhop Kyle Ramey, Traci Hale, Kelly Owens, Shannan Tucker, Michelle Hoffman, Jennifer Almoney, Theo Rich, Tricia Bauer, Meredith Quigley, Allison Silvian, Erin Tomazic, Paige Lumpkins, Hilary Waugh, Todd Scott

-Maura Schmitt called the meeting to order at 11:50 a.m.

Superintendent Report, Dr Kyle Ramey
-Wished everyone a happy new year and remarked that Board of Education President Todd Duwel’s January 13 State of the Schools letter discussed the community engagement opportunities the district has embarked on to make Oakwood Schools an exceptional district.

-The Operations Coordinator position has been created to oversee maintenance, the Master Facilities Plan (MFP), transportation, and other operations details in the district. Todd Scott comes to the position after 18 years of experience in two previous districts.

Todd Scott, Operations Coordinator
– Most recently worked in operations in the Beavercreek school district. Will have final drawings for MFP by Friday, January 17. Work will then be scheduled with Danis construction. Over the holiday break ceiling work was done and work on the roof will take place over February break and Spring Break. On June 1 the building will shut down for next phase of construction.

--Jennifer Almoney asked how the building shutdown would affect summer school.

--Paul Waller replied both sessions of Summer Physical Education will be offered at Orchard Park Elementary in Kettering. The district is currently looking into providing transportation to students as Orchard Park is located out of the district.

OJH Principal Report, Tim Badenhop
-Glad to have Todd on board as he is taking on several responsibilities.

-Summer school will be PE only. No Real Skills classes will be taught.

-Working on scheduling for next year. Will work with sixth graders late next week.

-Planning scheduling around MFP work to reduce disruption as much as possible.

- Next week the Junior High play, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" will be performed Friday and Saturday 1/24 and 1/25 at 4:00 and 6:00.

-Thanked PTO for the Success Breakfast. Christine Hoffman and Allison Silvain were recognized for their work with Success Breakfast.

OHS Principal Report, Paul Waller
- Thanked PTO for holiday lunch and for approving recent grants requests.

- Curriculum night, eighth grade parent meeting and College Credit Plus (CCP) meetings will take place on February 6th beginning at 5:00. Students and parents will have opportunities to ask teachers questions at curriculum fair.

-AP Psychology will be offered in the 2020/21 school year.

- The freshman challenge took place yesterday. The all-day event is led by seniors with the idea that more we understand about each other the more we realize we are all the same.

-The Junior Experience is a new program started by the Oakwood Alumni board which will occur on March 16. This is an all-day team building event with juniors and Oakwood alumni, including professionals and recent graduates. Adults will speak to students about various issues such as managing college finances.

Guidance Department Chairperson Kelly Owens
-Scholarship season is upon us.

-Students planning to take CCP classes are required to attend the meeting Feb. 6. Returning CCP students should also attend.

-Staff met with Oakwood alumni at a restaurant at Miami University. Good survey responses were received from students. Information was shared with teachers to use to make decisions on how they can best prepare students for college. Staff will travel to Ohio University next year.

-Counselors have been in junior English classes to breakdown the college admissions process. Junior meetings are occurring and parent junior meetings can be scheduled in February.

-OHS took 29 sophomores to Centerville to tour the career tech programs and will visit Fairmont later this month

-Kelly spoke to the high quality of recent guidance department hires and introduced OJH Guidance counselor Hilary Waugh.

OJH School Counselor Hilary Waugh
-Worked as a counselor in Eaton Schools the last five years and was a teacher before that. Hilary thanked PTO for their support and invited parents to reach out with any questions

OHS School Counselor Paige Lumpkins
-Reported on the implementation of Hope Squad, a school based peer to peer suicide prevention program for grades 7-12. Paige reported that an at-risk student is seven times more likely to talk to a fellow student than an adult. Hope Squad members were selected based on surveys done school-wide asking students who they would feel comfortable talking to. Hope Squad students use a curriculum focused on training squad members in suicide prevention, intervention, and anti-bullying. They will be given shirts identifying them to other students. Paige thanked the PTO for granting money to purchase the shirts. Staff members will also work with mental health provider, South Community, and there will be opportunities for adults in the community to contribute.

Community Relations Director Traci Hale
- Asked parents to be sure that they are receiving school emails. If school emails are not opened regularly they are considered spam and will go to junk mail folder. The district’s vendor will not send emails that have been marked as spam. Traci asked parents to please check spam preferences if they are not receiving school emails. The open rate is between 75-90% for teacher emails and 50-60% for building emails.

Grants Chairman Jennifer Almoney
-For grants this year the PTO budgeted $7500

-The PTO grant schedule follows Oakwood Schools Foundation which was able to grant all qualified requests.

-Funded Debbie Madison’s request of $1285.50 for “raspberry Pi.”

-Funded $1200 for Hope Squad T-shirts.

-Voted to fund $4995 to be used for the creation of a Wellness Space, intended to be a quiet sanctuary space, containing a water feature, where kids have quiet time to speak to a Hope Squad student or adult. The grant was requested by the Response to Intervention Team (RTI). Erin Tomazic seconded the motion and all were in favor.

President Maura Schmitt (also Treasurer's Report)
-While the Veterans Day Breakfast was a success at Harman and Smith schools, the PTO executive board opted not to form a committee to carry out a similar event at OJH/OHS. The PTO made a donation of $75 and expects to continue contributing to these events.

-Maura reminded members to reregister their DLM cards at beginning of year. The PTO continues to receive a small amount from Amazon Smile program.

Staff Extra mile
-Lori Flannery recognized Beth Baker for her continued excellence and helpfulness.

-New student parent and Oakwood alumna Theo Rich expressed appreciation to all staff for being very welcoming and helpful to her students and for providing the academic challenge that they were hoping to find in Oakwood.

-Kelly Owens recognized the excellent work done by staff members who form the RTI Team: Paige Lumpkins, Bridget Fiore, Emily Sullivan, Matt Salyer, Mary Barnett and Hilary Waugh.

-Shannan Tucker acknowledged teacher Ian Callon for his continued support of the band program and for traveling with the team to all events.

-Jennifer Almoney recognized Mr. Uhlenhake for bringing the pep band to perform at the girls’ JV and varsity basketball games, stating the games were not typically well attended so the band’s presence meant a lot to the girls and their parents.

Maura closed meeting at 12:47

PTO minutes Nov. 7, 2019

In Attendance: Maura Schmitt, Lori Flannery, Emma Butler, Sharon Kelly, Kyle Ramey, Paul Waller, Tim Badenhop, Kelly Owens, Traci Hale, Jennifer Almoney, Tricia Bauer, Sally Stayman, Meredith Quigley, Kelly Pleiman, Christine Hoffman, Theo Rich, Bob Gadja, Erin Tomazic, & Patricia Noel

Greeting by Maura

Dr. Ramey Update 

  • Fall sports are wrapping up.  
  • The play, Little Women, is this weekend.  
  • MFP
    • District is in the middle of the design phase, figuring out specifically what needs to be done and how much can be done in this phase
    • During Holiday Break, some ceilings will be removed and mechanical systems  evaluated in more detail so final planning can be completed.  
    • The District recently sold the bonds to finance the project.  That was part of the plan and it went very well and were able to advantage of the low interest rates.  Treasurer Dan Schall led that team.  
    • What’s next?  Exploring options to enhance the arts with private dollars. 
    • District leaders will be looking at the calendar for 2021-2022 and might start school a week later to get some additional construction time.  
    • The real construction will begin this summer.  

Mr. Badenhop Update

  • Thinking about summer school and what to do with construction during the summer.  Working through what will they be able to offer and where. 
  • Fall concerts were fantastic. 
  • Rotary recognition is tomorrow morning for an outstanding student who has been doing a lot to help our new English language learning students transition to our school.

Dr. Waller Update

  • Play cutting of Little Women and weekend performance tonight through Saturday.
  • Muse Machine at school bringing performance from Dayton Contemporary Dance Company. Theme of their performance is civil rights and focus on year of the woman. All presented through dance providing cultural enrichment for students. Paul acknowledged Joni Sherk facilitates Muse Machine.
  • Next Thursday 11/14 is college connection. Every year, staff members pick a different college to visit with teachers from each subject area along and Curriculum Director Kimbe Lange. Staff members meet with professors from each of the content areas while Paul will meet with admissions and services. Feedback will be sought on Oakwood student readiness. They will meet up with Oakwood alumni at a nearby restaurant to discuss how Oakwood Schools prepared them were for college.

President's Report Maura Schmitt

  • Acknowledged a missing page in the student directory. Page 81 will be distributed shortly.
  • Maura asked about career technology partnerships with Kettering and Centerville. Kelly Owens replied there are spots for two Oakwood students in each program at Kettering and Centerville and counselors meet with freshman and sophomores to explain the career tech program so if interested, students can begin preparing to be gone half of each day for career tech in 11 and 12 grades. Many career tech options are for college bound students, noting the difference between career tech and vocational programs of the past. 

Board of Education  

  • Meredith Quigley had no updates but was open to answer questions. Kyle publicly thanked Meredith for recently running for a second term on the BOE while acknowledging Todd Duwel for entering his third term.

Kelly Owens 

  • Thanked Emma Butler for college admission hospitality work. Guidance has processed 817 college applications but number is expected to increase as students receive acceptance and merit money offerings.  Counselors are working with 9 and 10 grade social studies classes to meet with students in small groups to get them used to talking to counselors and knowing what services are available to them.
  • Paige Lumpkins is working with Hope Squad to address emotional wellness issues faced by some students as well as identifying students who will benefit from the directed study hall program.

Traci Hale 

  • Announcement emails are working as intended. The national average of announcement emails that are opened by recipient is 20%. The Oakwood average is 40%.
  • New projects “I love my school” with k-12 kids on video talking about what they like about their school. 

PTO Budget

  • Membership is up, PTO asks for continued use of loyalty cards for DLM Amazon Smile. Kroger.


  • Jennifer Almoney reported PTO is aligned with Oakwood Schools Foundation for the grant process. All grant groups (Harman PTO, Smith PTO, Fine Arts Boosters, OSF, OJH/OHS PTO) are collaborating as “gifting groups.”  The OSF was able to fund all grants that were requested last year.

Staff Extra Mile.

  • Maura recognized Dawne Roeckner for going above and beyond to assist with Veterans Day activities. 
  • Jennifer Almoney recognized John Loomis for hosting Game Club daily during lunch giving many students a place to go and feel included. John has several strategy games available for students and spends time playing them with the kids.
  • Jennifer recognized Melinda Wargacki for being sensitive to the emotional needs of her ninth grade daughter by comforting her as she was mourning the loss of family pet.
  • Michelle Hoffman recognized Mr. K.C. Weaver for supporting her son who is a very literal thinker and therefore struggled while working on a poetry assignment. K.C. went the extra mile by helping her son with something that did not come natural to him.

In the Know

  • The PTO asked for an update on the academic profile advisory committee. Paul stated initial meetings had been held. The purpose of the committee is to take a hard look at information supporting any changes and taking time to evaluate how we “do grades and what gets add ons”. Paul recognized Emma Butler and Sharon Kelly for the extensive research provided as to how other schools do the grading scales. A survey seeking feedback about the current grading policies went to alumni, students and staff and results were reported results at last meeting. Rob Durkle from University of Dayton reported research as well. Meetings will occur monthly with different stakeholders presenting. All factors are being considered and committee is still in learning/discussion process.
  • Before closing a parent, Ali Davis raised the concern that junior varsity students were not well recognized at the fall sports banquet for being scholar athletes. Paul replied the scholar athlete program is an Ohio High School Athletic Association designation.
PTO minutes Sept. 5, 2019

In attendance: Tim Badenhop, Lori Flanery, Sharon Kelly, Paul Waller, Meredith Quigley, Jennifer Almoney, Alli Davis, Emma Butler, Tricia Bauer, Maura Schmitz, Sonja Smallwood, Kyle Ramey, Tracey Williams, Traci Hale

Maura called meeting to order at 11:52 and invited Dr. Ramey to speak first.

Dr Ramey – Welcomed everyone and said there had been a good start the school year and discussed the following points: The district has had a change in treasurer. Leading to this was the hiring of Shared Resource Center to help with the transition following Kevin Philo’s departure. After the Board of Education went through the process of hiring Julia Belden, SRC continued to work with the district while Belden addressed licensing requirements. During this process, the district realized SRC was the best fit for the treasurer position as it brought the resources of multiple individuals to one position. Belden’s contract was allowed to expire and SRC now has that position. Dr Ramey then reported Todd Scott took the position as the district’s new operations coordinator this past July. The Master Facilities Plan is currently in “soft” design phase, working on schematic drawings. This will be followed by construction drawings. The project will go to bid in January of 2020 with construction starting in the late spring/June 1 timeframe. The alumni plaza project is continuing following a delay in receiving special stone needed for a sign. The stone was just arriving so the project should proceed promptly. Dr. Ramey emphasized the important component that Oakwood Schools Foundation is funding the plaza with private dollars and had nothing to do with bond issue. The new playground at Lange school is also funded with OSF and a private family donation.

Jennifer Almoney asked if communications kinks had been worked out in terms of subscribing to district communications. Traci Hale explained morning announcements were being redistributed in order to ensure only individuals receive announcements for areas relevant to them. The email subscription sign up may have caused some confusion leading to some parents not receiving their requested announcements. Traci Hale can be emailed directly by parents wishing to sign up for email announcements.

Tim Badenhop - Commented that transitions to seventh and eighth grade have gone very well, crediting Harman and Smith schools doing a good job preparing students for Junior High. A group of international families working with Fuyao have moved to the district and a language barrier is being addressed through the use of google translate microphones except in cases where parents request students be immersed with the assistance of technology. The Alumni Plaza is a nice feature kids are using during lunch and free time. New staff member Hilary Waugh has replaced retiring Lissa Fickert in the counseling department. Ms. Waugh, who comes from Eaton, has already has “stepped in like she has been here forever.” Mr. Will Thomure is also new to the physical education department, bringing experience teaching in Montessori and with the U.S. Army.  A change will be made in Take 5 with grades 7-9 students meeting approximately twice a month with teachers monitoring students' academic progress. The goal is students who have difficulty with grades have the opportunity to address issues in early on. The Junior High also administered a survey giving kids the opportunity to respond if they needed help with an issue or had classmates who appear to be in need of support. The survey helped OJH to identify and assist students in need of support. Stingrays came in last week for 7th graders and penguins will be brought in next month.

Paul Waller - Thanked the PTO for help with open house and directories. The Oakwood Athletic Hall of Fame induction took place that evening at the Dayton Country Club. The “PTO patio” is a success with many kids using it frequently. OHS is using homeroom as a comprehensive program to intervene and check on kids who may be in need of support or intervention. OHS also implemented a guided study hall for students who need extra support and supervision with academics and organization. A new program was started for Seniors where they can be academic aids, assisting underclassmen in academic areas where they excel. Senior sign out is different this year.  Approval to leave the building during study hall is no longer automatically given to every senior. Using attendance data from last year, 10-15 seniors are required to remain in the building until the end of the quarter when they have earned the sign out privilege.

Maura Schmitt – Addressed the delay with directory distribution which are typically available at the open house. Tricia Bauer with the directory committee said it came down to the organization of data being extremely time consuming. She said the merger with last year’s software and new graphic design did not go smoothly and many steps had to be done manually. Privacy concerns further complicated the process. Some duplicated contacts led to 20 pages extra in the directory. The PTO printed 514 directories - 100 less than last year. The committee will compile all of the obstacles and communicate them to the team in charge of next year’s directory. Tricia also suggested opening a dialogue about eventually going to electronic only.

Financial Statement provided by Pam Clark and presented by Maura Schmitt reported that pacing is very good. Among notable points was that PTO does not receive DLM rewards until the January/February timeframe. Maura also reminded attendees when ordering on Amazon to order from Amazon Smile in order to earn rewards for the PTO. The PTO sponsored staff luncheon was successfully catered by Glasz Bleu Oven.

Emma Butler – College visit Hospitality. Organized a parent volunteer program to assist guidance office by greeting college representatives and acting as their personal guides when visiting OHS. The new program starts in September and currently there are 15 parent volunteers who participated in one of the two training sessions. Sign up genius is almost full so most colleges covered.  Approximately 50 colleges are signed up to visit. Colleges can be found at naviance and listed in morning announcements.  Schools from west and east coast different varieties small and large public and private will be represented.

The New Family Welcome is Wednesday, Sept. 11 upstairs at DLM.  This event is a good opportunity to find new PTO volunteers and committee members.

In the know question:
Considering the recent shooting in Dayton and given the history of the shooter’s instability, what procedures are in place at school ensuring the safety of everyone in similar situations? In additions, is there a policy for students to feel safe when reaching out to teachers or administrators if they are experiencing violent thoughts towards others? Are they aware that they can ask for help?

-Paul Waller replied it not just a school issue but a community issue. Paul listed safety and prevention measures including the ALICE drill and Oakwood Safety Department Chief Hill sharing security updates with staff. OHS has worked with the FBI on how to recognize concerning behavior. The response time from Oakwood Safety Dept is 90 seconds. Additionally, officers from the OSD walk through the building two or three times a day. The primary goal is students feel safe at school. Paul referenced a recent Snapchat threat and how he was immediately contacted by students and parents, allowing the issue to be addressed immediately. He explained a reason why the Take 5 homeroom program was started was to build adult/student relationships as it is possible for a student to go through HS without ever having a meaningful conversation with an adult who really knows them. Take 5 works to educate students on mental health and being aware of others. South Community Counseling services is available to work with kids who struggle w/mental health issues. Student anxiety and depression is addressed by counselors frequently, more than parents may be aware of.

Tracey Williams asked about building security and unlocked doors after hours, expressing the opinion that it made students less secure. Dr. Ramey responded he meets regularly with OSD to discuss risks and safety measures.  Dr. Waller detailed the many surveillance features as well as after hours staff who create a secure building after hours.

Special Education Representative Stephanie Geehan – Inquired into policy for teacher support of special needs students so they can attend dances. Tim Badenhop responded that yes if there is a reasonable chance special ed students will attend dances there would be arrangements made to have an adult present to provide needed supervision. Stephanie suggested teachers in the multiple disability room be asked to speak to kids about going to dance and let them know teachers will be there to support them. Stephanie asked how teachers can encourage typical students to participate in Circle of Friends, a club that meets on Tuesdays during lunch. She is hoping to grow this program in order to benefit all students by increasing interactions and socialization among the special needs and typical students. 

Maura closed meeting at 1:08.

PTO minutes May 9, 2019

In Attendance: Sharon Kelly, Traci Hale, Sonja Smallwood, Emma Butler, Tricia Bauer, Maura Schmitt, Meredith Quigley, Kelly Owens, Jennifer Almoney, Wendy Nikolai, Stephanie Geehan, Kelley Kiernen, Erin Tomazic, Michele Crane, Ali Davis, Paul Waller, Tim Badenhop, Kyle Ramey.

PTO President Sharon Kelly called the meeting to order at 11:50 and announced that every year the PTO recognizes a senior parent who was active in PTO and made an impact through volunteer efforts. The award is officially known as the Bev Johnson volunteer award. This year the PTO recognized Debbie DiLorenzo. Debbie’s volunteer history includes numerous Harman School room parent, fundraising and student program efforts from 2002-2013. Additionally Debbie was Junior High volunteer coordinator, OHS PTO president, after prom chair and team mom for multiple sports. Debbie’s response to receiving the award was that she "would not trade a moment of this time for anything" Debbie was not present but daughter, Mia Gorman was present to accept the award.

Kyle Ramey – Dr Ramey thanked the community for passing the levy. The next step is to put a design team together to carry out the design process which will include the engineering project of coordinating electrical, plumbing, etc. Over summer break preliminary work will be done to manage asbestos. Dr. Ramey addressed the Alumni project which has been discussed over the past two years. An alumni plaza at the Junior High entrance, primarily the main entrance, is planned. The alumni association and Oakwood Schools Foundation will complete the project with private dollars over this summer but completely separate from Master Facilities Plan. Dr. Ramey emphasized that the alumni project will be funded with private dollars. A new Smith School principle, Chrissy Eliot, coming from Springfield Shawnee school district is in the final hiring stages and expected to be approved shortly.

Tim Badenhop – Mr. Badenhop thanked the community approving levy, stating that he was “actually excited about stable heating and cooling.” The spring concerts were successful and the school year is finishing out well for 7th and 8th graders.

Paul Waller – Mr. Waller thanked the community for approving the levy. He congratulated the Energy Team who returned from Columbus with another state championship. Mr. Waller stated that they were in charge of the recycling program at OHS and that they were working to develop portable cell charging stations at OHS. The Energy Team received the #1 school in country award which they will receive in Washington DC this summer. Academic Decathlon won the eighth consecutive national championship for division three and scored only a couple points below the division 1 national championship team. Mr. Waller recognized senior William Ayres who earned the highest score of anyone at the competition. Mr. Waller thanked the After Prom committee for an amazing year with great prizes and asked parents to continue encouraging students to make good decisions at end of year events and traditions.

Kelly Owens – Thanked community for the levy passage. College app review event went well will do it every other year. Thirty-seven students attended. Next year will have college admissions panel. The counseling department is currently in the throes of scheduling and scholarship coordinating. University of Cincinnati is the most popular university selected by the class of 2019. Additionally four students selected the armed services including one joining The Coast Guard. Students are also planning to attend blacksmith school and the Hobart Institute of Welding.

Treasurer Report - Sharon Kelly informed attendees that the PTO budget had not changed from the March meeting and explained how excess funds from Junior Assembly are deposited into the after prom budget for when those students are seniors.

Staff Extra Mile – Sonja Smallwood recognized Lori Morris, coach of the Academic Decathlon Team that recently won their eighth consecutive national championship. Travel for regional, state and national competitions requires Mrs. Morris to spend the equivalent of two weeks a year away from her young family. Mrs. Morris was recognized for her commitment to each member of the team and her ability to motivate each of her diverse array of students to achieve their personal best. Mrs. Morris fosters invaluable personal growth in every student as she develops them as mentors to the younger team members.

Committee Reports
After Prom - 310 students attended After Prom until the event ended at 2am. Students needing to be present to raffle prizes contributed to this. Parent volunteers were thanked as well as local businesses for their generous donations.

Guidance & hospitality - Emma Butler will chair in the 2019/2020 school year and is seeking a cochair

Directory - Erin Tomazic explained that Jen Makkas was working with liaisons at Harman and Smith to merge data from both schools. The merger will affect timing of the directory release.

Special Projects - Jennifer Almoney reiterated that patio remodel was payed for with PTO funds and not tax dollars. Funds were accumulated by the collection of membership dues and subsequent overages. Through the years they were placed in a separate fund for use on an impactful project for the school. The overall project cost was $21,000. Since the patio’s recent completion, teachers have used it for classroom activities. The patio is also an extended lunch space, especially for Junior High students. The PTO will plan to order six more Adirondack chairs and two more picnic tables next year.

Sharon announced that it was her last meeting, and third year, as president and that Maura Schmitt had graciously agreed to be president next year.

Maura – Announced that Lori Flannery would act as Vice President next year, presenting gifts to Sharon Kelly and outgoing PTO member Jennifer Almoney.

Meeting adjourned at 12:45.

PTO Meeting – January 10, 2019

In Attendance: Sharon Kelly, Sonja Smallwood, Maura Schmitt, Emma Butler, Jennifer Almoney, Christine Hoffman, Meredith Quigley, Kelly Owens, Allison Davis, Allison Silvain, Tricia Bauer, Paul Waller, Kyle Ramey, Tim Badenhop

PTO President Sharon Kelly brought the meeting to order at 11:53 and invited Dr. Ramey to speak.

Superintendent Report by Dr. Kyle Ramey
Dr. Ramey acknowledged that school board president, Todd Duwel was not available but happy to have Meredith Quigley present to represent the school board. Dr Ramey began by stating that although the district CFO search, Master Facilities Plan and upcoming bond/operating levies have consumed significant time they are not, by far, the most important events to occur in recent months. Dr. Ramey emphasized the districts commitment to putting students first and noted the importance and significance or the recent losses of student Jacob Polete, and staff members Janet Bourne, Dan Weckstein, Randy Neff and former student Zach Johnson.

-Regarding the CFO search Dr Ramey stated that the process was going very well and that, while there is an excellent candidate that has been interviewed five times, they are committed to finding the right fit and hoping to have the position filled and announced shortly.

-Master Facilities Plan (MFP). Dr Ramey and others emphasized multiple times that the district will PRESERVE EXISTING BUILDINGS as a result of hearing the community’s wishes “loud and clear”. Because the aging infrastructure requires significant updates that far exceed the district’s current budget the district must take action now to avoid a much larger financial challenge in the future that would force the district to divert operating funds from the classroom to address critical facility needs. The district strives to remain good stewards of the community’s resources, providing great value to residents while being a top performer and focusing on the needs of every child, every day.  

The Board of Education approved the MFP in November. In December was the first reading – certified with Auditor a combination levy (operating 4.99 and Bond 2.7). The second reading took place in January with a notice to proceed. Residents will vote on the Combination Levy in May. Assuming passage, the design process will take place between June and November. The project will be “out to bid” in December with bid opening in January 2020 and contracts awarded in February 2020 and work to begin in June 2020 – August 2021. The three phases of the MFP are separate, complimentary and dynamic. 

-Phase 1: 2019-2023. Approximately $19m+

-focus on prioritized foundational infrastructure (plumbing electric, HVAC, roofing, ADA, security) at the JH/HS based on the technical building assessment report dated 9/4/18.

-includes targeted infrastructure at Smith and Harman to address critical upgrades. (roof, restrooms, boilers).

-Funding is recommended to be through a combination of a reasonable bond levy and private donations.

-Phase 2: 2025-2028. Approximately $25m

-Renovations to Smith and Harman with prioritized infrastructure upgrades (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, security, ADA). Consider options to address space constraints.

-Continuing targeted infrastructure work at JH/HS.

-Funding recommended to come from a combination of local, state and private money including permanent improvement funds and Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) dollars.

-Phase 3: 2030-2033
-Explore concept of Early Learning Center and shared community spaces.

-Phase 4: 2035-2038
-Investigate concept of major renovations and additions to JH/HS campus.

In closing Dr Ramey asked that community members give the district their understanding, engagement and support of the process, addressing any and all concerns regarding the MPF with the district so that they have the opportunity to provide feedback. The district website should be considered the source of accurate and comprehensive information regarding the MPF.

Junior High report by Tim Badenhop
The JH will present a Harry Potter parody production on Friday 1/18 and Saturday 1/19. The winter band concert will take place on Wednesday 1/23. Tim and Lissa Fickert will visit Harman and Smith to meet with 6th graders on 1/28 and 1/29 and the 6th grade parent meeting will take place on Wednesday 1/30. An OJH dance is scheduled for Friday, 2/1. In February, Tim and Lissa will get feedback from students regarding their interest in various classes which they will use when determining what classes to offer next year. Junior High conferences will be held on 2/7 based on parent or teacher request. Students will be encouraged to attend conferences with the parents to facilitate effective communication. Tim discussed plans for local attorney, privacy expert and OJH parent Scott Ganow to return to speak to parents of incoming 7th graders regarding privacy issues with regard to digital media.

-Jennifer Almoney discussed the idea of forming a small group of parents to assist new parents with logistical procedures. Her idea came from the most commonly asked questions at the PTO new parent meetings. She explained that parents would benefit from learning about how to sign up for school sports and activities and getting themselves on email distribution lists for information relevant to their students and other logistical items.

High School report by Paul Waller
Paul thanked the PTO for the holiday lunch and December 17 snack. Paul also thanked the PTO for help with the reception in support of the family and friends of late student, Jacob Polete and acknowledged committee members for providing food and lunch-account funding to OHS students dealing with hunger. On 1/25 a clinical toxicologist guest speaker from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital will visit the HS to speak to students about the effects of drug use and vaping on their brain chemistry. The Winter orchestra concert will take place on February 5th and curriculum night will occur on February 7th. Young at Art is scheduled for March 16. Teachers are currently preparing juniors to take the state-funded ACT and sophomores the pre-ACT on March 12. Preparation courses will be offered by the school for a fee and core classes will also work with students on specific subject areas. While the state and national average has come down (likely due to more students taking the exam) Oakwood’s average remains high at 26.5. It is important for sophomores to take the exam so that results can be used by OHS to determine areas of focus when preparing students. For this reason, Paul strongly encourages sophomores to take the ACT since the data from their test results will be used to better prepare them for the 11th grade exam. Paul also discussed the potential need for a centralized printing service as students frequently need to print assignments at school.

Staff Liaison report by Kelly Owens
The Freshman Challenge took place on January 9th and was extremely successful. Mrs Bline is faculty advisor for the program where seniors lead freshman to work together on team building activities. Counselors will visit 11th grade English classes to speak to students about college preparation activities. Individual conferences with 11th grade students will begin the week of January 14 and counselors will meet with parents in February. Scheduling for the next school year will begin shortly. Beth Johnson will send mid-year reports to colleges that request them and career education meetings will take place with sophomore visits on January 16 and 25th. Counselors will also meet with freshman and sophomores to get them started with Naviance.

-Maura Schmitt asked about discussion that Oakwood ranked high in the Dayton Area Drug Survey (DADS). Paul explained that unlike most districts, Oakwood gives the survey to all students, making the data unreliable in terms of comparing districts to one another.

Treasurer’s report by Sharon Kelly
The PTO budget is in order with money coming in from organizations like Kroger and Amazon Smile and spending being kept on track.

Special Facilities Project by Jennifer Almoney
The PTO granted funds for four benches to be used by students throughout the building. Principals chose to place two in the JH social studies hallway and two in the science wing. The executive board met and approved 22K to remove mulch and install pavers in the courtyard located between the work room and library. The PTO has selected Garden Gate Designs as the contractor. They will begin work on the project in March, 2019.

Staff Extra Mile
Jennifer Almoney recognized Joan Bline for her excellent work with 12th and 9th graders in the Freshman Challenge which was, by all accounts, a huge success.

In The Know
Sharon Kelly asked if Paul Waller had considered a general HS supply list to be released before the start of school. It was noted that students often do not know what to purchase until after the first day when many stores have sold out of necessary supplies. Paul will plan to provide a basic supply list, adding that some teachers may request additional item after the first day, however the bulk of items would be listed before school begins.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:10
Respectfully Submitted: Sonja Smallwood

PTO Meeting – November 8, 2018

In Attendance:  Emma Butler, Anne Dobmeyer, Margot Hadley, Christine Hoffman, Allison Silvain, Kelly Owens, Krista Caley, Jennifer Almoney, Martha Amongero, Tim Badenhop, Paul Waller, Kyle Ramey, Sharon Kelly, Sonja Smallwood

PTO President Sharon Kelly brought the meeting to order at 12:08 and welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the winter months and introduced Sonja Smallwood as new recording secretary, replacing Anne Jones who stepped down to work full time. 

Superintendent report by Dr. Kyle Ramey: 
-As part of the district’s normal safety routine (without cause) drug and explosive sniffing dogs came in to the building three weeks ago. The operation was done in partnership with Oakwood Public Safety and the Montgomery County Sheriff dept. No explosives were picked up by the dogs. The drug-sniffing dogs checked lockers and responded to a few that were subsequently searched. No drugs were found. Dr Ramey explained that dogs likely responded to clothing that had been exposed to marijuana smoke. This is the second of two searches where drugs were not found. Good news as the point of the operation is to discourage drug use.
-The Shafor Park tennis courts are completed. Oakwood students and tennis coaches look forward to using them for practice and competition.
-The district continues to seek a new treasurer and has interviewed some excellent candidates. Dr. Ramey anticipates the position will be filled by the beginning of 2019. In the meantime all is going well with the interim treasurer.
-The master facilities plan, detailed in the Oakwood register, will be presented to the board with Dr. Ramey’s recommendation. The board is expected to accept the plan. The focus is to prioritize the foundational infrastructure (heating, AC, electric and plumbing) that the district can build/expand upon. Sources of financing Phase 1 will be a combination of a public dollars and private donations (to enhance performing, visual and practical arts). Dr. Ramey also discussed plans for a possible operating and bond combination levy.

Junior High report by Tim Badenhop:
The JH is having a global read aloud of the book Refuge. During the half day on Friday 11/9 the JH will have speaker, Mrs. Frydman to discuss her book about her husband surviving the holocaust. There will also be some fun options including a student presentation on origami. More opportunities for student presentations are being considered.

High School report by Paul Waller:
Today there was a play cutting from the musical Comedy of Murders. Mr. Walled thanked PTO for the taco bar they hosted on Friday. The first quarter of the school year went very smoothly with kids doing well. The Cross Country boys and girls will be running at the state meet this weekend. The girls qualified as a team and two boys will run as individuals. 

Staff liaison report by Kelly Owen:
November 1 was the first college acceptance deadline. The highest number of applications went to the University of Cincinnati followed by Ohio State, University of Dayton, Miami and Ohio University. Over 60% of seniors have applied to college. Kelly attended a conference at Furman University in SC with 34 other counselors. The counseling office will be calling in kids who have not yet applied to college and working with the OSF and Dayton foundation as scholarship season begins. Kelly announced plans for an application review workshop event to take place on April 24. Admissions counselors from Miami, UD, Case Western, Dennison (rep is a 2013 Oakwood grad) will be in the auditorium for parents of 8-11 graders. For 11th grade, students reps will be in various classrooms where they will review applications and conduct a mock admission exercise with a committee deciding if student’s applications will be admitted, wait-listed or denied, providing reasoning for their decision and indicating which packages are admissible to what schools. The plan is for the application workshop open to juniors only and occurring every other year which began the discussion of including sophomores. She will take it into consideration to include sophomores. They are still in the planning stages but will consider. 

Treasurer report by Sharon Kelly:
The October financial statement showed a reduction in membership and directories due to student enrollment being lower than last year. 

Special facilities project by Jennifer Almoney:
The PTO has accrued extra money over the years that has been earmarked to transform the 900 square foot courtyard located between the work room and library (a space not affected by master facilities plan). Garden Gate Designs will remove excessive mulch and lay paver stones in the area for 17K. Two Six-foot picnic tables ($318 each) and four-five poly Adirondack chairs ($219 each) added for a total cost of $20,560. The PTO plans to include hedges and stand-alone umbrellas with future funds. Construction will began in March 2019. Additionally money budgeted for teacher grants will be used to purchase furniture, selected by principals, to be placed in areas around the school.

Committee Reports
Sharon Kelly reported that the new family welcome at DLM was a success as well as the taco bar lunch organized by the teacher appreciation committee.

Krista Caley discussed giving all families access to the directory portal account to simplify directory maintenance following a software change. Free directory access will be given in the spring and used to prompt families to join the following year.

Staff Extra Mile:
Sharon Kelly recognized Mrs Jackson and Mrs Smith who took 16 students to Chicago last weekend for the national high school journalism convention.  Mr. Waller recognized Cyber Patriots working all day last Saturday. Jennifer Almoney recognized Mr. and Mrs. Deters for their work with the Speech and Debate team, the largest club in school with 70 student members. Mr Deters works tirelessly organizing transportation and logistics for the competitions that occur every weekend.

In the Know:
Question 1 – Has the school district explored the possibility of allowing a PE exemption for students who participate in multiple school sports? 

Mr. Waller responded that while the district values the fitness standards taught over the two PE course of study (standards that are not learned in sports/band) they have several students taking advantage of the flex credit program which allows students to receive PE credit if they participate in an intense, time-consuming sport. Mr Waller explained that flex credit could be used in subjects other than PE and that he and the guidance department were always happy to consider student requests for flex credit as well as those requesting two summer gym sessions or online PE when room is needed in their schedules. 

Meeting was adjourned at 1:05 pm.
Respectfully Submitted: Sonja Smallwood

PTO Meeting – September 6, 2018 at 11:50 a.m.

In attendance: Sharon Kelly, Meredith Quigley, Jennifer Almoney, Krista Caley, Maura Schmitt, Emma Butler, Todd Duwell,  Dante Connell, Paul Waller, Kyle Ramey, Kellie Owens, Matt Sproat, Tim Badenhop, Debbie Gorman, Tricia Bauer, Susan Choi, Anne Jones, Traci Hale

President’s welcome: Sharon thanked everyone for being at the first meeting of the year.

Superintendent’s Report: Dr. Ramey thanked the PTO for all that they do. It’s a wonderful organization for us all to share information freely. All are welcome to call on the administration with questions or concerns. He said that the opening of school went well. The district has implemented some new security measures at front doors of all schools. This is just another layer to help make us feel more safe. There were changes to transportation and fingerprinting for parents.  The district is making movements to 1:1 in the future. The school report card will be out soon but Dr. Ramey does not feel it gives a total reflection of what students are capable of. There is so much more that  goes into what we do at Oakwood.

The Board will be publishing the Masters Facility Plan. In a nutshell, the plan covers the next 20 years as it is a four phase system set up. The first phase will prioritize infrastructure combined with performing arts updates focused primarily at JH/HS with targeted updates at the elementary schools.  This will happen in the next few years. Phase 2 will be 5 years down the road with concentration in the elementary schools. Phase 3 is an early learning center. Phase 4 would be major changes at the High school.  Funding options will be discussed and presented in 2-3 months.

Kevin Philo has resigned as Treasurer after 24 years of service. The Board has hired an interim treasurer while developing  a search plan. The hope is to have someone in place by the beginning of the year.

Junior High Report: Mr. Badenhop thanked the PTO for the staff welcome lunch to begin the year. The JH office staff is working on how to effectively communicate to parents and students the new changes to the office door security. AC is a work in progress. He thanked the PTO  for the supply list concerns last year. While some changes were made for this school year, the hope is to streamline the process even more for next year.  This year the activities fair was combined with the tailgate. It went well and lots of students came. Transitioned students into JH went very smooth especially 7th grade. 

Senior High Report: Mr. Waller said it’s been a difficult few months losing beloved staff, Randy Neff and Dan Weckstein. The community has been so supportive with their families still here in the district. Heidi Edwards was awarded the Crossfield Teacher of the Year National award. Teachers have had a really great start. From the PSAT there have been 10 Merit scholar semi-finalists. This is the most Oakwood has had in the past 17 years.  Tennis and soccer is doing well.

Board of Ed Report: Todd Duwell said the key focus for the Board is the Masters Facilities Plan and new treasurer. They continue to partner themselves with experts who can look at our spaces and not be confined. They hope to find  a CFO who will continue to challenge themselves and the community. Traci Hale is doing a fantastic job of sharing information. He encouraged the community to contact the board if necessary with any questions or concerns.

Staff Liaison: Kelly Owens thanked the newly trained Hospitality committee volunteers for their upcoming involvement with college reps who come to visit Oakwood.  Parents Meetings for all grades are in September.  Schedule for each grade has been set for Guidance to meet with students to discuss pertinent information. The Dan Weckstein Resilience scholarship was given for the first time last year. The Neff family will be offering a scholarship in Randy’s memory as well, with emphasis going to a student interested in teaching math and coaching. The goal is to give it every year.

Technology Update: Matt Sproat gave a short presentation on how we see technology in our classrooms.  “ISAC” is the goal ~ Individualized, Student led, Authentic and Collaborative.

They have been working hard on the technology blue-print and have mapped out a four year plan with the technology committee.  The technology committee has met monthly for the past year which includes parents, students, administers, teachers.  1:1 will be gradually build to develop a network of training and responsibilities for teachers, students and parents. The target is in 2019-20 to potentially rollout Chrome books to  5th and 9th. Since Chrome books usually last four years those two grades would receive it. Questions yet to be answered:  split the cost possibly with parents? Would the device then go home with the child when the four years is up? What would happen with any repairs? What would the rules be around a device?  If they don’t bring the device to school? Do they get to take them home?  What tools do teachers need?  What support do parents need? It would be a slower, layered rollout so adjustments can be made as devices are given out. Parents might be able to opt out if child has another source.

In the Know: Has the amount of summer work recently been evaluated?

Mr. Waller welcomed our thoughts as it is often awkward for individual parents to approach a teacher complaining about the amount of summer work.  He said that the English department (where the majority of work typically comes from) is in the process of a curriculum audit.  The teachers/admin look at the curriculum every 5 years (rolling).  Several comments were made regarding the amount of work/writing that is involved and whether or not it is meaningful work. Perhaps more meaningful work would be to have incoming senior students write 2 college essays.  Also mentioned was literature diversity/more contemporary works.  One example was that "Jane Eyre" is not great reading for incoming freshmen.  Mr. Waller did explain that some literature choices are dictated by Common Core....a recent push for more non-fiction readings.  Mr. Waller did express that Oakwood grads excel in writing and do well in college writing classes. 

Treasurer's Report - Staff Lunch and Guidance Hospitality spent money.  Don't forget to sign up for Amazon Smile - have to click it each time but it is a great return. 

Extra Mile Minute - Mrs. Gilbert was given kudos by a parent for the excellent way she acted in her classroom with the children to talk through the tough situation of losing a beloved member of our community.  She was thoughtful and real and she showed how we come together as a community in tough times.  She brought in her dog to help the children too. 

Committee Reports

Staff Lunch - 125 people attended, very well received.  Food from DCC.  Extra thanks to Kelly Pleiman and Kiersten Cahill for organizing.

Open House - Seemed to be a decrease in the number of parents who came to the tables but the open house went well overall.

Membership - 379 Families joined - down from 400 last year.  Most people joined at the bronze level.  Most people signed up online.  Was noted that enrollment is going down a bit so that could account for numbers being lower. Reviewing the first day packet for next year to see if all the paper is needed.  PTO made almost 13K overall and that's a big part of what PTO will make this year.

Directories - All directories should be distributed at this point.  

Guidance Hospitality - Have new parking spot with sign, new visit page for college reps on website, new conformation email.  Did 2 training sessions for the volunteers and we are excited to welcome reps starting next week.

Grants - Process underway.  Teachers should be submitting those requests. 

New Family Welcome - 9/12 8:30-10 at DLM.  PTO Committee Members and Board welcome to attend to welcome new families.

Meeting adjourned 1:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Anne Jones

May 10, 2018

In attendance: Paul Waller, Tim Badenhop, Kelli Owens, Pam Clark, Jennifer Almoney, Sharon Kelly, Kelly Hick, Anne Jones, Lisa Sanford, Meredith Quigley, Dr. Ramey, Michelle Tucker, Debbie Gorman, Krista Caley, Tracie Hale, Emma Butler, Stephanie Geehan

President’s Welcome:

Special Award Presentation: Lisa Sanford received the Bev Johnson Volunteer Award.

Guidance Hospitality: Emma Butler is heading up the committee. 15 parents said they would be willing to help the guidance department next school year with college visits.

Jr High Principal Report: Mr. Badenhop thanked the PTO. The Success Breakfast was on May 9 with 15 kids being recognized for being great people. End of year activities wrapping up ~ sports ended, choir next week.

Sr. High Principal Report: Mr. Waller thanked the PTO for being part of the school and making things better for the kids and staff. He thanked Jennifer for her leadership. AP testing is wrapping up. Kids are well prepared. The amount of kids taking the AP exams has more than doubled. High School awards were held the morning of May 10. May 16 is senior cookout and college photo. Caps and gowns are passed out on May 17. Senior Awards will be at Dayton Art Institute this year. 325 kids attended After Prom. Great prizes were available for the kids. Mr. Waller thanked Debbie Gorman for her hard work. It was a fast year, but a good year.

Superintendent Report: Dr. Ramey thanked the PTO for the support. Thanked Lisa Sanford for her time. A donor recognition art piece will hopefully be revealed at Lane Stadium will hopefully in June . It was designed by a local artist. 140 people donated to the stadium so their names will be recognized.

Facilities update: School Board has heard the community regarding needing a clear prioritized list ~ sensitive to taxes, costs, needs of building. They are working with engineers to prioritize that list. School Board is looking at how we set up infrastructure to get private and development dollars and not just relying on taxes. They will be looking for more community input with planned future surveys to gather info on all types of topics.

Staff Liaison’s Report: Mrs. Owens reported that the Scholarship Committee will be making decisions by May 22. Counselors were in Jr. classrooms, telling them what they to expect for next year. Freshmen & sophomores took the Meyer’s Briggs personality test to help Guidance department serve each child. This year’s Senior class has 16 students going to 2-year school, 4 going into the military, 1 gap year, 1 playing hockey. 88% of students will be going to a 4-year college. Guidance is working on master schedules for underclassmen and hope that the kids have their schedules in hand by the end of the year.

Treasurer’s Report: 2018-2019 Budget : Kelly Hick reported that the transition will be made to Pam Clark taking over as Treasurer this summer. Membership increased by $1000 this year. DLM/Kroger programs are hugely successful. This has allowed us to increase budgets, even a nominal amounts helps. Teacher Grants has also been increased. Two budget items were added: Hospitality Fund and Freshman challenge.

Staff Extra Mile: Lisa Sanford would like to thank Mr. Lane who spoke at Senior breakfast and has a party at his house for his Stats students. It’s an nice evening out of his week when he hangs out with his students. Good for the students to see teachers taking an interest outside the classroom.

Jennifer highlighted Mr. Rainsberger and Mr. Deters who brought in food for the AP test kids.

Committee Reports:

After Prom: Debbie Gorman said lots of donations were given last minute to cover costs. Slots of kids stayed to the end for the great prizes. Great parent volunteers.

Food Truck: Taking place on Friday, May 11. 5 trucks coming. KC Stack is in charge.

Transition to New President: Sharon Kelly thanked Jennifer for her year.

Present Proposed Slate for 2018-2019: Sharon shared the list of PTO committee members for 2018-2019 school year.

New Business: Stephanie Geehan had a question regarding the special ed. kids who would like to attend dances, but will need staff support while attending. What level of support is appropriate to help those kids have fun? Mr. Badenhop is aware of the issue and will work on it this summer so there is some consistency for next school year.

In the Know:

JR. High supply list: Mr. Badenhop is aware of the issues regarding cost and organization of the Jr. High supply list. He will continue to work with staff to figure out what they can take off and maybe what the PTO can help with, if necessary.

State test: Since the guidelines for the tests are different for each course area (history, language arts, government), the easiest thing to do is to have all students take the end of the year exam, regardless of taking the AP test. AP scores can transfer over to the end of course score, but students still need to take the end of the year test.

March 8, 2018


In attendance: Jennifer Almoney, Pam Clark, Sharon Kelly, Meredith Quigley, Tracy Cunningham, Emma Butler, Megan Trout, Ali Davis, Stephanie Geehan, Debbie Gorman, Krista Caley, Anne Jones, Paul Waller, Kelly Owens, Dr. Kyle Ramey, Tim Badenhop, Tracy Hale

President’s Welcome: Jennifer thanked everyone for coming.

Junior High Report: Mr. Badenhop stated that the next ½ day (March 16) the Jr. High will do things a bit differently. They will have speakers come in to talk about internet safety, social media concerns to the 7th and 8th graders with break out sessions following. The students will be able to choose what session they would like to attend next week. Mr. Badenhop will also bring in the OSF Google Exposition Kit for us to experience in May.

Senior High Report: Mr. Waller said students were sent schedule verifications yesterday. Plan is for schedules to be in students hands by the last day of school. March 20 is state mandated ACT date along with Pre-ACT for sophomores. Parents are encouraged to have a conversation with their Spring Breakers that the Athletic Code of Conduct still applies in Florida (or wherever they might go.) There will be a walkout staged on March 14th at 10 am to honor the victims of the Stoneman Douglas tragedy. Oakwood Safety Department (OSD) will be on hand as the students make their way to the stadium for a student led gathering. Kids will not be penalized if they participate or not.

Superintendent’s Report: Dr. Ramey stressed that safety, in general, is the main goal for the district. We need to be inviting but protective of kids, staff and facilities at each building. This is done by:

  1. Controlling the access of buildings with badges, sign-ins, surveillance monitors – which are connected to the OSD as well as accessible on administrator’s cell phones.
  2. The district collaborates with South Community, a mental health agency, to provide services to children and families who need it.
  3. Various safety drills are routinely practiced to provide the students with skills (Run, Hide, Fight) they can use in any social situation.
  4. Bolo sticks are an approved device to use on all of the doors since classroom doors open out, not in, making barricading difficult.
  5. Hear something, see something, say something. Kids feel they can approach teachers or OSD officers. Relationship building is our best defense.
  6. Social Sentinel, a social media alert program, is being used to monitor social media which lets officials know when certain buzz words are being used. The Montgomery County ESC picks up the cost of this service.

Dr. Ramey wanted to address the Wellness Incentive program that has been called into question:

The district decided two years ago to change the staff incentive program to a wellness based incentive, with the idea that healthy employees, who get a physical, know their own numbers and care about their health, would eventually benefit the classroom. Healthier employees would also mean less absenteeism, less substitute cost and reduce the number of insurance claims. The district spends 1.5 million a year on insurance district wide annually.

Kevin Philo was asked to address the capacity question that has also been called into question:

There is a statistical table on the district website which shows a figure of district capacity. It is based on an average of 25 students per classroom multiplied by the number of rooms in a school. This table is necessary for the national reviewing agencies that award the districts for providing this very specific financial information. This figure of 3550 is misleading due to the equation not taking into each classroom’s square footage. Once square footage is included, which is determined by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, the actual capacity is 2022.

Staff Liaison Report: Kelly Owens said the Guidance Department is in full-on scholarship mode for seniors with constant emails and announcements, so they should be very aware of what is available. Counselors continue their conferences with juniors. They also plan on visiting juniors in English classes for a discussion of the college application process next fall. 9th and 10th graders are gaining more exposure to Naviance and what they can use it for.

New Committee: Jennifer explained that the PTO has created a new committee ~ College Rep Hospitality. This person(s) will assist the guidance department in greeting college reps that visit Oakwood. 75-80 hospitality bags will be made with assorted items and information. It will help welcome the reps and let them know a little bit more about our schools and community.

Treasurer’s Report: Jennifer shared the proposed 2018-2019 budget. No questions were asked for clarification of any changes. The budget will be presented for vote via email.

Committee Reports: Curriculum Night (and Conference Dinners): Jennifer read an email from chair Lisa Sanford stating that the night was a success. Thanks to everyone who contributed the water and cookies and to the teachers for participating. Thank you to Jen Fester and Barry Bagels for providing a wonderful meal for the teachers. Jr. High Conferences were the same evening, so they ended up doing the same meal for all Jr. High and High School teachers.

Coffee Caboose: Sharon Kelly set up a Coffee Caboose for the teachers. It’s a Vandalia-based coffee cart that provided drinks. It was very well received and appreciated by staff.

Mr. Philo also noted that after Winter Break, they started a new cafeteria system which includes 2 lines now instead of one. He feels it has dramatically reduced wait times for kids staying to eat.

JANUARY 11, 2018

IN ATTENDANCE: Maura Schmitt, Lisa Sanford, Emma Butler, Allison Davis, Jennifer Almoney, Jen Fester, Stephanie Geehan, Sharon Kelly, Krista Caley, Traci Hale, Kyle Ramey, Laura Connor, Paul Waller, Kelly Owens, Tim Badenhop

Jr High Principal Report, Tim Badenhop: jr. high scheduling coming up. Current 8th graders will be working with OHS guidance for OHS scheduling.

HS Principal Report, Paul Waller: On January 20, 2018 the student council will host the Father/Daughter Dance. The Freshman Challenge on January 10, 2018 was a huge success. Led by seniors, it focused on bonding, building relationships, BOLD, alcohol abuse. Mr. Waller thanked the PTO for the Staff holiday lunch. Curriculum Night will be on Feb 8. Will also have CCP meeting on the same night.

BOE Report: no representative present

Superintendent’s Report, Dr. Kyle Ramey: John Wilson replaces Linda Woods on the BOE. Drug dogs were brought in to search the jr high and high school. No drugs were found. This will be done periodically. There was a lengthy discussion on the Master Facilities Plan. Parent involvement is important. On January 16, there will be a repeat of the first meeting. On February 28, the 2nd community meeting will occur to discuss options. The PTO will sponsor a small group meeting with Dr. Ramey to discuss options. The date and time to be determined. A 3rd community meeting will occur in April.

Staff liaison, Kelly Owens: On February, guidance will meet with all classes for scheduling. Seniors will have a scholarship meeting on the same day. February 12-14, scheduling during English classes. Conferences for juniors to start this month. Conferences for juniors and parents in February. Career Education presentation was on January 11. Will visit Centerville HS and Fairmont HS next week. College Connection will be at University of Cincinnati on January 17. Guidance will meet with professors, department chairs and OHS alum to talk about college expectations.

Treasurer’s Report: none, Kelly Hick not present

Staff Extra Mile Minute: Jennifer Almoney talked about Mr. Rainsberger. He goes above and beyond for the students.

Committee Report: Jr High Success Breakfast, Maura Schmitt: great turnout, next breakfast will be in May. Holiday Lunch, Stephanie Geehan: successful, teachers/staff so appreciative. Curriculum Night, Lisa Sanford: will send Signup Genius for volunteers to provide water and cookies. Dinner provided to teachers before evening starts. Other: Young @ Art coming up soon. Family event.

In the Know: In Sports, what is the policy on how team fundraiser money can be spent? Laura Connor, Athletic Director, presented her budget. Goal is a financially neutral budget. Each team can fundraise, all monies will go into team account. Coach determines what team fundraises for and must approve fundraiser activity. Can be used for anything except for coaches’ gifts. Short discussion on transportation issues. Survey sent out in Spring and no results have been reported. Dr. Ramey stated still working on. Consensus from parents was that parent transportation is often a problem with not being able to get enough parents to drive. Question asked who (athletic dept. or school) pays for buses for football team. Mrs. Connor and Dr. Ramey were unsure and would need to look.

November 9, 2017

In attendance: Todd Duwel, Kevin Philo, Maura Schmitt, Megan Trout, Ali Davis, Sharon Kelly, Stephanie Geehan, Krista Caley, Toni Brenner, Jennifer Fester, Michelle Tucker, Kelly Owens, Jennifer Almoney, Anne Jones

Jennifer Almoney began the meeting by thanking Gina Sandoval for the PTO newsletter. Looks great.

Jr. High Principal’s Report: Mr. Badenhop reported that through the Oakwood School Foundation’s grant they were able to purchase a Googles Expeditions kit. It’s a virtual reality experience that they hope to use to help extend content. They will be using it in the Science 8 classes. They are excited to see how it affects student learning. Success Breakfast will take place on December 6 ~ it is a JH event for any student who is nominated by a teacher and has had some sort of success during the first quarter of the school year. Breakfast is for the parents and students along with staff.

Sr. High Principal’s Report: Kelly Owens reported for Mr. Waller. She highlighted upcoming event schedule through the first of the year. Freshman Challenge Day is January 10. Mr. Waller wanted to thank the PTO for the partial grant for speaker, David Roever. Thanks for the PTO funding for the furniture as well.

Board of Education Report: Todd Duwel said the first Master Facilities Plan community meeting was held on November 2. Data was presented, no presumptions or plans have been made. All information presented is on the Board of Education website. We are still in the discovery process, asking questions. The team is really looking for community engagement to help in planning. Check out the District website, master facilities page, for upcoming meetings, community survey and visioning questions.

Superintendent Report: Kevin Philo said his report was basically what Todd said from the Board.

Staff Liason Report: Kelly said that the Guidance office processed 657 applications by the November 1 deadline. As of now, most colleges Seniors have applied to are: OSU 64, OU 28, UD 20, UC 45, Miami 42. Guidance department really goes above and beyond to support the kids in their process ~ all the way from 8th grade when they begin talking about what classes they should take to start high school to 12th when they finally apply.

Treasurer Report: Jennifer reported for Kelly Hick that the Kroger reimbursement was $46.07. No winter grant cycle. All money was spent in the fall.

Staff Extra mile minute: none

Executive Meeting Highlights: In the know question focused on sports and fundraising. Jennifer met with AD, Laura Conner, regarding the policy of teams using fundraising money. Laura will report on that question in January. Jennifer may also ask her to speak to the transportation survey as well. We would really like to get new people in the PTO as volunteers so if you know of anyone who would like to be involved, let Jennifer know.

Corresponding Secretary: Megan Trout said as Corresponding Secretary to better round out her duties, she would start sending notes to staff for appreciation ~ those staff mentioned in the Staff Extra Mile and for anything else, such as birthdays.

Grants: Jennifer reported that the budget for Grants is $6675. The Grants Foundation collaborates with Arts Bridge and the PTO, along with elementary PTOs. Funding grants is much easier with all parts collaborating. $700 will go towards Girl Talks for 7-12 grade girls, $500 Young Men’s breakfast for 9-12 grade boys, $2500 went to speaker, Dave Roever, $3000 to Mr. Waller for alternative learning spaces.

Conference dinner: Michelle Tucker reported that things went well. Several teachers were appreciative of the food that was provided during the long conference evenings.

New Parent Breakfast: Maura Schmitt said that the turnout for the breakfast was very good. Change of venue to DLM this year. Goodies bag were delivered to those who could not attend. DLM really delivered on food. Want to lock down venue in advance next year.

In the Know: Kevin Philo spoke to how the fee schedule was figured out per grade. Whatever class your child signs up for determines the fee. Fees are meant to stretch dollars for departments. District isn’t looking to make money off of the fees. Principal comes up with the fee for each department. The questions come in when people want to understand what they pay in taxes and why they are still paying (in some respects) quite a bit in fees each fall. Kevin suggested that if parents have questions they can call the Treasurer’s office.

Next PTO Meeting is January 11 at 11:45 a.m. Meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.