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Oakwood Schools Foundation Facilitates Matching Gift for Alumni Plaza

It is gratifying when those who have gone through Oakwood Schools express how meaningful their Oakwood education was to them. It is especially gratifying when those same alumni want to give back to Oakwood Schools, enhancing the Oakwood education for generations of future students.

In anticipation of the upcoming 50th OHS reunion this fall of the Class of 1967, an OHS alum wanted to learn about the needs of OHS. In reviewing those needs, it was the proposal of an "Alumni Plaza" to be the installed in one of the most highly visible and traveled areas on the OHS/OJHS campus that intrigued the private donor. Hundreds of students walking to campus use daily the area directly to the east of the entrance to Oakwood Junior High, between the school building and Schantz Avenue. The Schantz Avenue entrance is the most-used entrance to the complex not only by students, faculty and staff, but also by visitors, parents and sporting event attendees. This high-traffic area can create a messy environment in adverse weather, and the ground surrounding the walkways is quickly trampled.

The proposed plan would transform this outdoor space into a durable location serving many purposes including: a venue for Oakwood students and community members, an outdoor classroom for instruction, a small gathering area for band/orchestra performances, and an area for pre-game events. Funding of this project would complement the upgrades done in 2004 and 2015 to make this one of the most attractive and useful locations at Oakwood Schools. District officials anticipate the cost, when completed, would be approximately $100,000.

The private alumni donor established a fund, providing $50,000 as a matching gift challenge, in hopes of making the Alumni Plaza a reality. Please consider the value of an Oakwood education in your life or the lives of your children and grandchildren. Join with us in giving back to the Oakwood Schools by contributing for the students of this and future generations. For more information about OSF and to find out how you can get involved in supporting the Alumni Plaza project, visit

The Oakwood Schools Foundation, a component of The Dayton Foundation, provides students with diverse and distinctive opportunities that go above and beyond the reach of the district's normal operating budget. Pursuing its mission, "Enhancing Excellence through Philanthropy," OSF provides significant annual support for quality initiatives, including teacher and administrative grants, scholarships and special wish list items. For more information on the Oakwood Schools Foundation, please contact Dante Connell, Director, at 297-5332 or

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