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Board of Education

Board of Education 2023

Meet the Board Members

Oakwood Schools is governed by a five-member School Board, elected at large and serving four-year terms.

All Board members maintain an email address to easily facilitate constituent communication. If you wish to contact a Board Member, please refer to the Board Members' introduction in the Meet the Board Members section.

As citizens who serve children and represent their community, individual school board members face complex and demanding challenges. Boards establish a vision for the education program, design a structure to achieve that vision, assure schools are accountable to the community and strongly advocate continuous improvement in student learning.

Board members pull together as a team toward a common goal - helping students achieve. Board members contribute hundreds of hours each year leading their district and are deeply involved in activities, spending many hours at the schools and extracurricular events. Whether crafting policies, hiring administrators, listening to staff and student concerns, or recognizing outstanding programs, board members always keep their eyes on doing what is best for our students.

Meeting Information

Board Docs

Oakwood Schools uses BoardDocs, a cloud based management solution system, to manage all aspects of the preparation, approval and distribution of documents associated with board meetings.

To see meeting agendas, meeting minutes, board policies and additional information, go to BoardDocs. Click on the Meetings tab at the top, then click on the meeting date in the left column. You can then choose which meeting.

Meeting Schedule

Board of Education meetings are held the second Monday of each month. Go to the Meeting Schedule for dates and times.

Meeting Recordings

June 27, 2023 Regular Board Meeting
May 8, 2023 Regular Board Meeting
April 10, 2023 Regular Board Meeting
March 13, 2023 Regular Board Meeting
Jan. 9, 2023 Organizational/Regular Board Meeting

To see more recordings visit the Archive Recordings

Meeting Updates

Meeting updates are made available following each meeting.  You can review the Work Session and Regular Meeting information in the Meeting Update.  Official minutes of Regular Meetings are presented for official review at the next month's meeting.

The policies of the Oakwood Schools are available at BoardDocs.


No smoking, no weapons, no pets

Bullying Reports

Pursuant to Oakwood Board of Education Policy 5517.01, bullying and other forms of aggressive behavior will be reported to the board. Semi-annual reports will be posted for review.

Semi-Annual Report June 30, 2023
Semi-Annual Report Dec. 31, 2022
Semi-Annual Report June 30, 2022
Semi-Annual Report Dec. 31, 2021
Semi-Annual Report June 30, 2021
Semi-Annual Report Dec. 31, 2020

Oakwood Inclusion Coalition

At the April 10, 2023 Oakwood Board of Education meeting, Madeline Iseli presented the Oakwood Inclusion Coalition's annual update.
You can review the OIC presentation.
First page of the PDF file: SchoolsOICPresentation2023ADA

BOE Recognizes Oakwood Inclusion Coalition

Oakwood Schools Board of Education demonstrated support for the Oakwood Inclusion Coalition, passing a resolution Monday, Oct. 12, 2020 at the Board’s regular monthly meeting to recognize the community group.

OIC is a citizen-driven organization with the mission “to study, promote, and celebrate an inclusive, equitable, diverse and welcoming environment and community for everyone who lives, works, visits, or passes through Oakwood.”  

“The Board of Education is pleased to join the Oakwood Inclusion Coalition to help advance the foundational importance of diversity, equity and inclusion and to help promote these values throughout our community. We hope the district's active collaboration fosters an authentic and meaningful dialogue and set of actions that extend far beyond our community's borders, which intersects with all people everywhere. We look forward to the opportunities to develop and grow through our own vulnerabilities and awareness,” Oakwood BOE President Todd Duwel said.

Oakwood City Council and the Wright Memorial Public Library approved similar resolutions.