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Options Discussion Feedback

Small Group Discussion Feedback

Feb. 28, 2018

Option A

Green spaces are preserved - not just for the school/students but for the community; Need to keep field space and practice space; Saves some of only green space in the community

Address the actual “needs” of heating/plumbing/electrical; Necessary to at least do this;“Terribly needed”; Like our houses you get what you pay for and it’s worth paying a little more to get quality fixes; Immediate attention to critical needs

This option makes financial sense - cheapest option; Smallest impact to taxpayers

Likes keeping grade breakdowns as they are now

Preserving the architecture; Limit change and preserve heritage

Least invasive

If enrollment projects are right, we don’t need more space

Maintains full neighborhood schools

Would create clean, safe schools


Doesn’t do enough, merely band aids, not looking at the future educational needs; Doesn’t do enough to make positive changes for our schools; Doesn’t address future educational concerns, ideas

“It’s not necessary.”

Plan doesn’t address appropriate space for performing arts

Keeping Lange building when it is not in Oakwood; Lange remains an “island”; Busing doesn’t always work to Lange

Allows kindergarten to remain unconnected to neighborhood schools

Doesn’t solve space constraints; Still no solution for the lunch/cafeteria issues

Want to make sure these plans would also address building security

Would like to see specifics of what actual repairs/replacements are needed for systems in the buildings; Doesn’t appear to have a budget for any of the options; Mileage seems too high for the work being done

Option B1, B2

Better classrooms for the future

Lange is eliminated - it is too limited and too small; Greater capacity for Pre-K students in expansion; Needed because Lange is ill equipped to be a school; Lange’s interior rooms should be eliminated - no natural light, too small; Lange does not have a good security plan; Having school in Oakwood not in Kettering

Idea of an Early Learning Center is excellent; ELC benefits future success for the students; ELC would be attractive to potential new, young families looking to buy a house; ELC allows for customizing the building for our little students

Having larger rooms and fewer grades in buildings, Addresses space concerns

Consistency for Pre-K-1 students, good keeping the kids together to start; Kids get to stay together PreK, K and 1; Decreasing transitions for young students

Smaller early learning center allows for more green space; Could still make the space fun and inclusive for kids

B2 improves parking on Telford

Being near Smith, older kids could be involved in mentoring and special projects with the PK-1; Learning buddies for teachers and students

Brings young students closer to neighborhood schools

Can do more with new design and new construction to address issues for the future than renovation would allow

Teachers see value added in having more flexible spaces

Without Lange, potential for state money increases

Green space is not fully utilized now


This plan only helps younger kids

Early Learning Center would have environmental impact on the community, loss of green space; Would eliminate space the library uses

Would create traffic problems for residents - increased traffic in the area; No parking; Increased traffic around Smith; Limits parking for teachers

Eliminates playground space

Costs too much

Overcrowding at Smith and Harman not solved; May not add enough value because it doesn’t address space concerns across the district

Don’t need more buildings

Transportation issues for Early Learning Center - including increased costs?; Safety issue for 1st graders crossing Far Hills

No big difference between having Lange in Kettering or Oakwood

Doesn’t address space issues 7-12

ELC would not be on school land

If classroom size increases will there be larger classes?

Doesn’t address the gym size at Harman

No mention of technology in new buildings

Option C1, C2

There seems to be a greater need at the high school level to update than at the elementary or PreK/K level

More space; Addition of new, useable spaces; Could create better space for special needs students

Design for the future; Can do more with new design and new construction to address issues for the future than renovation would allow; Solves a lot of space issues - fully addressing the issues for now and in the future for changing types of educational ideas

More green space in high school area; Keeps green space at Smith

Team teaching could benefit from this facility

New high school provides more opportunity to use technology

Enhanced performing arts; Number of students involved in sports and arts is compelling reason to expand; Great donor option to help with the performing arts

Love using the courtyard - open space allows for flexibility; Experiential learning in courtyard

Like having 7th graders away from the 12th graders

Team teaching and teacher collaboration would benefit

Could become more ADA friendly

Could address lack of gym space


Too much money

Too much performance spaces, need more rehearsal space

Makes Oakwood no longer affordable, taxes would be too high

Demolishing Mack Hummon - loss of community feel and loss of heritage/tradition; Lane Stadium is too far to walk to; Loses space for marching band practice

Would make for messy pickup and drop off at OHS

Loss of green space

Not enough parking for “new” performing arts and stadium

Too many grades going to the same area

No place for baseball, softball

Keeps Lange and it’s not in Oakwood and not good space

Parking issues exist at OHS; Invasive and disruptive to the neighborhood; Big building would not be attractive in the neighborhood

The longer we can keep older students with elementary the better

Negative reaction to tearing down the middle section of the current junior high

Would lose 5th and or 6th graders helping/mentoring the younger kids, Loses 6th grade graduation

Not having junior and senior high together loses the benefit of programs that are for both

5th graders and recess - where and how

No mention of technology in new buildings

Some concern about moving 6th graders out of the elementary schools

Option D1, D2

Love the proximity to library for ELC

Need to do what’s best for kids regardless of costs

If we sell ourselves short now, we will pay for it eventually

Good for the community to use performing arts center

Like the dedicated early learning center

Would allow for any enrollment increase

Would only support if paid by private donations

Kindergarten stays together before neighborhood schools

More green space


Too much money

Separating 9th grade from rest of the high school would limit consistency since they are getting high school credit and involved in other activities; 9th should stay with high school

Transportation issues for Early Learning Center

Not sold on the middle school concept

Difficult for Harman parents to drop off at multiple locations

Don’t see purpose of removing 9th graders from the high school

Do not want to combine administrative and instructional space

No mention of technology in new buildings