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Healthy Habits

October 2019

October is National Infection Control Month.  The number one way to prevent the spread of infection is hand washing.  With cold and flu season approaching, washing your hands will decrease your risk of becoming ill.  Here are some tips for washing your hands:

When should you wash your hands?
1.     Before you eat or handle food.
2.     After you use the bathroom
3.     After petting an animal
4.     After coming in from playing outside
5.     Before you hold a baby
6.     Anytime your hands look or feel dirty

How do you wash your hands?
1.     Wet your hands with warm water.
2.     Put one squirt of soap on your hands and rub together.
3.     Wash the tops of your hands, the palms of your hands, each finger, your wrists and under your finger nails.  You should scrub for at least 20 seconds.
4.     Rinse all the soap off your hands.
5.     Dry with a paper towel thoroughly.
6.     Use the paper towel to open the door if possible.
7.     Throw the paper towel in the trash can

Catching a cough and/or sneeze
When sneezing or coughing it is best to use the elbow to catch the cough and/or sneeze.  Bend the arm and place your nose and mouth at the bend of the elbow if you have to cough and/or sneeze.  This keeps us from coughing and/or sneezing into our hands and spreading germs when we touch each other or objects.

Follow these tips and you should have a healthy winter!