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Oakwood Schools Safety Measures


  • The response time of Oakwood Safety Department officers to Oakwood Schools’ buildings is typically less than 90 seconds, far faster than industry standards.
  • During school hours, school doors are locked with the exception of one main entrance.
  • All school buildings are equipped with surveillance cameras inside and outside the buildings. 
  • School personnel wear ID badges during school hours.
  • Visitors must sign in and wear ID tags.
  • Each school building has detailed disaster drill procedures, including lockdown procedures, for internal and external threats.
  • Each school building regularly conducts disaster, evacuation and lockdown drills in cooperation with Kettering (Lange) and Oakwood law enforcement.
  • Physical barriers are present throughout the District to secure internal doors. 
  • Oakwood Schools maintains detailed crisis plans for multiple scenarios.
  • School employees and students are trained in ALICE techniques and strategies, providing life skills, not just school skills.
  • Drills in each school building focus on developing age-appropriate skills to take advantage of students’ options and teach them how to stay safe in and out of the school setting.
  • The Board of Education conducts a biannual review of building security procedures.
  • District administrators meet regularly with the Oakwood Safety Department to review the District’s crisis plans, and safety and security protocols.
  • The District conducts background checks, including fingerprinting, of all staff, substitutes, coaches, and volunteers who work independently of an Oakwood Schools staff member with students. 
  • The Oakwood Safety Department conducts visitor drills to determine the length of time it takes for school staff to engage someone not wearing an ID tag.
  • Oakwood Schools has introduced enhancements to social, emotional, academic and physical safety programs to ensure personal connections with students.
  • Mental health professionals are on staff to promote social and emotional wellness.
  • Oakwood Schools utilizes programs, like Timber, Hope Squad and the Access and Success for All Strategic Plan, to maintan connections and relationships with students and staff.
  • Oakwood Schools utilizes a Multi-Agency Radio Communication System at no cost to the District through the Ohio School Security Grant Program.
  • Oakwood Schools is part of the Safer Schools Ohio program, which operates a 24-hour anonymous tip line for students, staff and community members to share safety and/or security concerns. 
  • Oakwood Schools will develop protocol and procedures in conjunction with the Safety and Violence Education (SAVE Students) Act, House Bill 123.

    Updated June 13, 2022