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Why 1:1?

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  • Higher education expects students to have a computer, and for students to be proficient in using a computer to fulfill classroom requirements. Gaining these needed skills now will allow students to focus even more on their field of study in the future.

  • Nearly all professions, especially professions that require a college degree, require a computer to perform. That number is only expected to increase. Our students need the skills to succeed in this environment, and safe place to become responsible digital citizens while preparing.

  • Technology accelerates the quality of, and rate at which teachers can individualize, provide feedback, and make learning activities more collaborative, authentic, student-led, and inquiry-based: Research-proven methods for improving instruction.

  • New subject matter materials are rich with enhancements that require that students have devices to access.

Why did Oakwood accelerate 1:1 plans in the 20 - 21 school year?

  • Assigning devices to students at a 1:1 rate improves safety by significantly reducing the number of contact points created by devices shared amongst students.

  • A 1:1 ratio gives students, families and the district extra flexibility should the district need to shift to offsite instruction due to a COVID-19, or any other, suspension of onsite activity.