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Nate Thompson Receives The Oakwood Schools Foundation’s 7th Annual Parker Love of Teaching Award

Surrounded by enthusiastic students, fellow faculty, parents and family members, Nate Thompson received The Oakwood Schools Foundation’s seventh annual Parker Love of Teaching and Lifelong Learning Award Tuesday, May 30. Thompson, a 15-year veteran of Oakwood City Schools, is a music teacher at E. D. Smith Elementary School.

The Parker Award honors a teacher who has taught in the District for at least five years and who uniquely inspires the full potential of each student with whom he or she works. Beverly Parker, a former Harman teacher, established The Parker Award in 2011 in loving memory of her husband, Bob.

“We feel such a close bond with the Oakwood education system. We have always believed that the teachers in the Oakwood Schools are exceptional and give much of themselves for the betterment of the children in our community,” said Bev. “Our family cannot think of a better way to give back to the schools than to honor the special teachers that go above and beyond what is expected of them. This award is one way that we can show our appreciation and gratitude for all they do for our children.”

In nominating Mr. Thompson for the award, one parent wrote, “In Mr. Thompson’s classroom, there are no barriers to learning. Every child is capable and can excel, all they need is to show a desire and he will give them the tools they need to make it happen.”

A fellow staff member added, “I have seen Nate empower students. If a student has an idea, he will work with them to bring it to fruition.” Another nominator reflected, “Mr. Thompson has this ability to encourage and support individual student interests, while also including the other students in the project, making them all feel special, included, creative, and that they have learned.”

The Oakwood Schools Foundation congratulates Mr. Thompson on being the seventh recipient of The Parker Love of Teaching Award and thanks all the parents, students, teachers and community members who nominated teachers and wrote letters of support. The Foundation thanks Bev Parker for her generosity and vision in establishing this important award.

Oakwood Schools Foundation, a component of The Dayton Foundation, provides students with diverse and distinctive opportunities that go above and beyond the reach of the district’s normal operating budget. Pursuing its mission, “Enhancing Excellence in Education,” OSF provides significant annual support for quality initiatives, including teacher and administrative grants, scholarships, and special wish list items.

For more information about The Foundation, please contact Dante Connell, Director, at 297-5332 or visit our website at