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It's Digital Citizenship Week

Every year the third week of October is recognized as Digital Citizenship Week in schools across the United States. This year was Oct. 16 - 20. 

While elementary students discuss and focus on these elements throughout the year during library, a special emphasis was placed on the topic during the week.  At Harman, each morning during announcements a daily tip was shared, reminding students how to be responsible digital citizens. 

Here are the daily tips that were shared:

Monday - Don’t accept friend or follow requests from strangers or people you don't know.

Tuesday - Don’t share your location with anyone you don't know. It is okay to share it with a trusted individual like a family member or a close friend in case of an emergency.

Wednesday - Keep your passwords protected by noting them down in a safe place and not sharing them with anyone else.

Thursday - Keep your personal and family information private.

Friday - Make sure not to click on any links that you question. These links may lead to a harmful virus on your device.

Be sure and talk with your students on a regular basis about being responsible digital citizens.