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Oakwood Schools


Committee Chairs

After Prom    
Stephanie O'Hara                 

Career Day 
Michelle Sayer

College Rep Coordinator     
Emma Butler

Conference Dinners
Michelle Tucker    

Curriculum Night     
Karen Lindsey

Directory Compilation
Wenbi Lai
Michelle Sayer
Katy Dalrymple

Directory Distribution
Kierstan Cahill     

Jennifer Almoney     

Jr. High Awards Assembly
Tracy Williams

Jr. High Success Breakfast
Laura Woeste
Sharon Neumeister

Monthly Appreciation
Susan Usechak
Mackenzie Wittmer

New Families Welcome
Kierstan Cahill     
Lori Flannery       

Harrison Gowdy            

Senior Breakfast
Allyson Danis        
Kelly Hick
Kelly Pleiman

Senior Shafor Signs
Stephanie Goeller

Special Education Rep.        
Ines Mauersberg

Staff Back to School Luncheon
Sandra Kallenburg

Staff Holiday Luncheon       
Margot Hadley  

Volunteer Coordinator - Jr. High and Senior High  
Carrie Lennart