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Photo of Superintendent Dr. Neil Gupta

Oakwood Schools are raising the bar in education with a series of initiatives focused on excellence, transparency, and community collaboration. These efforts come as Superintendent Dr. Neil Gupta earns recognition on the American Association of School Administrators' (AASA) People Watch List, highlighting his leadership in the district.

"We aim to elevate Oakwood Schools as a model of excellence, where rigorous academic standards meet innovative practices,” said Dr. Gupta. “Together, we're dedicated to creating an environment that nurtures the potential of every student, preparing them for a future of success and innovation."

Under Gupta’s leadership, Oakwood's commitment to excellence and open, transparent communication is showcased in work happening across the district, including:

  • New Quality Profile Report: This comprehensive document offers deeper insights into district performance beyond traditional metrics. 

  • "State of the Schools" address: This address and subsequent videos provided a platform to highlight achievements and discuss future goals. 

  • Superintendent Coffee Chats: These conversations foster dialogue and relationships between Dr. Gupta and the community, providing a forum for questions, ideas and collaboration.

  • Community-wide survey: This survey gathers valuable perspectives that will help guide the development of the district's Strategic Plan, ensuring alignment with the needs and priorities of students, families, and stakeholders.

Building on this foundation, the district's upcoming Strategic Plan will translate community feedback into actionable, ensuring the best possible outcomes for all Oakwood students.

"The support from our families, staff, and the broader Oakwood community has been truly inspiring," expressed John Wilson, President of the Oakwood Board of Education. "Thanks to Neil's leadership, we're enhancing how we communicate, showcasing the power of committed community involvement."