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2017-2018 end of year update

2017-2018 Highlights
Our students and staff continue to excel:

  • Top-notch achievement and growth in our classrooms
  • Expanded options for students - AP (Advanced Placement), Guitar, Lacrosse Teams
  • Outstanding BOLD (Building Our Lives Drug-free) initiative
  • Upgraded safety measures
  • A host of excellent performances on the stage
  • Upgraded communication efforts (website, social media, eNotify)
  • Multiple championships, including AcaDec’s 7th consecutive National Title
  • First full-year of sports at Lane Stadium
  • The beginning of a multifaceted conversation about the future of our facilities

Master Facilities Plan
During the next few months, we will be announcing our next steps with the long-range plan for our facilities. We appreciate the feedback we have received during the past several months and our plans will reflect what we have learned. These plans include preserving our current buildings through needed prioritized infrastructure improvements, maximizing our current footprint to create optimum learning spaces, addressing Performing Arts rehearsal space issues and possibly enhancing performance space using private donations as much as possible, further exploring the concept of an Early Learning Center for PK-1 which could also serve as community space enabling lifelong learning opportunities for residents, and eventually investigating the concept of a new high school or middle school, all with a keen sensitivity of the costs to our community’s taxpayers.

We are creating prioritized phases that can be implemented over the next several years, and it appears this plan would not involve a bond issue until 2019 at the earliest.

Community Surveys
We are currently compiling results and will be sharing information this fall.

Again, thank you for your unwavering support of our students, teachers and staff and willingness to stay informed and involved in your schools.