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2019 OSF Scholarship recipients
Each spring, The Oakwood Schools Foundation awards more than $20,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors.  With increasing costs for higher education, The Oakwood Schools Foundation’s scholarships mean more now than ever to these recipients.
Thanks to the generosity of the individuals and families who established these scholarships and to the donors who contribute toward these funds each year, Oakwood’s college-bound students appreciate this support for their continuing education.
If you have questions or would like information on how to set up a scholarship, please contact the Foundation at: contact@oakwoodschoolsfoundation.orgor 937-297-5332

Oakwood Schools Foundation Scholarships Are Open 

Visit Scholarship Connect on the  Dayton Foundation website to review a full list of scholarships available to members of the OHS Class of 2021.   

The firm deadline is March 5 at 4 p.m. for all of these scholarships.  Do NOT wait until the day before the deadline to begin the application.  

Since you are required to upload your transcript, you will need to request a .pdf version from OHS Guidance.  If you complete the application sooner, your transcript will include your academic record through the end of your junior year.  You may also wait until first semester grades are posted in January.

You will also want to inform the teacher (or other recommender) you have identified as a reference so they can be on the lookout for an email from Dayton Foundation.  

If you have questions about the process, please email or call Michelle Brown at 937-225-9965 or Jessica Schreiber at 937-225-9953.  The Dayton Foundation office number is 937-222-0410.  Information can also be found on Instagram @daytonfoundation_scholarships

OSF Scholarships

Janet Bourne Memorial Scholarship. Awards involvement in community service and leadership skills.
2020 Recipient:  Allison Bowman

David R. Collins, OHS Class of 1950, Scholarship. Awards excellence and/or outstanding achievement in English, creative writing, or speech and drama skills.
2020 Recipient:  Gabriella Stauffer

Comeback Award. Honors a senior who shows strength, courage, character, and integrity in overcoming adversity in his/her life.
2020 Recipient:  Eric Powers

Robert L. Davidson Scholarship. Recognizes present and potential ability as a creative writer.
2020 Recipient:  Charlie Blumer

Dr. Robert W. Gaines, Jr., OHS '60, Young Men's Golf Award. Recognizes a senior golfer who demonstrates good sportsmanship, consideration for others, academic achievement, leadership and community service.
2020 Recipient:  Rylan Quigley

Susan Herman GLOW Scholarship. Recognizes Grade point, Leadership, Outstanding character, Work ethic for a female planning to pursue a degree in a technical field (i.e. engineering) or the sciences.
2020 Recipient:  Abbie Stone

Honorable Elizabeth Simms Gutmann Public Service Scholarship. Honors a student who has been involved in community service and plans to pursue a degree in a public service field.
2020 Recipient:  Griffin Calaway

Scott Harman Memorial Scholarship. Honors a student who lives life with enthusiasm and has a positive impact on others.
2020 Recipient:  Rocco Fiore

Kevin Lauterbach Memorial Scholarship. Honors a student who plans to be a lifetime learner/practitioner in the field of fine art.
2020 Recipient:  Gabriella Stauffer

Leslie Ann Simms Nagel Creative Writing Scholarship. Honors a student who plants to be a lifetime learning and practitioner in the fine arts field.
2019 Recipient:  Elijah Davis-Galentine

Randy Neff Memorial Scholarship. Honors a student who inspires others and plants to major in education or math, with preference given to students aspiring to teach math and coach a sport.
2020 Recipient:  Tallis All

Thomas Neff Memorial Scholarship. Recognizes a student who is a team player and displays a strong work ethic, solid values, and maintains good grades through hard work and dedication.
2020 Recipient:  Nicholas Wolcott

Barbara Nichols O’Hara Scholarship. Recognizes an outstanding female athlete, good citizen and student.
2020 Recipient:  Anna Millard and Regina Powers

Oakwood Centennial Scholarship. Honors a student who distinguishes herself/himself during high school years.
*Dependents of OSF Board members are ineligible.
2020 Recipients:  Lily Eifert and Nathan Pohl

Rader-Drummer Family Scholarship. Honors a student who plans to major in architecture or English literature.
2019 Recipient:  Ben Aidt

Pam and Chip Seidl Scholarship. Benefits an outstanding wrestler who meets both academic and leadership qualifications.
2020 Recipient:  A.J. Lewandowski

Loran and Alberta Warner Scholarship. Awards a student who shows dedication to community service activities and has made an impact through his/her involvement.
2020 Recipient:  Abbie Stone

Helen and Louis Wozar Scholarship. Recognizes a student who demonstrates an outstanding work ethic, self initiative and entrepreneurial spirit.
2020 Recipient:  Luke Wilson

Guy W. Richardson MVP Senior Boys Tennis Scholarship.  Recognizes an outstanding senior tennis player who demonstrates good sportsmanship, leadership and academic achievement.
2020 Recipient:  Nathan Boyce

Guy W. Richardson MVP Senior Girls Tennis Scholarship.  Recognizes an outstanding senior tennis player who demonstrates good sportsmanship, leadership and academic achievement.
2020 Recipients:  Sidney Purks & Sophie Schnell