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Fall 2022 Information

Fall 2022-2023 Registration was completed April 11, 2022.  To be added to the Fall 2022 - 2022 wait list:

  • Complete the Wait List Form
    • First and last name of student, email and phone number
  • Complete the second form in the pop up 
    • Information regarding days and times requested will be needed to complete registration

Each entry will be time stamped and program openings will be filled in regards to the list generated by the data collected.  

You will be notified if a spot becomes available. New names may be added to the waitlist by using the link until March 2023.  At that time, the list will be reset and the process will begin again for the following school year. 

To enroll more than one student, please submit a form for each child.  However, the time stamp for the first submission will be used for the entire family. 

Fall 2022 - 2023 Information

  • Operating hours:  7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Starting days:
    • Harman & Smith Friday, Aug. 19, 2022
    • Lange Monday, Aug. 22, 2022
  • Fees:
    • $10 nonrefundable registration fee for before-school care
    • $40 nonrefundable registration fee for after-school care
    • Fees must be paid by cash or check and returned with the paper registration forms

We are pleased to announce our fees have not been raised and we are offering a 3-day or 5-day option for the fall program. 

  • 5 days of care is $40 for before school and $80 for after school, per week, per child. 
  • 3 days of care is $24 for before school and $48 for after school per week, per child. 

Part-time students must specify which 3 days they are applying for and will need to adhere to that schedule unless room becomes available on other days.  There will be no free personal vacation weeks during the school year except those scheduled on the Oakwood School calendar.  We do not accept doctor excuses because staffing and transportation expenses do not change because of student absences.

 Your set tuition reserves your scheduled days in the program. 

Weekly fees are due by Friday each week even if your child is absent for any reason. 


  • Food:
    • Breakfast and snacks are included in regular fees
    • Families may need to supply food for children with allergies
    • Children should bring their own lunches on extended days. 
  • School closings:
    • If Oakwood Schools is closed for a calamity day, South Connection will also be closed. 
    • South Connection will be open during some school break days and teacher inservice days
    • Fees:  $35 per day, per child

As new information becomes available, some changes may be necessary.  We look forward to having a fun and adventuresome fall.  Let’s all work together to make it as safe and enjoyable as possible. 

Thanks so much,
Christy and South Connection Staff