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Dr. Neil Gupta presenting to the Board of Education

Oakwood Schools released the results of a recent community survey conducted by Fallon Research. The purpose of the survey was to gather baseline information in a number of key areas, including academics, finances, facilities and communication. The survey revealed a high level of satisfaction among the community with the quality of education the district offers.

The survey, which included responses from a broad cross-section of Oakwood residents, highlighted schools' critical role in the community and their positive impact on residents' decisions to live in the area. Of the 352 respondents, a vast majority specifically cited the high educational standards as a key reason for choosing Oakwood to raise their families. Eighty percent of those surveyed rated the quality of education excellent, and 78% agreed that Oakwood Schools does an excellent or fair job of preparing students for the future.

"We are truly encouraged by the positive feedback from the community," remarked Dr. Neil Gupta, Superintendent. "This strong sense of satisfaction reinforces our commitment to providing exceptional educational experiences for our students."

The survey also identified opportunities for improvement. Data indicated a need for more information and clarity on specific district priorities. 

After reflection on the findings, Oakwood Schools is outlining several strategic actions:

  • Enhanced Communication: The district will address the need for more targeted communication, aiming to better inform residents about key priority areas.

  • Financial Transparency: Recognizing the importance of trust and clarity, Oakwood Schools will continue to reflect on practices to implement clearer and more frequent updates on school finances, keeping the community informed about budgetary matters.

  • Increased Engagement: Dr. Gupta emphasized the importance of ongoing communication and engagement with the community. The district plans to continue interactive forums, such as community coffee meetings with school leaders, to foster open dialogue and collaboration. 

"We firmly believe that engaging with the community is essential for continued success," Dr. Gupta concluded. "By implementing these initiatives, we want to ensure that more voices are heard and actively involved in our planning efforts, ultimately leading to an even stronger school district for Oakwood."

Click to view Dr. Gupta’s presentation to the Board of Education on April 15, 2024.

Community Survey Results