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Health Services

Welcome to the Oakwood City School District School Health Services website. Oakwood has three full time nurses serving the school district.

As school nurses, we provide first aid, care for chronic health conditions, provide health education, maintain health records and immunization records. We want to provide students and families with a safe and healthy school environment.

Please contact us any time with any questions or concerns.  For more health tips and information, go to the Healthy Habits page.  For medical and health services forms, go to Forms.

Attention 6th and 11th grade parents

Ohio requires ALL incoming 7th grade and 12th grade students to receive updated vaccinations.  

Please contact your licensed health care provider now to receive the vaccine or see if your student is updated.  When your students has received the vaccine,  turn in the documentation to the nurse at your student's school.

If the documentation is not received by Sept. 3, 2020, your student will be excluded from school, all school activities and sports per Ohio Revised Code.  

Forms for the vaccine can be found on the Clinic Form page of the website.

When to Keep Your Children Home from School


Pic of child blowing his nose

There are guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Center's for Disease Control and Dayton Children's Medical Center that we follow to try to keep all our student's and staff healthy. Oakwood City Schools guidelines for illness can be found in the Student and Parent Handbook. They are as follows:

1. Fever of 100 degrees or higher the student should remain home. Students should NOT return to school until they have been fever free with no medication for 24 hours.

2. Coughing can be a symptom of illness. If your student coughs often during the night and it interferes with their sleep, also has a fever or has been coughing for several weeks you should contact their licensed health care provider.

3. Vomiting and or diarrhea can also be a symptom of illness. Stomachache, cramping, nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea, fever, headache and body aches are all symptoms that can accompany vomiting or diarrhea. Your student should remain home and free from vomiting and/or diarrhea for 24 hours without medication before returning to school.

4. Any illness/infection/communicable disease that requires medication treatment the student needs to stay home until they have received appropriate treatment for 24 hours AND are symptom free.

If your student returns to school before the time recommended by the guidelines we will call to have someone pick them up. Again our goal is to provide a healthy and safe school environment for all our students and staff. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Medications at School

Prescription medicine in the bottles

If your student will require any prescription medication, over-the-counter medication, vitamins or herbal supplements during school hours you and your licensed health care provider must each complete a Medication Administration Form.  These forms are located on our Forms page.

All medications listed above require a licensed health care provider signature and parent signature to be administered at school. All medications/vitamins/herbal supplements MUST be in the original container with the students name and a label that matches the information the licensed health care provider provided on the Medications Administration Form. There are no exceptions. We will not administer any medication without the correct forms on file, and if a student is caught with medication at school they will be given consequences according to school policy.

Please contact your child's school nurse with any questions or concerns.


Mary Barnett RN, MS, LSN, NCSN - District School Nurse (OJH/OHS)

Kristan Levy RN, BSN - Clinic Nurse (Harman/Lange)

Shannon Mackie

Shannon Mackie RN, BSN - Clinic Nurse (Smith)

Food Allergy Guidelines

Oakwood Schools has developed a multidisciplinary approach to address. food allergies.

For complete details, visit the Food Allergy Guidelines page.