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Facility Use Forms

Procedures for external individuals/organizations to utilize Oakwood Schools facilities:

  1. Individual or organization expresses an interest in formally using any of Oakwood Schools’ facilities should visit the District website.
  2. Individual or organization can locate the Facilities Use Form on the website on the District Forms page.
  3. After completed form has been properly submitted online, building principal and/or Athletic Director will check availability of requested area, sign off on schedule clearance and forward form to the Treasurer’s Office.
  4. Treasurer’s Office determines charges, if applicable, checks insurance compliance, grants formal approval and invoices individual or organization.
  5. If Treasurer’s Office detects possible conflict, or conflict of interest, notifies Office of Educational Services.
  6. Treasurer’s Office notifies building/department of approval granted or disallowed.

Facilities Rental Fee Schedule

Facility Use Form