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Oakwood City School District

Business Advisory Council

The Oakwood City School’s Business Advisory Council ("BAC") is a volunteer group of Oakwood residents who meet monthly to review the finances and business operations of the school district. The Council was formed more than 25 years ago, long before the state required it. Members are appointed by the Board of Education.

The BAC reviews financial reports, five-year forecasts, budgets, audit results, school funding, business practices and other business-related items. Periodically, the BAC will meet with and/or host forums on candidates for the state legislature. BAC members participate in interviews for school administrators and review the need and amount of a new tax levy and/or bond issue months before a recommendation is made to the Board of Education and the issue is placed on the voting ballot.

The Oakwood City School’s Business Advisory Council usually meets the third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Board of Education Offices.

BAC members and community representatives welcome your feedback and questions. For more information, please contact Julie Belden at 297-5332

Business Advisory Council Members:.
Jon Barhorst
Ed Buffington
Richard Connelly
Judy Cook
Fred Dudding

Todd Duwel- Oakwood Schools’ Board of Education President
Chris Eckerle
John Hadley
Laurie Harper

Stan Herr
Carol Holm
Rex Kern
Jane Lieberth
Jacqueline Miller
Georgiana Nye
Kyle Ramey - Oakwood Schools' Superintendent
Dan Schall - Oakwood Schools' Treasurer
Barbara Telek

Meet the BAC (in progress)

Judy Cook

Former Oakwood Mayor
Member since 2010

Fred Dudding

Retired Chartered Financial Consultant
Member since 1988

Laurie Harper

Oakwood Schools' 1st grade teacher
Member since 2014

Headshot of Stan Herr

Optical Physicist
Member since 1990