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Important Information

Oakwood Schools leaders are sharing outstanding results from the District’s 2020 - 2021 audit report.  The audit, completed by BHM CPA Group of Columbus and submitted to State Auditor Keith Faber, did not identify any deficiencies or exceptions.  The State of Ohio Auditor's Office released the report March 8, 2022.  The full audit report is available on the auditor’s website at  

The District submits to a yearly audit in order to assure community members school officials are being good stewards of their tax dollars.  

“This past year’s audited performance is particularly impressive given Shared Resource Center’s exceptional management of several unique complexities, like the introduction of federal stimulus dollars, Phase I of our Master Facilities Plan, and the ever-changing operational uncertainty caused by the global pandemic. We are grateful for SRC’s continued partnership and strategic leadership,” Oakwood Schools Board of Education President Todd Duwel said.

In addition to annual audits, the District utilizes the expertise of members of the Oakwood School’s Business Advisory Council.  The volunteer group of Oakwood residents meets regularly to review District finances and business operations. The council has been in existence for more than 25 years, many years before the state mandated school districts utilize such organizations.

Oakwood Schools Treasurer of Record Tiffany Hiser is available to answer questions for any citizen with respect to District funding.  For additional information, please visit the Treasurer's website.