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Meeting Updates

Official meeting minutes are available on Board Docs once Board approved at the following month's meeting. 

The following information is compiled from work session and regular board meeting but does not constitute official meeting minutes. 

November 8 Work Session

  • Election outcome feedback and next steps
    • Combined levy
    • Newly-elected Board members
  • Vision for the future
  • Director of Community Relations and Director of Alumni update
  • Ohio School Boards Capital Conference questions and update

November 8 Regular Meeting


October 9 Work Session

  • Dr. Lange presented an overview of MTSS (multi-tiered system of support) programs in the District
  • Allyson Couch, Suzanne Batten and Sue Gunnell provided an updated on the Special Education audit
  • Matt Sproat and Frank Eaton gave an update on the safety enhancements that have been put into place around the District

October 9 Regular Meeting


September 11 Work Session

  • Treasurer Laura Saucer presented the FY 24 Financial Master Plan
  • Dr. Gupta gave an update on the District's plan for the 2024 Solar Eclipse 
  • Dr. Gupta shared an updated on 2023 - 2024 District Goals 

September 11 Regular Meeting

August 7 Work Session

  • Discussed options for the total solar eclipse April 8, 2024
  • Dr. Kimbe Lange presented results of the World Language audit

August 7 Regular Meeting


July 10 Work Session

  • Security and safety updates across the District - updates are coming at all buildings. Staff training is scheduled for later this month.
    • Cameras
    • Access Control
    • Visitor Management
  • Levy FAQs from AOS

July 10 Regular Meeting


June 27 Work Session

  • Changes were needed to the meeting schedule due to Open Houses scheduled at Harman, Smith and OJH and the OSBA Capital Conference. The updated BOE schedule is correct on the.
  • Interim Superintendent Allyson Couch presented the District playbook and achievements made throughout the 2022 - 2023 school year.

June 27 Regular Meeting


May 8 Work Session

  • Treasurer Laura Sauber reviewed the five-year forecast and District's economic outlook.

May 8 Regular Meeting


April 10 Work Session

  • Technology Coordinator Matt Sproat presented the District Technology Blueprint. The report was created with the help of the Technology Committee which met 2021 - 2022.

April 10 Regular Meeting


March 13 Work Session

  • Community Relations Director Traci Hale presented an update on the District's communications strategy. 
  • Treasurer Laura Sauber and Financial Advisor Tiffany Hiser presented an update on legislative and state funding.
  • The group received an update on the efforts of the Oakwood Schools Foundation, regarding the Flourish Campaign, the greenhouse renovation being led by the Class of 1972 and upcoming community events.

March 13 Regular Meeting


Feb. 13 Work Session

  • Executive Session

Feb. 13 Regular Meeting 


Jan. 9 Work Session

  • No work session

Jan. 9 Organizational/Regular Meeting


Dec. 12 Work Session

  • Group discussed the Arts Enhancement project and Superintendent Search update that would be part of the Regular Meeting.

Dec. 12 Regular Meeting


Nov. 7 Work Session

  • Group met in Executive Session for the specific purposes of considering the employment or compensation of public employee or official.

Nov. 7 Regular Meeting


Oct. 10 Work Session

  • Group met at Oakwood High School to view the Anatomage Table located in Room 120.  Brittany Juhas, Amy Kemper and Heidi Edwards shared how the table works and how it's being included in the curriculum.
  • Group then traveled around the building to see the current performing and visual arts space.  Dr. Ramey then shared how the arts enhancement will impact these spaces.

Oct. 10 Regular Meeting


Sept. 12 Work Session

  • Group discussed the Playbook and finalized the main goal for the 2022 - 2023 Playbook
  • Treasurer Laura Sauber and Former Treasurer Dan Schall presented the master financial plan, Nov. 8 PI Levy Renewal and the future of levies in the District
  • BOE President Todd Duwel shared the September update for the Superintendent Search.  Same information was shared in the Regular Meeting and posted to the District website.

Sept. 12 Regular Meeting

  • Meeting Agenda
  • OJH teacher Jennifer Simpson and OHS teacher Ellie Randall shared with the Board information regarding teh Advisory Program in the two buildings.


Aug. 8 Work Session

  • Dr. Kyle Ramey reviewed updates, challenges and accomplishments of the 2021 - 2022 school year and shared proposed updates for the 2022 - 2023 playbook. 
  • Board members will work on a goal statement for the upcoming school year

Aug. 8 Regular Meeting

  • Meeting Agenda
  • Members of the OHS Spidee group made a presentation to the Board for the Curriculum Showcase


July 11 Work Session

  • Tiffany Hiser introduced Laura Sauber who will be the District's Treasurer beginning Aug. 1, 2022. Sauber is the current Centerville City Schools Treasurer, serving in that position since 2019, and will continue in that position in addition to her new role in Oakwood Schools.  Sauber comes to Oakwood Schools as part of the District’s partnership with Shared Resource Center.
  • Dr. Ramey and Dr. Lange explained more details about the PE Waiver process which will begin at OHS this fall.  The group reviewed FAQ's that will be posted to the District website on the OHS/Resources section.

July 11 Regular Meeting

Meeting Agenda
Curriculum Showcase


June 13 Work Session

  • Representatives from The Oakwood Schools Foundation, Bre Andrews, Director, and Linda Woods, Board of Trustees Chair, provided updates on the organizations efforts during the last year and plans for the future.
  • Technology Coordinator Matt Sproat presented a Technology Overview, including the people, equipment and programs that make up the technology efforts in the Oakwood Schools.  

June 13 Regular Meeting

Meeting Agenda
Curriculum Showcase


May 9 Work Session

  • Curriculum Director Dr. Kimbe Lange shared the Academic Accountability System for Oakwood Schools.  
  • Treasurer of Record Tiffany Hiser explained the renewal of the Permanent Improvement Levy and what areas are covered with those funds.

May 9 Regular Meeting

Meeting Agenda
Curriculum Showcase


April 11 Work Session

  • Curriculum Director Dr. Kimbe Lange provided board members with an overview of the curriculum audit process which is very unique to Oakwood Schools.

April 11 Regular Meeting


March 14 Work Session

  • Education Services Director Allyson Couch provided board members with an overview of the staffing and hiring procedures that occur each year in Oakwood Schools.
  • Mrs. Couch explained the District's role in DREAM (Diversity Recruitment of Educators Association for Miami Valley)

March 14 Regular Meeting


Feb. 14 Work Session

  • Special Education Coordinator Frank Eaton provided board members with information regarding special education services the Oakwood Schools provides and HB436
  • Education Services Director Allyson Couch provided additional information about the partnership with South Community and South Connection.

Feb. 10 Regular Meeting


Jan. 10 Work Session

  • Dr. Kyle Ramey updated Board members on attendance rates since the return from holiday break.  A dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases has occurred in the District since Jan. 3.
  • Tiffany Hiser, Gina Samson and Dan Schall presented the Oakwood Schools 10-year financial plan and how it benefits District leaders when creating yearly budgets and making plans for long-term projects.  The team also explained the different kind of levies available to schools and how the District is reviewing all financial options.

Jan. 10 Organizational Meeting

Jan. 10 Regular Meeting


Dec. 13 Work Session

  • Dr. Kyle Ramey shared with Board members the intent to update the mask protocol at Lange, Smith and Harman beginning Jan. 18.  At that time, masks will become optional for students and staff.  County and local COVID-19 numbers will continue to be monitored.  If there is a marked increase in cases of COVID-19 or other substantial changes in the area, the update in protocol could be put on hold.
  • Dr. Ramey shared local vaccine rates for Oakwood zip code based on county information
  • Community Relations Director Traci Hale shared the District's Strategic Communications efforts 
  • Dr. Ramey updated the Board members on security efforts within the District.

Dec. 13 Regular Meeting