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Applying for a Grant

Oakwood Schools Foundation (“OSF”) Grants are designed to encourage, facilitate, recognize, and reward innovative and creative instructional programs and ideas in education. Teachers, principals, and school administrators can apply for grants to fund projects that benefit individual classrooms, or their entire school.

OSF offers schools and specific departments the opportunity to apply for grants to support innovative programs or projects that promote higher levels of student learning and academic success. To be considered, grant proposals must enhance student academic performance and support the stated objectives, goals, and initiatives of the Oakwood City School District (“OCSD”).

OSF awards grants annually in the fall and spring. Fall grants support projects or programs in the current calendar school year, while spring grants support projects or programs in the current school year or the following school year.

The OSF currently gives higher priority to grant requests such as:

  • Creative programs or projects;
  • Extraordinary educational opportunities;
  • Collaborative programs and projects between teachers, grade levels, schools, etc;
  • Programs that impact a large number of students;
  • Programs that support the mission of the OCSD;
  • "Seed" money for new programs or model projects;
  • Innovative Projects that fall under the following areas of concentration: STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), Literacy, Practical and Fine Arts, Social Studies, Languages, Special Education, resource materials, supplies, equipment, or software

Grants may be used to purchase tangible items; however, once purchased these items become the property of the Oakwood City Schools

The OSF currently gives lower priority to grant requests such as:

  • Administration fees or salaries;
  • Student or teacher travel;
  • Stipends to grant applicants;
  • Projects that are already included in school or district budgets;
  • Food, rewards or other incentives;
  • Equipment not directly related to programs such as furniture, classroom or office supplies


Graphic that shows the five way to get a grant in the Oakwood Schools