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Master Facilities Plan

Teacher Talks

Be sure and watch our new video series, Teacher Talks.

Hear from Oakwood Schools' teachers about how education is evolving and what that means for our students.

Teacher Talks: 21st Century Classroom
Teacher Talks: Changing Students, Changing Classrooms

Meeting Presentations

Options Video

Options Workshop Feedback

Thank you to everyone who attended the Community Options Workshop Feb. 28. We have compiled the feedback from the small group discussions and the feedback forms.

You can review that information on the Options Discussion Feedback page.

Latest News

Community Members Attend March 21 Town Hall Meeting

Approximately 80 community members attended the March 21 Town Hall meeting

Thank you for all of the community members who came out to the Town Hall meeting Wednesday, March 21 meeting.

Please be sure to continue to visit our website for the latest information on trends in education, facilities options and your chance to weigh in on what you want for the schools.

Next Town Hall Meeting Set for March 21

Plan to attend the next Town Hall meeting March 21 at 7 p.m. in the OHS auditorium to discuss the various options presented Feb. 28.

If you missed the meeting or would like to review the options, you can watch a video of the options and review the presentation slides.

We want to hear your feedback, as well. You can post your thoughts, comments and questions on the Options Feedback.

Community Engages in Options Workshop

More than 200 people attended the Feb. 28 Options Meeting

Nearly 200 students, parents and Oakwood residents attended the Feb. 28 community meeting at Oakwood High School to learn the options being considered as part of the Master Facilities Plan.

Members of the Board of Education, school administrators and design professionals presented a variety of master plan options to address comprehensive K-12 needs across the district facilities. Options being developed and reviewed include a range of restoring, renovating/adding and new construction alternatives.

“We are excited to take this step forward tonight, sharing with the community why we are looking at our facilities and the needs we must address. We appreciate the continued engagement and look forward to taking the next steps together as a community,” BOE President Todd Duwel said.

The evening began with a presentation of the current options, complete with cost range estimates and possible taxpayer implications. Participants then broke into small groups in order to gain feedback and discuss the presentation.

“The small group sessions empowered everyone to participate in the discussion and allowed all voices to be heard. We have received feedback there are community members who do not wish to stand up in front of everyone but would like their voices heard. Like our children, everyone had different learning styles and different comfort levels when participating,” Architect Christie Boron said.

More feedback will continue to be gathered, including online and at the next town hall meeting scheduled for March 21 at 7 p.m. at the OHS auditorium. To post comments online, go to the Options Feedback section on this page.

Options Continue to be Reviewed

Community members participate in options workshop

Small group Options Workshops are continuing with different groups around the Oakwood community in advance of the community-wide options meeting planned for Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. in the Oakwood High School auditorium.

The options continue to evolve as Core Team members hear feedback from the community. To stay engaged in the process, check back here on our website and plan to attend the Feb. 28 meeting.

Town Hall Meeting Set for Jan. 29
You are invited to attend tomorrow night's Town Hall meeting to talk about the Oakwood Schools Master Facilities Plan at 7 p.m. in the Oakwood High School auditorium.
This event will allow you to share your thoughts and concerns, ask questions and engage in a dialogue with members of the school leadership and the Master Facilities Plan Core Team. We want you to be as engaged and informed at you want to be about this important process.
Changes to Options Being Made

Based on feedback received from community members, 500+ comments on the visioning questions and input from those attending initial options workshops, members of the Oakwood Schools Master Facilities Core Team have eliminated any options involving full demolition of any of our school buildings and scheduled two town hall meetings. School officials believe both of these decisions will help relieve a bit of anxiety that was beginning to distract from the valuable conversations needed to make this process a success.

“The Core team’s responsibility is to consider all possible options. The feedback we have received indicates the community would not support any plan requiring full demolition of any of our school buildings. Because our goal is to give the community the schools they want, while creating effective learning environments for the present and the future, we have eliminated any plans that would require full demolition of any of our school buildings,” Kyle Ramey, Oakwood Schools superintendent.

School leaders apologize for missing the opportunity to receive public comments at the Jan. 16 meeting and want to hear from interested parties. Town Hall meetings will be held Monday, Jan. 29 and Wednesday, March 21 both at 7 p.m. in the OHS auditorium. The previously scheduled Options Meeting will be Wednesday, Feb. 28.

“We appreciate the passion and participation in the process and want to respect those who are willing to join the process. We will continue to conduct community meetings, accept comments on our website and at our new email as well as welcome your calls,” Ramey said.


Community Meeting Schedule

Nov. 2, 2017 Community Meeting 1 - Assessment
7 p.m. OHS Auditorium

Jan. 16, 2018 Community Meeting 2 - Assessment
7 p.m. OHS Auditorium

(encore presentation of Community Meeting #1)

Jan. 29, 2018 Community Meeting 3
7 p.m. OHS Auditorium

Feb. 28, 2018 Community Meeting 4 - Options
7 p.m. OHS Auditorium

March 21, 2018 Community Meeting 5
7 p.m. OHS Auditorium

In the News

Stay up to date with all of the published stories about the Master Facilities Plan by reading our In the News page.

Options Workshops

OJH/OHS students met with architect Mike Ruetschle

OJH/OHS students from the Superintendent Principal Cabinet met with facilities architect Mike Ruetschle to discuss options to enhance Oakwood's learning environments for the present and the future.

Options meeting at OJH/OHS PTO meeting

Options meetings continue with groups around the community. Options were presented to members of the OJH/OHS PTO meeting Friday, Feb. 2.

PTO members from Harman and Smith meet at Harman to be a part of a Options Workshop

Monday, Feb. 2 members of the Harman and Smith PTO's met at Harman to hear more about the Master Facilities Plan through an Options Workshops.

Members of Arts Bridge and OBPA attend Options Workshop in the OHS library

Continuing to get feedback from a variety of groups, the Options Workshop was presented to members of the Oakwood Arts Bridge and the Oakwood Band Parents Association Tuesday, Feb. 6.

Master Facilities Plan Timeline

Take a look at the graphic representation of how the Master Facilities Plan began and where it's headed.

MFP Timeline

Group Visits Steelcase

Steelcase visitGroup visits Steelcase

A team from Oakwood traveled to Grand Rapids, Mich. to attend a learning workshop at Steelcase Inc.

For more than 100 years, Steelcase has helped create work and learning environments for organizations and industries.

Team members were able to visit a number of different classrooms, designed to enhance a number of different educational strategies.

Results from the visit will be shred with the public at the Community Meeting scheduled for Nov. 2 at 7 p.m. in the Oakwood High School auditorium.

Active Learning Ecosystem Workshop

Team members and representatives from Steelcase Education gathered in the Oakwood High School Library Media Center to participate in an Active Learning Ecosystem Workshop Oct. 9.

The goal of the workshop was to identify specific goals and objectives, that will provide an understanding of how to develop more productive and engaging learning environments.

Active Learning WorkshopActive Learning WorkshopActive Learning WorkshopActive Learning WorkshopActive Learning WorkshopActive Learning Workshop

MFP Team Members at Work

What is Oakwood's Plan?

Oakwood School officials are looking into the future and making plans now to enhance learning environments for current students and future generations.

Harman School

In the spring, the Board of Education approved undertaking a master facility plan for the district, beginning a three-phase project that will include assessment, design and decision-making. Officials say they are taking advantage of all the resources at their disposal to review the current facilities and determine the best way to “accommodate the level of learning expected and valued by our community,” Board Vice President Todd Duwel said.

“We look forward to a dynamic, interactive and fully

Oakwood High School

engaging process to listen, learn and lead the change determined to accomplish our shared learning objectives,” Duwel said.

The assessment portion of the plan began this summer as firms chosen by the district and a team from the state toured and evaluated the buildings. The district entered into a partnership with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) to gain

Oakwood Junior High

that group’s insight. The OFCC leads construction and renovation projects for schools and other state agencies. Representatives from the OFCC toured all of the district’s school buildings and will present a report on the findings this fall.

Running point in the master facility plan are Ruetschle Architects and Emersion Design. The two firms were selected after district officials screened several applications and interviewed four strong teams of design professionals. Leading the project for those companies will be Mike Ruetschle and Christie Boron. Ruetschle, an Oakwood resident, is the owner of Ruetschle Architects. His primary role in his company is planning, community engagement and project design for K-12 schools. Boron, who’s with Emersion Design, has 20 years of experience, including an emphasis on managing and designing educational facilities.

Oakwood Schools Treasurer Kevin Philo says the two

Lange School

companies working together create a “dream team” for the district.

“Ruetschle Architects bring a strong local presence, a history of working successfully with schools, especially Oakwood Schools, and a proven track record of designing buildings and spaces that mirror and complement the district’s existing unique structures. Emersion Design brings the in-depth proven process to determine need through interaction with stakeholders and a partnership with engineering firm Fanning Howey, who are national leaders in educational design and creating infrastructure,” Philo said.

Boron says the strong tradition and engaged community are strengths that will help Oakwood continue to “excel far beyond the norm.”

“It is extremely exciting to think about what Oakwood students might be able to accomplish if provided flexible learning environments that support deeper learning through project based and inquiry based pedagogy. Oakwood students have the potential to set new benchmarks to be modeled by students nationwide,” Boron said.

Smith Elementary School

Community members will be invited to join the master facility plan this fall. Students, parents, staff and community members will have the chance to provide input throughout the process.

“We will provide information and updates through multiple channels including: community meetings, small group gatherings, articles and social media. Our first community meeting is set for Nov. 2,” Superintendent Dr. Kyle Ramey said.

Part two of the three-phase process will be the design stage, taking place in the winter and spring of 2017-2018. The decision phase will be in the summer and fall of 2018. For more information on the plan and to find out details on the community meetings, visit the district website at

“We encourage all community residents to become informed of the process and to share their thoughts, questions and concerns, so we may engage in meaningful dialogue about the plan, the process and the purpose of our shared effort. We invite all stakeholders to join us in being a part of this great opportunity,” Duwel said.


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Options Feedback

Option A
Oakwood Schools

Share your thoughts, comments and questions regarding Option A.

Option B1
Oakwood Schools

Share your thoughts, comments and questions regarding Option B1.​​​​​​​

Option B2
Oakwood Schools

Share your thoughts, comments and questions regarding Option B2.

Option C1
Oakwood Schools

Share your thoughts, comments and questions about Option C1.

Option C2
Oakwood Schools

Share your thoughts, comments and questions regarding Option C2.

Option D1
Oakwood Schools

Share your thoughts, comments and questions regarding Option D1.

Option D2
Oakwood Schools

Share your thoughts, comments and questions regarding Option D2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 9-24-18

It is our intent to include information to help community members continue to be informed and engaged about the Master Facilities Plan.

Included in this document are questions asked at our community meetings and submitted on exit cards and online.

If you have questions, you can submit them to

Class Sizes

Facilities Expenditures


OFCC inspectionHarman meetingOHS assessmentHarman reviewClass spaceLange inspection

Two independent groups conducted assessments of the district's facilities. Staff were included in the assessments. All assessment reports can be found below.

Fanning Howey Assessments

OFCC Final Assessments

The Assessment Reports from the Ohio Facilities Construction Committee are now finalized. You can view the reports, by building, below.

Harman School Assessment
Lange School Assessment
Smith Elementary Assessment
OJH/OHS Assessment

To see drawings and floor plans created by the OFCC, click here.

Enrollment Projections

As part of the Master Facility Plan, the district entered into a partnership with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission. The OFCC leads construction and renovation projects for schools and other state agencies.

Based on a request from the OFCC, FutureThink was contracted to develop enrollment projections for the Oakwood City School District.

Their report contains ten-year enrollment projections, which were developed for the Oakwood City School District by analyzing the following data:

  • Live birth data
  • Historical enrollment
  • Community school enrollment
  • Open enrollment
  • Community demographics
  • Housing information

The projections presented in this report are meant to serve as a planning tool for the future and represent the most likely direction of the district.

Oakwood City School District Enrollment Predictions

Key Players

Christie Boron

Christie Boron
Emersion Design

Christie Boron's 20 years of experience in architecture includes an emphasis on managing and designing educational facilities. Her interest in the role architecture plays in the transformation of learning has influenced much of her design work. The scope of design expertise includes, classrooms facilities, gymnasiums, natatoriums, performing arts centers, administrative support areas, libraries, historic renovations and master plans.

Christie has extensive experience managing complex, multi-phased projects ranging from small renovation projects to $130 million 550,000 square foot educational facilities.

Mike Ruetschle

Mike Ruetschle
Ruetschle Architects

As an owner of Ruetschle Architects, Mike takes a primary role in planning, community engagement and project design for K-12 schools. Mike has successfully led the planning and design of over 3.7 million square feet of new school buildings, renovations and additions. His K-12 facility master planning work has impacted more than 30,000 students in southwest Ohio.

Visioning Questions

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