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Allyson Couch, Interim Superintendent



Welcome to Oakwood

Oakwood is a strong and vibrant city and our community’s dedication to education makes Oakwood City Schools among the finest in the entire state at producing top scholars, skilled athletes, talented performers, and quality citizens. We have a tradition of excellence second to none.

By partnering with parents and our community, the entire staff is committed to maximizing achievement and growth for all students. We are proud of Oakwood’s ability to focus on the needs of each child, while remaining cost-effective and efficient. We continue to respect the traditions while exploring new and innovative ways to help our students succeed; therefore ensuring that our graduates are prepared for their future in a global society, proud of their Oakwood education, and poised to lead and serve our community.

It is an exciting time in the world of education, and even though the plethora of changes and new mandates attempt to distract us from our mission, rest assured that the entire district and I will embrace these challenges and will remain resolute in our focus on doing what is best for students.

Please explore our website to find more information about the amazing achievements of our students, the outstanding qualifications of our faculty as well as all of the exciting opportunities and offerings available in our schools. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.



Sandi Branham

Sandi Branham
Administrative Assistant
(937) 297-5332