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Laura Sauber







Laura Sauber
Oakwood Schools Treasurer

Treasurer's Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


School Funding Information

One of the goals of the Oakwood Schools Treasurer's Department is to provide accurate information to all stakeholders regarding the District's finances. It is also critical for stakeholders to understand school funding in Ohio. For that reason, the Treasurer's Department has created About School Funding, a section devoted to explaining these important concepts. 
about school funding



Financial Facts

The U.S. Congress approved funds to be awarded to states for the purpose of providing local school districts with emergency relief funds to address the impact COVID-19 had and continues to have on elementary and secondary schools across the country.  

To learn how COVID-19 has impacted Oakwood Schools financially, please review State and Federal COVID-19 Grant Funding.

State and Federal Grant Funding

Student wellness and success funds


Department Staff

Tiffany Hiser
Tiffany Hiser
Finance Director
Laura Connor
Laura Connor
Assistant Treasurer 
Sarah Bourne
Assistant to the Treasurer - Payroll
Amy Winningham
Assistant to the Treasurer - Accounts Payable

Five-Year Forecast

Five-Year Forecast 2023
Board approved May 8, 2023

Five-Year Forecast 2022
Board approved June 13, 2022

Five-Year Forecast 2021
Board approved June 14, 2021

Five-Year Forecast 2020
Board approved June 3, 2020

Five-Year Forecast 2019
Board approved June 10, 2019

State Audit Reports

To review Financial Audits for Oakwood Schools visit the Audit Search page of the Ohio Auditor's website.

screenshot of the Ohio Auditor's website

Enter Oakwood Schools in the Entry Name box and click on Search. 

Screenshot of Ohio Auditor's report

You can review various financial reports for Oakwood Schools. 

Business Advisory Council

The Oakwood School’s Business Advisory Council (BAC) is a volunteer group of Oakwood residents who meet monthly to review the finances and business operations of the school district. The Council was formed more than 25 years ago, long before the state required it. Members are appointed by the Board of Education.

More information can be found on the Business Advisory Council page.

MCESC Business Advisory Council

The Montgomery County Educational Service Center (MCESC)  facilitates the state mandated Business Advisory Council (BAC) for both Montgomery and Warren counties’ public schools. The MCESC BAC’s mission is to ensure our workforce can compete by enhancing partnerships between schools, higher education, and employers. There are four main outcomes the MCESC BAC strives to achieve: ensuring student success and career readiness while in school, helping existing and new businesses thrive in our region, keeping talent in our region, and making Montgomery and Warren Counties great places to live and work.

Visit the MCESC website for additional information.