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Blankets of Hope

Girl smiling with letter of hope
Group at table working on letters of hope
Group at table working on letters of hope
Classroom posing with blankets and letters
Students tying letters on blankets
Group posing with blankets
Six students posing with letters and blankets
girl writing letter
Student smiling and holding up letter
Students tying on letters to blankets
Blankets stacked in library at Smith
Students working on letters at table
Students writing notes

Oakwood Students join Global movement of kindness

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As part of this year's Timber theme of service and care, Harman School and Smith Elementary students joined youngsters from more than 100 schools across the country and beyond to hand out blankets, Blankets of Hope.
The program started with two brothers in 2016 and has grown to a global effort.  Blankets of Hope is more than just providing warm blankets to the homeless.  With each blanket comes an encouraging note, a note of hope written by students. 

Channel 7 Visits Oakwood

Kindness Workshops

Blankets are sent, free of charge, to participating schools.  At those schools, students participate

Erin Nye at front of her classroom

in Kindness Workshops.  The workshops include information about the Blankets of Hope


program and how it impacts communities. 

Then, students have the opportunity to share their own kind words in letters that are attached to each blanket distributed to homeless people in the areaOur students participated Friday, Feb. 28 as part of this

Students working on letters at table

month's Timber lesson on Service and Care for Community.

How Can You Help

While the blankets are sent free of charge to schools, we would like to pay it forward, making sure Blankets of Hope reaches its goal of 1 million blankets distributed by 2025.  Students began donating $1 during the week of Feb. 24 and will continue for the next week.  What a great chance for our students to see what a difference a dollar can make in the lives of others.  

"One student practices kindness, one person in need feels loved."