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Two Oakwood schools are being recognized for supporting student mental wellness. 

Oakwood High School and Oakwood Junior High achieved the Platinum Level in the Montgomery County Educational Service Center and Montgomery County ADAMHS's Schools of Excellence in Prevention Program.

To qualify for the Platinum Level, schools had to demonstrate a commitment to student wellbeing, including implementing programs involving students, staff and family. In addition, schools were required to conduct surveys to evaluate student and staff perception of classroom experiences, school culture and student wellbeing.  

“We are committed to making sure all of our students feel safe and secure.  Our staff has created initiatives like our Wellness Center and STOP days to provide opportunities for our students to feel safe, comfortable and know they belong.  We believe students’ social and emotional well-being is just as important as academic success,” Oakwood Schools Superintendent Dr. Kyle Ramey said. 

Oakwood Schools partnered with Montgomery County ADAMHS to utilize the Panorama Survey platform during the 2020 - 2021 school year.  The survey, which was administered twice during the school year, allows students and staff to provide feedback to help the District continue to improve school climate and culture for all students.  The District’s Social-Emotional Learning team is using survey results to determine trends, patterns and areas of focus.  

“We continue to evaluate our programs to ensure we are providing challenging academics, social and emotional learning supports and a culture that promotes critical thinking.  This recognition is due to the efforts of our hard-working staff, including Joan Bline, Hilary Waugh and Bridget Fiore, who along with others in the District prioritize the emotional wellness of our students, ”  Oakwood Schools Superintendent Dr. Kyle Ramey said.