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Mental Health Awareness Month


Let's talk about mental health

Mental health is about our feelings, thoughts, emotions and moods. Mental health is the foundation of a happy, healthy and productive life. Achieving and maintaining good mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood through adulthood. We know teaching our children about mental health will help them focus in school, maintain relationships with those they care about and better overcome the obstacles they find in life. In short, it will help them be well and stay well.





Positivity Pledge

We invite students, staff and families to participate in May’s Mental Health “Positivity Pledge.”

The Positivity Pledge is your opportunity to commit to 31 days focused on establishing good habits for positive mental health. 

Our Activity Calendar provides a quick-glance at what you can do each day in May to promote mental wellness. Click on the topics to gain more in-depth suggestions.



Activity Calendar

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat/Sun
Mon, Jun 5
Tue, Jun 6
Wed, Jun 7
Thu, Jun 8
Fri, Jun 9
Sat, Jun 10
Sun, Jun 11
Mon, Jun 12
Tue, Jun 13
Wed, Jun 14
Thu, Jun 15
Fri, Jun 16
Sat, Jun 17
Sun, Jun 18
Mon, Jun 19
Tue, Jun 20
Wed, Jun 21
Thu, Jun 22
Fri, Jun 23
Sat, Jun 24
Sun, Jun 25
Mon, Jun 26
Tue, Jun 27
Wed, Jun 28
Thu, Jun 29
Fri, Jun 30
Sat, Jul 1
Sun, Jul 2