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1:1 Expansion to K-1 Students

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We are excited to announce that we are expanding our 1:1 (one device to one student program) to include our Kindergarten and 1st-grade students. The assignment of devices will be the same as it currently is in 2nd through 4th-grade, but will have a few differences to account for the age of these students.

Similarities to 2nd thru 4th-grade

  • $20 per year technology fee to mainly cover repairs- 3 repairs per year covered
    • Repairs beyond 3, purposeful damage, or damage from extreme neglect will be at the student’s expense.
    • Students with free or reduced lunch are not assigned a fee.
  • Chromebook model 11” Acer C721
  • Students are permitted to take the Chromebook home over the summer.
  • Devices will be collected by district when the student exits 4th-grade.


  • Each student is issued a device from the school. No option to send a “bring your own device”.
    • This will help teachers and students with uniformity and management of the devices.
  • Potentially less frequent use of devices. Teachers may or may not require devices to be brought to school each day.

The Chromebooks arrive in classrooms during the week of 12/14/20, and sent home with K-1 students upon release for holiday break. 

Thank you for your support and help in this new endeavour!