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Past Inductees

Sam Andrews Educational Hall of Fame
Past Inductees
(chronological order)

Samuel E. Andrews
Bowerton H.S. 1934 to 1936 – Teacher and Coach
Magnolia H.S. 1936 to 1939 – Teacher and Coach
trasburgh H.S. 1939 to 1941 – Teacher and Coach
Wilbur Wright H.S. 1941 to 1943 – Teacher and Coach
Oakwood H.S. 1943 to 1977 – Teacher and Coach
42 years of teaching in Ohio
34 years at Oakwood High School


The Oakwood Board of Education on behalf of the countless persons in this community whose lives were influenced by the dedicated service of Sam Andrews as teacher, coach, and friend, does hereby establish the Sam Andrews Educational Hall of Honor. The intent and purpose of this action is to place in perpetuity for remembrance and inspiration to all who shall follow the life and career of this distinguished educator. During that career, he won the love and devotion of many students whose lives he touched as teacher or coach, the esteem and respect of countless more who knew him as parents and patrons of the school district, and the unqualified admiration of the teachers with whom he worked. But more importantly than all of these, he was a friend to all with whom he came in contact. As an educational leader he had an innate capacity to challenge the best from all who worked with him and for him. He disciplined himself and all who would join him with seemingly limitless energy in the pursuit of excellence, not only in the classroom, but also in numerous school activities. This school district and this community is genuinely indebted to Sam Andrews for the legacy of distinguished service both to the boys and girls and to the men and women whose lives he helped to shape. To commemorate these high ideals that characterize the life and career of Sam Andrews, it is intended that annually one or two individuals who have distinguished themselves by their contributions toward beneficial growth and education of the students of this community, shall be selected an appropriately honored.

Maria Bender - 1981 Inductee
Senior High EnglishTeacher

Walter Scheidt – 1982 Inductee
Dedicated Booster of the Oakwood City Schools

Josephine Sipe – 1982 Inductee
English and Physical Education Teacher

Betty Cox – 1983 Inductee
Physical Education Teacher

Catherine Hadeler – 1983 Inductee
English Teacher, Guidance Counselor, and Dean of Women

J. Mack Hummon – 1984 Inductee
Teacher, Dean of Boys, Coach, Assistant Principal

Elmer R. Barlett – 1985 Inductee
Elementary School Principal

Frederick Walker – 1985 Inductee
Band Director

Alice Woods Ash – 1986 Inductee
Secretary, Guidance Department

Earl B. “Red” Gardner, Jr. – 1986 Inductee
Teacher, Guidance Counselor, Coach

Bess L. Hayner – 1987 Inductee
Biology and Physical Education Teacher, Athletic Director and Coach

John Martin – 1987 Inductee
Speech and Drama Coach, Spanish Teacher

Oliver B. Sipe – 1988 Inductee

Carolyn McAngell - 1989 Inductee
Director of Guidance

Roger Pack - 1990 Inductee
High School Principal

Howard Carr - 1991 Inductee
OJHS History and Geography Teacher

William Wilkinson - 1991 Inductee
Junior High Principal

Reiss Keck - 1992 Inductee
Teacher/Assistant Principal

Dr. C. Daniel Raisch – 1992 Inductee
Superintendent of Schools

John Lewis - 1993 Inductee
Teacher, Principal

Gretchen Smalley - 1993 Inductee
Elementary School Principal

Lou K. Weber - 1993 Inductee
Art Teacher

Arthur E. Claggett - 1994 Inductee
Superintendent of Schools

Edward T. Cook - 1994 Inductee
Physical Education Teacher, Coach

Myriam Margaret Page - 1994 Inductee
High School Teacher

L. Richard Carmichael - 1995 Inductee
High School Art Teacher

Richard H. Hackman - 1995 Inductee
Elementary School Principal

Mary E. Penny - 1995 Inductee
Kindergarten Teacher

Wilhelmine Mohme - 1996 Inductee
Teacher, Elementary School Principal

Virginia L. Ronald – 1996 Inductee
Elementary and Secondary Teacher

Verda V. Sieber – 1996 Inductee
Elementary Teacher

Wanda M. Ford – 1997 Inductee
Administrative Secretary to the Superintendent

Sally Wampler – 1997 Inductee
Art Teacher

E. Bennett Owen – 1997 Inductee
Art Teacher

Mary G. Bumstead – 1998 Inductee
Elementary Teacher

Mary M. Creamer – 1998 Inductee
Elementary Teacher

Howard “Howie” D. Sales – 1998 Inductee
High School Teacher and Coach

Donald C. Eifert – 1999 Inductee
Music Teacher and Guidance Counselor

Jerome “Jerry” R. Millhouse – 1999 Inductee
Elementary Teacher

Robert M. Pool – 1999 Inductee
Junior and Senior High School Teacher

Jane C. Leigh - 2000 Inductee
Junior and Senior High School Teacher

Linda Dill Parker - 2000 Inductee
Junior and Senior High School Teacher

Judith M. Bleses - 2001 Inductee
Elementary School Librarian, IMC Director and Teacher

Elva K. Holmes - 2001 Inductee
Elementary School Teacher

Timothy J. Ilg - 2001 Inductee
Superintendent of Schools

Jayne G. Lutz - 2002 Inductee
Junior/Senior High School Guidance Counselor, Teacher, Coach

Albert M. Hoffman - 2002 Inductee
High School Teacher

Jerry Doty – 2003 Inductee
Elementary Teacher

Marthel R. McLaughlin – 2003 Inductee
Elementary Teacher

Nancy Bufkin Soloski – 2003 Inductee
Elementary Teacher

Marty Ebeling – 2004 Inductee
High School Teacher and Coach

Floretta Menchen – 2004 Inductee
Elementary Teacher

Carl Reichert – 2004 Inductee
Teacher and Athletic Director

Cyrus Spurlino – 2004 Inductee

Janet Clark – 2005 Inductee
Elementary Teacher

Alois “Chip” Seidl – 2005 Inductee
Teacher and Coach

Robert Whiteside – 2006 Inductee
Physical Education Teacher

Warner Simpson – 2007 Inductee
School Psychologist and Director of Educational Services

Ralph Furguson – 2007 Inductee
High School Teacher

Richard Grigsby – 2008 Inductee
High School Teacher and Coach

Pamela S. Lahman – 2009 Inductee
Elementary Teacher

Lester Steinlage – 2009 Inductee
High School Teacher

Judy A. Hennessey, Ph. D. – 2010 Inductee
Superintendent of Schools

Carolyn Mowry – 2010 Inductee
Elementary Teacher

Ann Simpson – 2010 Inductee
Elementary Teacher

William L. Henry – 2011 Inductee
Elementary Principal

Candis Pees – 2011 Inductee
Teacher and Coach

Ed L. Bowman – 2012 Inductee
Principal, Director of Educational Services and Superintendent

Robert F. Morgan – 2012 Inductee
Teacher and Coach

Janet L. Achbach – 2013 Inductee
Junior and Senior High Teacher

Joseph R. Boyle, Jr. – 2013 Inductee
High School Principal

Joseph R. Suter – 2013 Inductee
High School Teacher

Elaine G. Long – 2014 Inductee
High School Teacher

P. Thomas Griffith – 2014 Inductee
Art Teacher

Deborah Corpus – 2016 Inductee
High School Teacher

Christine Murphy – 2016 Inductee
Elementary School Teacher

Joseph Gural – 2016 Inductee
High School Teacher

Lewis Parlett – 2016 Inductee
Elementary School Custodian

2018 Sam Andrews Educational Hall of Honor inductees

Recipients and their nominators pose at the 2018 Sam Andrews Awards

Lucy Pine
Edwin D. Smith Elementary 6th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher

Mary Jo Scalzo
Harman School Principal
Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Superintendent of Oakwood City Schools