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Oakwood City School District

2020 - 2021 Meeting Minutes

Jan. 14, 2021 11:20 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., Via Zoom

In attendance: Lori Flannery, Chris Hoffman, Evelyn Bettcher, Kelly Owens, Kyle Ramey, Steve Taylor, Tim Badenhop, Tracy Williams, Paul Waller, Bob Gojda, Sharon Kelly, Emma Butler, Sayeh Meisami, Allison Silvain, Jennifer Almoney, Darcy Punket, Amy Neff, Shannon Tucker, Dante Connell, Traci Hale, Theo Rich, (following identified as 703-850-1178, Erin, PSHS Prof. Realty)

PTO Welcome

Superintendent Comments – Dr. Kyle Ramey:

  1. Returning Tuesday 1/19/21 to half days
  2. Rest of third quarter will remain in half day mode.  4th quarter is TBD
  3. Announcements forthcoming based upon the quarantining rules that may possibly change based upon State of Ohio protocols.
  4. Adult Vaccination – 1B is for education.  Waiting and working with Montgomery County plans to understand the specifics.
  5. Vandalism – suspect identified and pending charges.
  6. Construction:
  • Freshman Hallway complete – little more work in the bathroom
  • Junior High Hallway under construction for the remainder of the year
  • Post winter sports season, work to begin on The Pit

Junior High Comments – Mr. Tim Badenhop:

  1. Discussion about the Junior High Play being performed virtually.
  2. Online learning – teachers impressed with politeness of kids and their willingness to be accountable for being present in the online environment.
  3. Staff is really excited to have students back in the building next week.

High School Comments – Dr. Paul Waller:

  1. High School Musical – school play being produced as a “movie”.  Kids have been working via Zoom to complete the school play.
  2. Graduation plans are being reviewed:
  • Want to keep the senior pictures on Shafor Blvd.
  • Parade the Friday before the graduation (5/21/21)
  • UD Arena is booked for graduation, but current laws allow only 300 people at a function. This would only allow students/staff.  Hoping rules change closer to date.  Details to become available.
  • Baccalaureate details not worked out yet as venue is currently not open

    3.  Curriculum night – Feb. 4, details coming.  Teachers will be on campus that evening.  Meetings to determine what will be a prerecorded video and determine how parents/students can visit live sessions. Details to become available.

    4.  During end of meeting – question surfaced regarding the College Board’s recent announcement the AP Spring testing will include the entire year of materials/full course content.  Question was if the OHS staff felt the students would be ready to take these tests since Oakwood operating in half-day mode.  Per Dr. Waller, his feedback from teachers thus far is that students are on track to have the entire year’s worth of materials.  Kids will be monitored to stay on track, planning on potentially utilizing the Zero Period, and the option is always to be able to get a test refund if a family selects this option. 

Guidance Office Update – Mrs. Kelly Owens

  1. Zoom webinar for Sophomores took place 1/14/21 for career tech info.
  2. Senior scholarship info is going out for the seniors.

District Update – Mrs. Traci Hale:

  1. Online newsletters have had increased exposure and open rates
  2. Due to the virtual environment, able to promote fine arts programing links and live streams of plays, orchestras, etc.
  3. Joyful classroom initiative taking place now capture joyful events and communicating via Oakwood social media.

PTO Committee Update – Mrs. Lori Flannery:

  1. Communication will be sent to promote the DLM Club Card sign up
  2. Committee Updates:
  • Holiday box lunches were successful
  • Professional Cookies sent to school 1/15/21 as thank you to teachers and staff.
  • Misc:  Jennifer Almoney stated $3K in grant monies available.  Jennifer has been working with Kelsey Jackson to review a broadcasting video production equipment.  Discussion to see if PTO will have any money to assist project.  Determining what DLM monies look like and PTO will discuss further.

Treasurers Report – Ms. Keley Kierman:

  1. Approximately $25K operating balance.  $12K variance, as bulk of balance spending ahead.
  2. DLM monies will be revealed Jan. 31.  Budgeted that PTO budget would acquire $4.5K from this revenue source. 
  • Sign up process has changed.  It is now via Dorothy Lane Website – Process as follows (I just completed while writing meeting notes)
    • Go to
    • Menu bar at top, select Club DLM
    • Scroll down until Good Neighbor Program and select
    • Scroll down mid-page and follow prompts – name, email address and DLM Club number.
    • Locate Oakwood Jr. SR. High School PTO
    • Hit “I’m not a robot” and then submit
    • You've been signed up to support your chosen charity. Be sure to use your club card at checkout to show your support! --- will appear on top of screen  

Nov. 5, 2020 11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m., Via Zoom

In attendance: Lori Flannery, Sharon Kelly, Kyle Ramey, Sayen Meismi, Heather Tuttle, Anne Dobmeyer, Christine Hoffman, Allison Silvain, Erin Tomazic, Jen Almoney, Emma Butler, Tracy Williams, Darcy Plunket, Tim Badenhop, Dante Connel, Jennifer Fester, Kelly Owens, Michael Smith, Paul Waller, Bob Gojada, Theo Rich

PTO Welcome

Superintendent Comments – Dr. Kyle Ramey:

1)  The half-day school model is going well and Oakwood positioned to have this model since district not dependent on bussing.  Meetings with the 16 local superintendents and Jeff Cooper, Public Health for Dayton meet regularly and consensus is schools are not virus super-spreaders.  If students or staff do have a case, tracing has determined it is due to after school gatherings, parties, etc and not spread in school.   The conversation if district goes 100% remote or back to full day will be determined by thorough discussions, local situations, and involving health officials.  If Montgomery County does “go purple”, that does not mean Oakwood would go remote based upon all important considerations.

2) School construction is on schedule.  The front of school, elementary work and restrooms are great.   The next steps timelines and projects might shift.  Currently work is halfway through the freshman hallway.  Decision to be made in the coming weeks if the hallway will be finished or if work to be started on the 7th 8th grade hallway.   After the basketball season, work to begin on The Pit.  Goal is to be done before school starts in August.

Junior High Comments – Mr. Tim Badenhop:

1) Due to the construction, 7 teachers are in different locations.  Both teachers and students have been so flexible and temporary relocation is going well.

2) As mentioned above, project order might shift affecting timelines, but it will not interfere with semester exams.

3)The tents continue to be used especially for music instruction for choir and band.  Many other teachers have utilized the tents and there has been a lot of mileage out of them.

4)     Course offerings for upcoming school year are being reviewed. 5)     Parent conferences were conducted via Zoom this year.   The question was asked if parents who participated in the Zoom conferences liked or disliked them.  A handful of parents provided feedback during this meeting that it was convenient.  There is a possibility that Zoom conferences may continue into the future “when things are normal again”.  Face to face conferences would still be available if the virtual conferences continued.

High School Comments – Dr. Paul Waller: 1)     The goal for the year is to try to keep the school traditions as best as possible but in a safe environment.  Some upcoming events are: Modified school play will be conducted outdoors next week near the tents.  It will only be for families.   The school orchestra will be having a performance at St. Paul’s which is a larger venue with limited seating.  The Powder Puff football game is in discussion on how to potentially hold and details have not been determined.  2)     Exam schedule is December 15-18.  12/15 - Periods 1 & 2; 12/16 – Periods 3 & 4; 12/17 – Periods 5 & 6; 12/18 – Periods 7 & Zero. 3)     Social and emotional needs being provided to students for both choice A and choice B (remote) kids.

Guidance Office Update – Mrs. Kelly Owens 1)  Guidance office staff has been busy with the November 1 college application deadlines.  Emails sent to seniors reminding them of the November 15 & December 1 popular deadlines. 2) Directive Safe Place has been a good place for students wanting social and emotional support.  It is staffed by adults as well as the Hope Squad.  3) Response to Intervention (RTI) has also been popular.  It is study session on the Gold Days (period zero) where students are able to be tutored by staff.  It is open to Junior High and High School students. 4)  Some students have transitioned from Option B remote learning back to face to face learning.  Ensuring safe class size numbers and student scheduling needs were all considered. 5) Scholarship processes will begin in January. Mrs. Owens explained that the Dayton Montgomery Scholarship has had a major overhaul.  She will provide details at this time but a quick heads up is that it has been modified to more of a needs based scholarship. 

District Update – Ms. Traci Hale:  1) Considerable uptick in school district website updates have occurred to ensure good communications.  The district, individual schools and community groups (foundation, PTO, etc) have updates regularly. 2) Reports are very high on the open rates of school sent emails.  Average open rates are approximately 20-25%, but Oakwood has been garnering a 30-60% open rate.  K through 6th teacher emails have an 80-90% open rate. 3) Final Forms is being used for this school year for all parent paperwork (vs. hardcopies).  It has served as the hub for contact info to ensure various communications are sent to the correct email addresses.  If anything changes, it is imperative for parents/guardians to change the information on the Final Forms website.

PTO Committee Update – Mrs. Lori Flannery: 1) Directory distribution continues.  Since unable to have mass school distribution, committee and Lori have reached out to individuals and have been delivering to households. 2)  Conference dinner for teachers was a success.  Individually wrapped tacos, cookies, etc. provided the meal. 3) No update from the grant committee. 4) Holiday teacher luncheon and appreciation.  Committee is currently reviewing options and is considering a similar luncheon like conference night.

Treasurers Report – Ms. Keley Kierman: 1) Approximately $40K in the bank, some expenses have been the directory printing, $150 to an Eagle Scout project, $450 for the conference dinner.   There was approximately $2.6K in membership income. 2)  A big portion of the PTO income is the Dorothy Lane Market community support program.  Traci Hale going to communicate in parent newsletters to remind parents/caregivers to sign up for the DLM program because it makes up approximately 25% of the PTO budget. 

Miscellaneous Comments/questions – Various: 1)  Question about last week’s technology problems.  It was addressed that the internet partner’s server shut down and needed to be replaced.  All systems back to normal. 2)  In-classroom filtration systems are all in.  They were delivered three weeks ago and are working great.  This is an extra added level of safety in addition to the overall filtration system that was added during the summer construction.

Shout Outs To Teachers and Staff! – Various: 1) Thanks to the school technology department assisting a student with immediate help on a Chromebook.  The student’s personal brand new Chromebook was faulty and needed to replaced asap for school assignments/reduce the distraction in the classroom. Technology department was easy to work with, immediately got the student a great computer and came to the rescue! 2) Parent communicated that their student wanted Mrs. Keyes to be recognized because this science teacher goes above and beyond to keep the class organized since they are unable to meet daily.  The student really appreciates everything she is doing. 3)  Appreciation to Traci Hale keeping the district and school websites so updated.  Since interaction is different this year, the website has been a vital tool to ensure this family is on top of all things Oakwood school! 4) A special call out to Mr. Ryan Connelly who is a fabulous teacher and soccer coach.   It was mentioned that the soccer team has done so well because he has taught the girls how to be a team and he brings care and empathy to the girls’ soccer season.

Sept. 3, 2020, 11:20 a.m. – 12:20 p.m. Via Zoom

In Attendance:  Kyle Ramey, Lori Flannery, Allison Silvain, Christine Hoffman Dane, Connell, Emma Butler, Jen Almoney, Kelley Kiernan, Kelly Owens, Maura Schmit, Mcrane (Zoom identity), Sharon Kelly, Tim Badenhop, Tracy William, Tricia Bauer, Traci Hale, Paul Waller, Allison Silvan, Jennifer Fester, Susan Choi, Darcy Plunkett, Theo Rich

PTO President Welcome

1)     Lori welcomed everyone to meeting and thanked them for time and volunteering.

Superintendent Comments - Dr. Kyle Ramey:   

1)     Update provided of school openings stating kids at all grade levels are doing great with masks.  Commended the parents on teaching kids importance of masks.

2)     Option 1 & Option 2 is going very well.  Any bumps in the road have been managed.

3)     Construction Phase 1 – First three floors of the school are dryer, brighter, quieter, more comfortable and cleaner.  This is due to the new roof, new LED lights providing brighter light and quieter, new HVAC system, and the new ionization systems were installed because of the Foundation and grants.

4)     Next phase will be Junior High hallway then the north end of the Freshman hallway.

5)     Kudos to the staff for excellence ensuring the one to one devices for the kids was a reality, instituting the Final Forms process digitally vs. a “stack of papers” and the reorganization of central registration. 

Junior High Principal Report - Mr. Tim Badenhop: 

1)     Mr. Badenhop communicated how great it is having kids back in the building, great job using the masks, and a great job helping each other (i.e. child forgot mask, Mr. Badenhop provided a spare, but a child eagerly offered a spare to the other child). 

2)     Upcoming construction in Junior High hallway will begin when the auditorium is completed and the Junior High classes will be relocated.  The same benefits as outlined in the Superintendent comments with the renovations will be in the Junior High hallway.  The hope is construction will be completed by January. 

3)     Kids are getting used to the hallway arrow system which directs the foot traffic throughout the hallways.  Although not the main measure for disease prevention it is an extra layer of protection.

4)     October 21st – parent teacher conferences from 5:00-8:30 PM.  Teachers will be reaching out to the parents/guardians for meeting via Google Meet.

High School Principal Report – Dr. Paul Waller: 

1)     Dr. Waller provided the update that the tents are getting a lot of use.  There is a Google Doc for scheduling the tents but the music department gets first dibs. 

2)     Microphones have been well received by the teachers and the students. 

3)     Kids are doing a good job with safety as they are conscientious to protect each other, parents and grandparents. 

4)     Upcoming Events:

a.     Homecoming September 25th & 26th – nothing been determined yet, but trying to work on things to respect the traditions.   Possibly will be limited to seniors, possible homecoming pictures, outdoor dance, but nothing has been determined.  When plan established, Dr. Waller will reach out to Lori Flannery for parent assistance.  In addition, 9/21 Homecoming parade will occur.  The route will be a longer this year to ensure proper social distancing.

b.     October 21st – parent teacher conferences from 5:00-8:30 PM.  Teachers will be reaching out to the parents/guardians for meeting via Google Meet.

c.      PSATs scheduled for October 14 – test fees of $100 were in the student fees (sophomores and juniors).  Good idea for sophomores to take the test early so data is collected and used to focus on kids who might need assistance.  School will be figuring out the half day parameters when providing the test.

d.     September 17 – Picture Day by Easterling Studios.  Pictures will be taken at the tent locations.  Students with Option 2 will be communicated with to ensure their pictures will be taken. 

5)     Social/Emotional Team is working hard.  Each month on a Wednesday students will fill out a Google Form asking them if they need support.  Period Zero will be used to provide support.  This is a continued initiative from last year.

Guidance Update – Mrs. Kelly Owens

1)     Mrs. Owens communicated the climate controlled improvements were a real plus. 

2)     Junior & Senior Class meetings occurred the previous evening (9/2/2020) and went very well. 

3)     Freshman, Sophomore and Financial Aid Night will be scheduled and communicated. 

4)     Application Help sessions will be moved to Period Zero (previous was held a lunch) – this will be communicated to students. 

5)     College reps are starting to contact OHS Guidance Department to schedule “visits” – students will find out about the visits via their Naviance accounts.  Broader communication will be provided to the parents.  It was stressed that communication to the senior and junior class is key. 

6)     The senior class has been met with to review the college application process. 

7)     Mrs. Owens is the counselor responsible for the students with a career course of study.  These students, in addition to their OHS classes, go to either Centerville or Kettering School Districts.  Currently Centerville’s requirement is students log on at certain times and Kettering has required face to face for labs at odd times.   So that the OHS students can complete these programs, Mrs. Owens stated that the OHS teachers have been very flexible and happy to accommodate these untraditional schedules to ensure the students with the career education stay on track. 

8)     The Social/Emotion team (previously discussed by Dr. Waller) is very dedicated.

District Update – Mrs. Traci Hale

1)     Update that there was a big uptick in email subscription through the district website.

2)     As a result of the Junior Class parent meeting (9/2/20) the meeting slides and presentations have been uploaded and a Junior page has been created.  Future content will be loaded to this page as it becomes available as a resource for students/parents.  The Senior Class meeting notes from last evening are in the process of being loaded to their existing page during this meeting.

3)     There are a few parents in the district that have not signed up for any communication yet therefore have not received any notifications i.e. the Friday principal or district emails.  Accounts can be set up on the district website and Traci is available to help anyone set up an account if she is reached out to.

4)     Final Forms has resulted in a communication process improvement.  When parents/guardians updated their student’s information, they were permitted to have 6 email addresses which makes it much easier for the teachers to communicate to all people who are responsible for raising that child.

5)     Lori Flannery asked a question if morning announcements were a thing of the past or if they would be coming back.  Dr. Waller shared they are not currently doing the morning announcements and there might be content placed on the website.

Treasurer’s Report -  Kelley Kiernan

1)     $25,412 is the beginning cash balance. 

2)     Income is $8,903 in membership fees and $249 from Kroger monies

3)     Expenses are $3,600 from Grants for microphones and $450 for online directory fees

4)     The budget for membership is $13,500 – the amount that has been collected to date has come from Tracy Pohl

5)     Miscellaneous statement is that Kroger and DLM is roughly $5K of the budget.  Discussion between Lori Flannery and Traci Hale ensuring communication is made via emails to remind parents to sign up or re-sign up and register their shopper loyalty cards.

Come Back Lumberjack Update – Emma Butler

1)     Emma provided the update regarding the changes going to be made to Come Back Lumberjack.

a.     Scheduled to be virtual event at 6:30 PM via Zoom. 

b.     Slide show will be viewed and then will be a live stream of the football game.

c.     500 “seats” available

d.     Open to the community