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Students and staff join community making mural

Answering a call for local artists and volunteers, Oakwood students and staff recently came together with others from around the Dayton area to create a mural with an important message.  The Suicide Prevention Committee, which is a part of the Montgomery County Prevention Coalition, commissioned the mural.

Oakwood staff members Susan Kuntz, Kristie Savino, Amy Mullins, Amy Ostdiek and Rachel Keyes joined the project to support the goal of creating “a visual reminder of Old North Dayton's unique population and overall strength.”

Oakwood High School students who participated in the project said that goal made an impact on them.

“People need to start seeing and accepting that, although my life isn't what you may want or expect, it's mine and it has value,” one student said.

You can see the mural at 416 Troy St. in Old North Dayton.