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Strategic Planning Committee

Oakwood Schools is excited to advance to its next phase of Strategic Planning. Last Wednesday, more than two dozen subcommittee members held their final meeting at the Rick and Jane Performing Arts Wing to help shape the school district's future mission and vision.

“This is something I’m incredibly excited about,” Superintendent Dr. Neil Gupta said. “I want to thank everyone for giving their time and investment to collaboratively shape our path forward for the future. We truly are going ‘Together Toward Tomorrow,’ and I am confident that the final strategic plan will be a source of pride for all of us, enabling us to better serve our students, staff, and the Oakwood community.”

The Strategic Planning Committee joined together to discuss in detail the overarching mission of Oakwood. The group also invested hours discussing vision statements and areas where Oakwood Schools should focus efforts in the years ahead. The next steps in the process include consolidating the subcommittee’s feedback and then asking the broader Oakwood community for feedback in shaping our final work.

“We are launching a staff and community survey in the coming month to truly capture a broad range of opinions and voices in our planning process,” Dr. Gupta said. “We also plan to have students participate in this process. We all have an interest and stake in our school’s mission, and the process is built to value and provide a platform for all voices to be heard.”

Oakwood Schools will make the survey available on its website and school information. The District plans to unveil the finalized work with staff at Opening Day in August before sharing it with the entire Oakwood Community.