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2022 Superintendent Search

Monthly BOE Updates

Sept. 12, 2022

As a reminder, the Oakwood Schools Board of Education prioritized a great start to the school year, and has encouraged the staff’s focus on that objective during August and September.

  • On Sept. 1, the Board held a Special Meeting in executive session to continue its preliminary work and due diligence. At the conclusion of that meeting, Board members determined the current plan is to pursue external candidates who best align to the Superintendent Profile (to be developed by the search process) and best fit the #OneOakwood mindset. 
  • The Board continues its work to identify an interim superintendent who will begin serving Jan. 1, 2023.  The Board plans to name the interim superintendent in mid-October.
  • The Board continues to meet with its search partner, K-12.  On Oct. 10, the Board and K-12 will conduct an Organizational Meeting. During that meeting, the Board, in part, will authorize a district and community-wide engagement strategy to be led by K-12.  That engagement is expected to begin Nov. 8.
  • Board members have received questions about how individuals/organizations can participate in the search process. Following the Oct. 10 Organizational Meeting, more specifics will be shared about how stakeholders can and will be engaged. 
  • If you are interested in sharing your thoughts about the attributes or qualifications you hope to see in the next Oakwood Schools Superintendent, please send an email to Debbie Campbell of K-12 at

Transition Strategy

  1. The Board has engaged a consultant, K-12 Business Consulting, to help facilitate its search.  
  2. The Board is working with K-12 to develop a process and schedule, which will be released as soon as it's finalized. The Board anticipates the process and schedule to run through July 2023.  
  3. The Board anticipates naming an interim superintendent in or around November to serve during its search for a permanent hire. 
  4. Beginning in November, the Board plans for a deliberate process to engage a representative cross-section of the community and district (including families, teachers, students, staff, residents and community leaders).
  5. The District's leadership team will continue to lead and partner in the excellent work in progress around important initiatives, like the Master Facilities Plan, the FLOURISH campaign, Community Engagement, the Permanent Improvement Levy in November, the continuous capital/operational planning and oversight, the ongoing focus on health and wellness of all students, the Central Office and Building transitions, and the other important matters occurring across the District.  
  6. The primary duty of an excellent learning environment is to focus attention on the delivery of education. For the next several weeks, the Board, the leadership team and all District staff members intend to squarely focus on the successful start to another school year and assure a seamless continuation of each student's growth and development. 
  7. The board will provide regular updates at its Regular Meetings and post on this page.