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Program Details

South Connection Enrichment program

Provides supervised activities for K-6 students throughout the school year and during the summer.

Contact us at South Connection:
Lange School
219 W. Dorothy Lane
Dayton, Ohio 45429

Contact hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Tax ID# 31-6000910



Summer 2023

June South Connection calendar

***Please read completely and save to refer to!***

  • Operating hours are 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Summer program starts Monday, June 5, 2023, and ends Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2023.  We will be closed Tuesday, July 4, 2023.
  • We appreciate knowing information such as OCC swim and tennis lessons schedules, swim team, Reading Immersion, vacations and early arrivals and departures before the summer program begins.  
  • We will be using the Oakwood Schools vans for morning swim lessons, tennis lessons, swim team and Reading Immersion. S.C. will provide transportation only for children that leave from S.C. and return to S.C.  We do not provide one-way transportation. Please be here 30 minutes before lesson times. Children arriving late will miss their lessons. If parents wish to provide their own transportation to morning activities, they must do so round trip.   
  • Parents must inform us if children are signed up for Oakwood Reading Immersion so we can get everyone where they need to go.  
  • The OCC DOES NOT provide us with swim team, swim lessons and tennis lessons lists. It is the parents’ responsibility to email a copy of their OCC receipt or portal info, which contains child’s name, time, level and session date of the lesson, no later than midnight of the Thursday before the lesson that starts Monday. All Dolphins’ receipts must be in by Thursday, June 1, which is the last day of school.  Transportation to OCC lessons is guaranteed for the FIRST THREE SESSIONS ONLY that end by noonNote that swim and tennis sessions do not follow the same schedule. 
  • Dolphins’ swim team members need to let us know what swim meets they will be participating in so we don’t send them on a field trip that day.  
  • Although we transport students to morning OCC lessons, the OCC staff is responsible for supervision and instruction.  Children should only be signed up for lessons if they are responsible enough to follow directions, participate in group lessons, and be able to report to the pickup staff member on time.  
  • Arrive at South Connection already sunscreened for the morning lessons and activities.  We provide sunscreen and monitor the students as they apply it starting at 10 a.m.  Make sure your child has the following items each day: tee shirt or rash guard for sun protection, tennis shoes, swimsuit, towel (even children not going to the pool need swimsuits and towels), lunch, snack and filled water bottle.  A change of clothing is mandatory after swimming.  Whenever children wear swimsuits, either at S.C. or the pool, we strongly recommend they also wear a tee shirt or rash guard.  This will protect their backs and shoulders from the sun, since hard to reach areas may not be adequately sunscreened.  Children who do not have the extra shirt, may not be able to wear swimsuits if deemed at risk for sunburn.  
  • Parents need to send a packed lunch including a drink for your child each day, except on Thursday, if your child will eat the cheese or pepperoni pizza provided.
  • The fees for students attending 5 days a week are $175 per week per child. The fees for students attending 3 days a week are $105 per week per child and the scheduled days should remain the same throughout the entire summer. Payment is due no later than Friday each of the 9 weeks unless you tell us ahead of time you are using your summer vacation week. 
  • Please read the emailed newsletters and note field trip times.  There will be times when all staff is out. Other times a few children may take a van somewhere to play offsite (i.e. parks or playgrounds). 
  • Inform us of absences, late arrivals, and appointments BEFORE 9 a.m. so we will know whether to save a seat for your child.  Field trip transportation and S.C. attendance is not guaranteed if you do not tell us by 9:00 a.m. that your child will be late. You may leave messages on the answering machine 24 hours a day. (937-643-9314)
  • Children will ride buses or Oakwood Schools vans to and from the field trips. Parents are not permitted to drop students off at trip locations or pick them up early. Please do not ask us to make exceptions. We have learned that too many variables negatively affect the program. 
  • Parents are allowed to pick children up from the OCC pool, if they notify a staff member the student is leaving for the rest of the day.  This opportunity would only be available to those that have Oakwood pool passes.  Other activities and field trips will be planned for those students that do not go to the pool. Anyone who is not prepared for swimming or other trips will most likely remain at S.C. Children will not need to take money to the pool since we will not be using the snack bar.  We will provide snack at S.C. after they return from the pool.  
  • Please feel free to remind us of important information.  We do have to keep track of many details.



Fall 2023

Fall 2023-2024 Registration was completed April 10, 2023.  To be added to the Fall 2023 - 2024 wait list:

  • Complete the Wait List Form
    • First and last name of student, email and phone number
  • Complete the second form in the pop up 
    • Information regarding days and times requested will be needed to complete registration

Each entry will be time stamped and program openings will be filled in regards to the list generated by the data collected.  

You will be notified if a spot becomes available. New names may be added to the waitlist by using the link until March 2024.  At that time, the list will be reset and the process will begin again for the following school year. 

To enroll more than one student, please submit a form for each child.  However, the time stamp for the first submission will be used for the entire family. 


Christy Smith, Program Manager
Katie Jolliff-Smith, Team Leader
Mary Lanthorn
Olivia Bruno
Jessie Cervantes-Babin

Lindsey Cota
Nolan Frisk
Lily Knorr
Clara Minardi
Zoe Sulfridge
Jayne Whitaker
Carolyn Wiedeman


Contact Information

Katie Smith

Emergency Closings

  • Oakwood Schools closed ----------------- South Connection closed
  • Oakwood Schools on a 1-hour delay --------- South Connection opens at 8 a.m.
  • Oakwood Schools on a 2-hour delay --------- South Connection opens at 9 a.m.

South Connection Philosophy

South Connection believes:

  • That each child is unique
  • That elementary school-age children should have a healthy and safe after-school experience
  • That a structured, enriched environment enhances a child’s emotional and developmental growth
  • That parent-school-community cooperation is essential for healthy child development
  • That children need opportunities to explore and learn in a variety of settings
  • That a child’s sense of security is enhanced by adult attention and supervision
  • That a child’s self-esteem develops through positive experiences with adults and other children
  • That each child needs age appropriate opportunities to develop problem solving and decision-making skills
  • That children learn in varied ways from many life experiences and that exposure to a wide age range of people, multi-generational, is actually beneficial

Goals and Objectives

1.     To provide a safe, nurturing environment for elementary-age children

2.     To give children a chance to relax and renew their energies by means of exercises and activities designed toward this end

3.     To provide a wide variety of activities in which children can be involved

4.     To provide opportunities for children to make choices about activities, practice being responsible, and use problem solving skills

5.     To provide appropriate physical activities to channel children’s energies and strengthen their bodies

6.     To introduce children to experiences in arts, crafts, music, drama, and nature and help them develop their own creativity

7.     To enhance the child’s feeling of self-esteem

8.     To facilitate the development of each child’s social skills and encourage treating everyone with kindness and respect

9.     To provide opportunities for children to develop relationships with adults and other children