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Kim Hobby doing yoga

1. Tell us about yourself and how you got started in yoga?

Been working in the field of education for 31 years. I have been at our High School teaching AP Biology and Environmental Science for 16 years.

I got started in yoga six years ago…. just simply by attending the Oakwood Schools Employee yoga program. I absolutely hated it at first, Jen Jervis made me keep coming to the sessions. It was actually harder (physically and mentally) than I had ever imagined. Now, I practice yoga six days a week and am a certified yoga teacher RYT 200.

2. What do you like about yoga?

There are no rules in yoga, no boundaries… and no age limits. I first came to yoga for the physicality. I still love that about yoga, but love that there is no competition in a yoga practice and the opportunity it provides to turn my mind to my breath. I love how the practice progresses to the point where you aren’t certain you can continue…. and then you do. It gets me out of my head.

3. Who can do yoga?

My favorite response I hear when people find out I am a Yogi is: “oh, your parents must have been hippies” I can assure you that my conservative, Catholic, suit and tie wearing, Buick driving parents were certainly NOT hippies. The beauty of yoga is that it is available to everyone, regardless of: gender, physical limitations, age, religion, political views, and parents…

4. What are the yoga classes offered at Oakwood Schools like?

The classes provided through our Wellness Committee are accessible for everyone. They are currently offered on Tuesdays at the High School from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

5. What do you need to start yoga and participate in the class after school?

In order to start yoga, you only need to bring the desire… we even have a mat you can use (as long as you let us know ahead of time)

6. When and where are the yoga classes offered after school? (see number 4)

7. What would you like everyone to know about yoga?

“Saying you are not FLEXIBLE enough for YOGA is like saying you are too DIRTY to take a BATH”

“CAUTION: When the yoga teachers says ‘Down Dog is a resting pose’… they are not being truthful”

“YOGA… because some questions cannot be answered by GOOGLE”