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SEL Learning

SEL Vision Statement

We are committed to creating an environment for all students, staff, and families that is safe, kind, collaborative, respectful, and engaging.   We envision a school district that promotes self-awareness, positive and supportive relationships, compassion and empathy for others, and responsible decision making with the goal of preparing and empowering our students to become resilient, reflective learners who positively contribute to their classrooms and society.

What is SEL?

Social emotional learning is the process by which adults and children acquire and apply the knowledge and skills to identify and manage emotions, achieve goals, build and maintain relationships, and make responsible decisions.  SEL includes the building of age-appropriate social skills, executive functioning skills and emotional regulation in the educational setting.
Research studies indicate social emotional learning positively impacts:
  • Academic performance
  • Classroom engagement
  • Social skills
  • Emotional regulations
  • Attitudes toward school
Social emotional learning can also benefit individuals by decreasing anxiety, behavior issues, attendance issues and substance abuse.

For additional information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

SEL for Students

For students, SEL may include identifying and managing emotions they experience throughout their day, demonstrating care and empathy for their peers, learning how to prioritize their workload, and working with peers to collaborate and problem solve with one another to figure out a variety of academic and social situations.

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SEL for Staff

For staff, SEL includes creating a sense of belonging within the school buildings and classrooms.  Staff members are increasing engagement in curricular lessons, providing collaborative learning experiences and promoting goal setting and achievement through the prioritizing and follow-through of planning.

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Ohio Department of Education Standards

Oakwood is proud to begin the process of creating more intentional social emotional learning based on the State of Ohio's Social Emotional Learning Standards which were implemented in 2019. There is no specific SEL program, and in 21-22 our team will focus on Adult SEL, based on the ODE Standards.


Oakwood Schools SociAl Emotional Team   

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