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Facility Use

The primary purpose of Oakwood Schools' facilities is to provide the youth of the community a sound educational program.  The Board of Education understands the complete function of education is not achieved until the school facilities are made available, whenever possible, to serve the entire community.

To accomplish this objective, the Board shall, upon the electronic submission of a facility request form and subject to the requirements of applicable regulations and fee structure, permit the use of school facilities for auxiliary, educational, recreational, cultural, civic, social, religious or other Board-approved purposes as noted in the Oakwood City School District policy 7510 based upon availability of the requested facility.

School operations and events will take precedence in all facilities. District playgrounds are not open to the public during the school day.  Lane and Mack Hummon stadiums will allow individual public activities during open hours but will be closed to the public during District and rental events.  Lane Stadium will be closed to the public from 12 p.m. Saturday to 6 a.m. Monday.

Non-Oakwood Schools groups of 10 or more wishing to participate in an activity at either stadium must follow the facility use process.

Facility Use Process

All facility use requests must be submitted electronically through our electronic facility request form.  To help you through this process, please follow these step by step instructions.

Log in or set up an account at

The screen for setting up an account requires you to include your Liability Insurance document.

Once you have your account set up go to New Request:

Then Submit Request:

Once request is submitted you will receive this message:


You will be contacted shortly after submission to discuss your requested dates and invoicing.  For any questions you have during this process, please contact Sandi Branham at or (937) 297-5332.

Board Policy 7510

School premises shall be available for the below-listed uses. When there are competing interests, approval will be given according to the following priorities:

A.     uses directly related to the schools and the operations of the schools (including giving instructions in any branch of education, learning, or the arts)
B.     uses and groups indirectly related to the schools
C.     meetings of employee associations
D.     uses for voter registration and elections
E.     departments or agencies of the municipal government
F.     other governmental agencies
G.     community organizations or groups of individuals primarily comprised of District residents/members of the community, including students (during non-school hours) and employees (when not working in the scope of their employment) formed or gathered for

  • charitable,
  • civic,
  • social,
  • religious,
  • recreational (e.g., indoor or outdoor games or physical activities, either organized or unorganized, that are undertaken for exercise, relaxation, diversion, sport, or pleasure), and/or
  • educational purposes, provided such meetings and/or entertainment is nonexclusive and open to the general public

School premises may be made available for commercial or profit-making organizations or individuals offering services for profit.

To read the full policy, visit the Oakwood Schools Board of Education policies on Board Docs.