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Harman Families Donate Books to Ruskin School

I want to take a moment and thank you for the generous donation of books for Ruskin Miracle Maker students this holiday season! Ruskin PK-8 is located in one of the most concentrated impoverished communities in all of Dayton. Our families love their children deeply, but poverty impacts families’ abilities to provide for all of their children’s' needs. 

The relationship that has developed over the past 11 years between Harman and Ruskin has been monumental in creating opportunities for students they many not otherwise have experienced: from the toy drives, funds from the yearly  DodgeBall tournaments, school supply donations, sharing of beautiful Lion King sets and costumes when our theater budget was struggling, this years’ BlueBash event fundraiser led by some Harman families- and this years “gift of a book” for each student in the Miracle Makers after school program at Ruskin. 

Books are an invaluable gift for our students. Our students don’t go home to bookshelves filled with books telling adventures of far off places or new discoveries. They rarely have the feeling of opening a brand new book, just for them, ready to be read again and again. Books are truly symbols of hope for our students. They represent the very basics of education- literacy-which is paramount in breaking the cycle of poverty! Never underestimate the power of a brand-new book to inspire a child to read and motivate them to try their hardest in school to reach their full potential. Our Ruskin students are brilliant, smart, funny, creative, and so much more, and these gifts of books will nurture in them the love of reading and learning!

We are deeply grateful for the help to our programs and to our families which struggle daily to meet the needs of their children. Harman children, faculty, and families, are truly changing the lives of families in East Dayton! 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has!"- Margaret Mead

Endless Gratitude,
Ellen Mays