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Dr. Gupta and parent Kristy Fairfax at Strategic Planning Meeting

Last Wednesday marked a monumental moment for Oakwood Schools. Under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Neil Gupta, the first of three strategic planning sessions kicked off. Voices from across the District were gathered in the new Performing Arts Wing to shape its future with the launch of "Together Towards Tomorrow." 

The strategic planning team, comprised of students, staff, parents and community members, opened the session eager to make an impact and provide insight. Among them, they represent every corner of our Oakwood Community and will convene over the coming weeks to revisit Oakwood's mission and craft a shared vision and priorities that will guide the district for years to come.

"This is a chance for us to come together as a community and chart a course that fosters excellence for all our students," Dr. Gupta said. "Student voices are vital in this process. Their insights and aspirations are crucial as we build the future of Oakwood Schools."

The initiative will incorporate a community survey to capture the broadest perspective. "Every voice matters," emphasizes Dr. Gupta. We invite the entire Oakwood community to join this important conversation. Together Towards Tomorrow, we can achieve educational innovation and excellence."

This strategic planning process builds upon "Embarking on a New Journey Together," launched in December 2023. The committee is expected to finalize the plan by May, and the administration will finalize and unveil it to the public in August.