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Oakwood City School District

FAQ about Oakwood Gifted Education

Gifted FAQ’s

Who is eligible for gifted identification?

All students are eligible for gifted identification. All students are screened for giftedness in grades 2, 4 and 6. Any student can be referred for individual gifted identification at any time.

When do gifted services begin?

Gifted services typically begin in the spring of 2nd grade once fall testing results are analyzed for gifted identifications.

How does Oakwood serve gifted students?

Gifted service models are updated annually. Please refer to your building’s gifted service matrix found on the district website.

Who administers gifted service?

Gifted Intervention Specialists (GIS), classroom teachers and counselors can and will provide gifted services. MOST gifted services are provided by the classroom teachers with support and/or consultation from the GIS. All classroom teachers who are responsible for serving gifted students are mandated to meet state requirements for professional development in gifted education.

What if my child does not qualify?

ALL students are provided differentiated content, process, and products whether or not they are identified as gifted. ALL students are challenged at their level regardless of test scores. All students are screened for giftedness in grades 2, 4, and 6.

What if my child identified as gifted on one test, but not another?

A child’s gifted identification does not go away if they score lower on a subsequent test. We believe that you can always have a bad day, but you can’t fake a high score. The state of Ohio recognizes that once a child is identified as gifted, they are always identified as gifted.

Can I request testing?

Yes, any child can be referred for gifted identification at anytime. Students can be referred by teachers, parents, or themselves. Please contact your building principal and/or GIS. Students in grades 2, 4 and 6 are tested each fall. These results are used in determining gifted identification.

What if we are new to the district?

New student records will be reviewed upon the receipt of student records from the previous school, and new students can also be referred for gifted testing upon arrival in district. Please contact your building principal and/or GIS. If your child was previously identified as gifted, please notify your building GIS. Providing documentation (previous WEP and testing results) from your child’s previous school can expedite the process and minimize additional testing.

What are WEP’s?

Gifted services are based on the student’s area(s) of identification and individual needs. In accordance with Ohio law, all gifted students who are receiving gifted services in the District must have a Written Education Plan (WEP). A WEP will outline the child’s gifted identification(s), goals for the school year, and the instructional strategies that are used to support your child’s goals.

What is acceleration?

There are two types of acceleration used to serve students who demonstrate significant content mastery above and beyond their grade level peers.

  1. Single-subject acceleration is the placement of a student in one or more courses that are taught at a higher grade level than the student’s assigned grade.
  2. Whole grade acceleration is the placement of a student in a higher grade than his or her assigned grade.

Gifted identification is not a prerequisite for an acceleration referral.

How do I initiate the acceleration process?

Acceleration referral forms can be found on the district website. Referrals are accepted from teachers, administrators, GIS, guidance counselor, or parents and/or legal guardians.